10 Useless But Still Wonderful Life Hacks You Need To Know About

Some life hacks are really amazing, right? Like the one where you can microwave two meals at the same time. Or how about the lego butler? That’s a good one.

Life hacks are designed to improve our lives by making it more efficient. Instead of doing everything the long way, we take the shortcuts – and win.

However, there are also a few (okay a LOAD) of life hacks that are brilliantly useless – but absolutely wonderful in their design.

In applause of the creators of these fabulously pointless life hacks, here are ten of our favourites that we really think you ought to know about. Let’s take a look!

The Lazy Dresser

Isn’t it annoying when you wake up in the morning and think “Uh! I REALLY don’t want to get up today. I have SO much to do! I have to changed for a start! EFFORT!”

If you’re too lazy to even get changed into your jeans in the morning, there is a really simple and effective solution on hand – go to bed wearing your jeans.

People might tell you this is not just lazy, but that it’s also disgusting, too.


Be A Smart Ten Pin Bowler

Ever had an “okay” first shot? Of course you have. We all have.

The problem with “okay” first shots is that the second shot is really difficult because the pins are are all over the place.

To make sure you’re never put in this position ever again, the trick is to deliberately miss your first shot so that the second one is really easy!

Smart, eh?

Add Some Spark To Your Cold

Nobody likes having a cold. Cold’s make us feel lethargic and grim. We feel ugly, down at heel, and we hide away from the world.

“NOBODY TOUCH US!” we scream.

What really sucks is when our crush happens to spot us blowing our nose.

“I was just digging for gold!” we say sheepishly.

You could spice your cold up and make it a bit more fun, though. How? By putting glitter in your mouth just before you sneeze! Instead of merely spraying boring old, colourless germs everywhere, you’ll be spraying colourful glitter!

Make Drinking Milk More Exciting

Are you bored of milk? Do you tell people you hate milk? Perhaps it’s because you’ve been drinking it from a glass all these years. Maybe you don’t hate milk – maybe you just hate the way it’s drank.

So, why not start drinking it from a mug instead? This will improve your milk-drinking experience 100% because you’re doing something different.

And after all, we define ourselves by reinvention. Live life on the edge, girl!

Take Your Car To The Ocean For A Wash

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably tired of your friends telling you that your car is dirty and needs a clean.

“When WILL you get your car cleaned?!” they shout at me, as though it somehow offends them to get into a car that is dirty on the outside.

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of taking it to car cleaners. I think they charge too much. So instead I came up with a rather brilliant alternative solution: Drive it into the ocean!

Top tip #1: Watch out for human beings having a swim or building a sand castle.

Top tip #2: Watch out for sharks.

Get Rid Of Wine Stains The Dramatic Way

While everyone hates wine stains, they can cause some of us to totally flip out. Perhaps you’ve got a friend who literally will go mortal on you if you ever stained her carpet by spilling your vino all over it.

So if a tine ever does come when you get so nervous that you accidentally knock your red wine over on her brand new and expensive carpet, instead of getting on your hands and knees and furiously and futilely scrubbing away to remove the stains that you know will never come off, why not set fire to the whole house and be done with it?

You can blame it on the cat.

Get The Most Out Of Your Shoe Laces

Who said that shoe laces were merely invented to tighten your shoes so that they don’t slip off your feet as you walk around? I’m sure Mr Shoe Lace himself had other uses in mind for them when he first conceived them!

For example, did you know that the humble shoe lace can also be used to store your packet of cigarettes? If you can’t find anywhere on your person to store your box of cig’s, simply entangle them in your shoe lace!

You can also tuck your mobile phone down there and any other everyday item you can think of.

Use Toilet Paper Creatively

If you’ve got a daughter who wants to decorate her doll’s house, you might not have the answers when she comes to you for some miniature decorations.

“And you call yourself a mom?” – you might ask yourself when your daughter sadly trundles away to return to her bare and boring doll’s house. Of course, miniature interior design is not your forte, but what kind of excuse is that? Your daughter was relying on you!

If you ever come across this problem, you could use toilet paper creatively. For example, how about using a sheet of the stuff as bedding for her house?

Kill Germs With Boiling Water

Your dishcloth isn’t exactly the cleanest item in your house, yet you use it to clean your pots and pans! Eew! Gross! I’m not coming to your house for dinner!

Okay, I’m kidding. We’re all guilty of washing our dishcloths once in a blue moon, thereby allowing them to grow rife with germs.

But there is an easy way of getting rid of these nasties. Each time you have a cup of tea, pour a pinch of the remanning boiling water over your dishcloth. It will blast those germs away in no time at all!

Answer The Phone Without Washing Your Hands

How many times has someone rang you while your hands are greasy or otherwise wet or filthy? Too many times!

When this happens in the future, you won’t need to rush to the sink to wash your hands before rushing to answer the phone because you’ll have kept a sandwich bag by your phone so that you can slip your hand in there!

Stay happy!

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