10 Most Popular Perfumes of All Times

Although it’s the celebrity endorsed perfumes that seem to get the most publicity these days, there are some classic perfumes that really have stood the test of time. A good perfume can be an important part of an outfit and it can even help to convey your personality. Perhaps, that’s what made some of these well-known perfumes so timeless. In an industry that is now worth more than $30 billion a year, a perfume has to be something very special indeed, if it is to stay popular for any length of time. Here are ten perfumes that have done just that; the top ten of the most popular perfumes in history.

1. Calvin Klein, Obsession

With its wonderful blend of spices and floral scents, Calvin Klein’s Obsession has been a best-selling perfume ever since it was first launched in the mid-1980s. There is a long list of Calvin Klein perfumes that have become popular over the years, but it’s Obsession that has consistently remained a favourite through the generations.

2. Dior, J’adore

J’adore hasn’t been around for as long as some of the perfumes that we mention here, but since its launch in 1999, it has become one of the best known perfumes on the market. J’adore is a perfume that makes you feel glamorous every time you wear it. It has wonderful notes of lily of the valley, magnolia, and tuberose. J’adore is one of those classic fragrances that you can be sure will be around for many years to come yet.

3. Yves Saint Laurent, Opium

The very name of this perfume caused controversy back in 1977 when it was first launched and Yves Saint Laurent was even accused of condoning drug use. The perfume’s heady mix of sandalwood, plum and mandarin, though, have ensured that, despite the controversy over its name, it has remained a best-selling perfume ever since.

4. Dior, Diorissimo

Diorissimo is another perfume from The House of Dior that has made its mark on the perfume industry. Diorissimo was created by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in the 1950s and it has become one of the iconic scents.  The perfume has a distinctly fresh, spring fragrance to it and it is heavily based on Lilly of the valley. Diorissimo was the result of the combined effort of Roudnitska and Dior himself and it remains today one of the most popular perfumes that there is.

5. Nina Ricci, L’Air du Temps

L’Air du Temps is as famous for its beautiful bottle, as it is for its light floral bouquet and it’s that combination of perfumery excellence and stylish packaging has kept this perfume near to the top of the best-selling perfumes list for almost 70 years. Mentioned in Silence of the Lambs as Clarice Starling’s favourite fragrance, L’Air du Temps has a delicate bouquet with hints of jasmine, gardenia and iris.

6. Paco Rabanne, Lady Million

Although Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million is a relatively new perfume that was launched in 2008, it has quickly become established as one of the most popular perfumes of today. Lady Million has classic tones of jasmine sambac and orange flower and it is widely available and affordable. It is still early days for Lady Million, compared to some of the perfumes on this list, but it looks all set to become one of the all-time classic perfumes.

7. Thierry Mugler, Alien

Released in 2005, Alien is a very strong and distinctive scent that very soon took its place as the number one selling perfume of that year. Alien has an unusual fragrance that is described as an amber solar accord with a woody note, and jasmine sambac. Still as popular today as it was when it was first released, Alien is a perfume that will get you noticed and it lasts for ages on the skin.

8. Guerlain, Shalimar

The House of Guerlain was founded by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain in 1828 and he was the official perfumer to Queen Victoria and to Napoleon. Shalimar was first launched in 1921 and then relaunched again in 1925.The perfume was inspired by the love story of Prince Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal, the same love that inspired the building of the Taj Mahal. With notes of bergamot, iris and vanilla, Shalimar is a perfume that will take you back in time to an age of glamour and elegance every time you wear it.

9. Jean Patou, Joy

Created as an antidote to the gloom that followed the 1929 Wall Street Crash, Joy is a light and cheerful fragrance that was designed to put a smile on people’s faces. In the year 2000, Joy was named the perfume of the century and, despite of its high price, it’s still one of the most popular perfumes today. According to Jean Patou, there are 10,600 jasmine flowers and 336 roses in every 30ml bottle of Joy.

10. Chanel No. 5

You will probably not be at all surprised to learn that the most popular perfume of all time is the timeless Chanel No. 5. Created by Ernest Beaux and selected personally by Coco Channel in 1921, the musky scent of Chanel No. 5 has become recognisable throughout the world. Initially, only 100 bottles of the perfume were created as a gift for Coco Channel’s favourite customers. Today, of course, it’s one of the best-selling perfumes in the world. In case you’ve ever wondered why it is called No. 5, it’s simply because that was the number on the sample bottle that was handed to Coco Channel to test and five was her lucky number.

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