10 Random, fun and interesting facts about girls

You’ve read all the myths about women: they spend too much time on the telephone, they love to shop, even that they’d rather have a bar of chocolate, than cook! Well, now it’s the time to put the record straight with some real facts about the girls and not just the ones that guys like to believe.

1. Girls look younger than men

The first one of interesting facts about girls is that, whilst women lose collagen from their skin faster than men, it’s a proven fact that it’s the men who start looking older faster. The reason is that men’s skin is thicker, so it shows the wrinkles more. The daily routine of shaving doesn’t help them either.

2. Women complain about more than men

Despite the fact that it is the women who have to go through childbirth, it is women who feel pain more acutely. Researches show that women feel pain more intensely, than men do, because their resistance to pain fluctuates with their menstrual cycle.

3. Women have stronger immune systems than men

Interesting facts about girls also include this – it would appear that men’s incessant complaining when they have a cold is justified. One university study found that the oestrogen, a female hormone, in a woman’s body helps them to fight off infection and bacteria and so, ladies are actually less prone to suffering from colds.

4. A girl’s aversion to spiders is real

A girl’s fear of spiders is a natural, genetic reaction to the creepy crawlies. Because women are the natural protectors of their children, they have an inbuilt fear of snakes and spiders, which could potentially harm their babies.

5. Women are biologically more prone to cry than men

Most people believe that women cry more than men, because it is more socially acceptable for them to do so. That may be true to a degree, but there are biological reasons too. A girl’s tear glands are actually bigger and more productive than a man’s, and that’s why ladies are likely to cry more often.

6. Women listen with the whole of their brain

Another one of interesting facts about girls is that that ladies listen with the whole of their brain. Have you ever had the feeling that a guy is only half listening to what you are saying?  Well, there’s a medical reason behind that. Men tend to listen to speech with only the logical side of their brain, whilst women use the creative side of their brain too, which could be the answer to why girls know what was really meant, as well as just what was said.

7. Women are still paid less than men

Even in today’s world of so called equality, survey after survey finds that women, often, are paid a lower wage than men, even in exactly the same roles and positions.

8. Girls learn faster

Next one of fun and interesting facts about girls is that, even though it is not reflected in pay, it has been proven that women learn faster than guys. Another university study found that women are more attentive and apply themselves far better to learning than men.

9. Girls really can’t take their drink

Men boast, for some reason, about their capacity for alcohol, but there is a medical reason why women get drunk easier than men, and it isn’t all down to the physical size difference. Women produce less of the stomach enzyme that breaks down alcohol and so will have a higher blood alcohol level than a man, who has drunk the same volume of alcohol.

10. A woman glows when she is pregnant

It’s often said that a pregnant woman has beautiful glow. This is not just due to her pleasure at the prospect of becoming a mother, a pregnant woman experiences a 50% increase in the amount of blood in the body, so the glow is for real!

Do you know some other interesting facts about girls?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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