10 Reasons why girls love flowers so much

When you think about it, flowers are not much of a gift, are they? They are often massively overpriced, especially around Valentine’s Day and, almost as soon as you have put them in a vase, they start to wilt! Nevertheless, most girls still love to receive flowers and they still get excited when flowers turn up at their door unexpected. So, what is it that girls love so much about flowers? Everyone will have their own answers to that question, but here are ten of the reasons why we think that flowers are a wonderful gift to receive.

1. They are romantic

Flowers are so romantic and perhaps that’s because they remind us of weddings and other happy events. Whatever the reason, whenever a guy buys his girl flowers, you know that either he has done something wrong, or there is romance in the air. There’s also something very cute about a big butch guy buying pretty, dainty flowers and that just adds to the romantic feel of flowers.

2. They smell gorgeous

Flowers fill a room with a beautiful fragrance that beats the smell of an air freshener any day! Whatever the weather is like outdoors, the smell of fresh cut flowers makes you think of sunny days in a garden, vacations in the country, and lazing in a beautiful green meadow. The scent of flowers is also pretty useful for masking the smell of last night’s pizza or yesterday’s gym bag you haven’t unpacked yet.

3. They are a tradition

There is so much tradition behind the giving of flowers too. Your father bought flowers for your mother, your grandfather bought flowers for your grandmother. In fact, the tradition of men buying flowers for the love of their life goes back centuries. Everyone buys flowers as a token of their love or their friendship and they usually only buy flowers for people they really care about.

4. They are happy!

Have you ever seen a sad looking flower? Well, OK, so wilting flowers may not look quite so cheerful, but fresh blooms always look so bright and cheery. It’s almost like they bring sunshine indoors with them and a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers always makes you want to smile.

5. They don’t hit your waistline like chocolates do

Another reason to love flowers is that they are one piece of indulgence that you won’t regret later. Out of the two mainstays of the small romantic gestures, chocolates and flowers, it’s only the flowers that you can really enjoy without feeling guilty about.

6. They are so ‘for the moment’

Flowers are so immediate, and that’s part of their charm. They don’t have any practical use at all and they won’t last very long, but they say, right now, at this very moment in time, I love you. What could be more meaningful than something that has no other use than conveying a thought of the moment? Don’t listen to what some people say, flowers are certainly not a waste of money.

7. They are feminine

Pretty, dainty, a little bit fragile, and very beautiful. Flowers are what most people think that the word feminine means. Perhaps the real reason that girls love flowers so much is that they like to think that flowers reflect their own personality and their own beauty. When a guy buys a girl sweet, fresh flowers, it’s probably the best form of flattery there could be.

8. They are just nice to look at

It may not make a lot of sense to men, but to women, flowers are simply nice things to look at. Girls like admiring the natural beauty of flowers, the scent, and the delicate patterns of the petals. You can almost stop time for a while and forget all your troubles while you sit and wonder at the beauty of flowers.

9. They remind you of why you received them every time you look at them

The very presence of flowers in a room will remind a girl of exactly when, how, and why she received them. If she received the flowers the night before, looking at them the next day will bring the memories of that wonderful romantic evening flooding straight back. Flowers are a sure fire way for a guy to get a girl to remember him.

10. Because every girl deserves flowers

The exact reason why girls love flowers doesn’t really matter; because the real reason that flowers are such a popular gift is that they make a girl feel special. It doesn’t matter if they are handpicked from a garden, bought in a supermarket as an afterthought, or delivered by mail-order; every girl deserves to receive a bunch of flowers once in a while.

Stay happy!

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  1. Scott
    January 10, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    I had never thought that one of the benefits of sending flowers is that they remind the girl of what happened prior to receiving them. I can see why this would be nice for a guy who wants the girl to remember the time spent together. My brother is always taking girls out on dates, but never asks them out on a second one. I’ll have to point this out to him in case he does want to ask a girl out a second time.

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