10 Myths about boobs that you should stop believing

We’re on a myth busting mission again and, this time, it’s the boob myths that we are having a close look at. Everyone seems to have their own ideas about breasts. How to make them larger, how to keep them firm into old age and, at what age they will start growing and when they will stop growing. A great deal of what gets passed around about breasts, though, is nothing more than myth. So, let’s debunk some of the ‘so called’ facts about breasts that you may have heard, and look at ten myths about boobs that you should stop believing.

Myth 1. Breastfeeding makes your boobs sag

A lot of women’s reason for not breastfeeding their baby, used to be that they believed that breastfeeding would make their boobs sag. As we all know, breastfeeding is much better for the baby than using formulas, so don’t let this myth put you off breastfeeding your baby, because it is untrue. Research has shown that it is pregnancy itself that can make breasts sag and breastfeeding makes no difference at all.

Myth 2. Wearing a bra in bed will keep your boobs perky

Many people have heard the myth that sleeping in a bra will stop boobs sagging, but this one is also just a myth. Quite apart from the fact that sleeping with a bra on is uncomfortable, it will make no difference to whether or not your breasts will sag.

Myth 3. Girls with small breasts don’t need to wear sports bras

Don’t believe this one ether, because breasts need support, whatever their size, during vigorous exercise. If you don’t wear a sports bra for things like running or, playing sports, then you could damage the ligaments that support the breasts and that will cause your boobs to droop.

Myth 4. Both breasts should be the same size

By far the majority of women do not have symmetrical breasts, so this is a myth that is busted too. The difference between the two breasts is usually hardly noticeable, as it is about one fifth of a cup a size and, for some unknown reason, it is usually the left breast that is the larger of the two.

Myth 5. You will wear the same size bra all your life

This is certainly not true and women are advised to get a professional bra fitting every six months to a year, because your bra size does change and it can even change several times in a single month. There’s no need to buy a new bra every two weeks, though, bra manufacturers estimate that women will need about six different bra sizes in the course of their life.

Myth 6. Breast cancer is hereditary

A lot people believe that breast cancer is hereditary, but the statistics show that this is not the case. Although there is one certain type of gene mutation that does raise the risk of genetic inheritance of breast cancer, 70-80% of women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.

Myth 7. Breasts stop growing in teenage years

There are a few myths about when breasts stop growing. Some say that it is when a girl has her first period and others say that it is at the end of puberty. Some people believe that when you stop growing in height, your breasts stop growing as well. None of these myths are true; breasts can continue growing into the early twenties.

Myth 8. Eating more will make boobs bigger

It is true for most people that, when you put on weight, the size of your breasts increases. This is not always the case, though, as different people put on weight in different parts of the body. Some girls may put on weight around their hips, others will put on weight around the waist and some, but not all, will put on weight on their breasts as well.

Myth 9. Wearing a bra can cause breast cancer

This is a myth that seems to come and go, and some even believe that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth about a connection between the wearing of a bra and breast cancer. There is no scientific evidence that suggests a link between bra wearing and breast cancer and, even cancer charities and research organisations refute this claim.

Myth 10. All men prefer big boobs

Just as it is with hair colour, eye colour and overall general appearance, different men have different preferences when it comes to the size of a woman’s boobs. There have been some claims that men with lower incomes prefer big boobs, more than men with high incomes do, but can you prove anything with statistics?!

Stay happy!

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