10 Reasons why it’s amazing to be a girl

Men think that they have it all sown up, with their muscles, machines and machismo, but then, they don’t know what they’re missing. OK, so there are some inconveniences that girls have to put up with, but there are thousands of reasons why it’s so wonderful to be a girl! Being a woman is simply awesome, so eat your heart out guys, here’s just eight of the things girls have that you don’t:

1. Girls get to use makeup

If a man wakes up looking rough, then he’s going to look rough all day. A girl can wake up looking the worse for wear and, in no time at all, look as fresh as a rose or a daisy, and ready for the day. What’s more, a girl has a choice how she wants to look, thanks to makeup, but a man just has to live with what he has been given.

2. Girls are allowed to cry

Girls have no hang-ups about letting their emotions come out and they are allowed to cry whenever and wherever they like. There’s no bottling everything up, just to look tough, a girl can cry when she’s happy, sad or just plain overwhelmed with emotion.

3. Girls can adjust their height by wearing high heels

Another advantage of being a girl, is that ladies can wear high heels whenever they want to get taller, feel more confident and elegant. Some high heels can add over 10 cm of height, which is pretty awesome, especially, if nature didn’t bestow upon you the height you desire. Guys, on the contrary, need to put up with what they have.

4. Girls can do more, than one thing at a time

Sorry guys, but this a scientifically proven fact – you can’t multitask to save your life! Women have to be able to feed the kids, talk on the phone, put on lipstick and keep one eye on the cooking, all at the same time. If it were left to men, then the phone would be in the oven, the kids would be talking to the dinner and he’d have his feet up watching TV.

5. Children usually love girls

How many times have you seen it? When a man tries to be nice to a baby, the baby bursts out in tears! When a baby sees a girl, its face lights up and it starts to smile and giggle. Children just seem to know that women are the gentle and caring, and kids naturally feel more comfortable with a girl.

6. Girls have beautiful bodies

For centuries, artists have chosen to paint the naked female form in works of art. A girl’s body has curves, shape and beauty. It’s no wonder why some of the most beautiful paintings in the world are of women.

7. Girls have a collection of gorgeous lingerie 

Another awesome thing about being a girl is that women have amazing collections of beautiful lingerie, that can instantly make them feel more attractive and confident. Even when no one else can see it, a woman knows what a simple lace underwear can do to her confidence.

8. A girl can wear her boyfriend’s jeans 

Here is another great thing about being a girl – you can wear your boyfriend’s clothes, and look pretty cute in it, because things like oversized jumpers, T-shirs and jeans are pretty fashionable nowadays.

9. Girl’s power is truly powerful

It’s the girls who hold the real power, even it’s the men who are still the figure heads. History has shown, time and time again, that behind every great man, there is a great woman and, as soon as a man falls in love, his heart and mind are in a girl’s hand.

10. Girls can play with big variety of hairstyles

A girl has a choice of being different every day. Braids, buns, ponytails…the list can go on and on…When you are a girl you can almost endlessly play with different hairstyles and hair colors, so that every day you can look brand new and different…and yes, the sensitive for many men subject of balding is almost never an issue when you are a girl.

If you are a girl, then now you know how lucky and blessed you are and that it’s pretty amazing to be a woman. Of course, there are also many good and positive points in being a guy too, but this is another topic.

Do you know some other reasons why it’s amazing to be a girl?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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