10 Interesting things you didn’t know about laughter

Anyone out there who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh with friends? We didn’t think so. Laughter can be very beneficial, it’s good for your health, it breaks down inhibitions, and it makes you feel wonderful, plus, it’s better in company. Here are ten fun facts about laughter that will make you… well, at least, smile:

1. It’s a medicine

Laughing increases the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that takes an active part in fighting off invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, stimulating the immune system. So when you laugh, you literally make yourself stronger.

2. It beats stress

That would hardly be news to anyone but it has been scientifically proven that laughing relieves stress. One part of it is the cortisol working again, but another is, plain and simple, that laughing is an enjoyable thing.

3. It’s contagious

We’ve all been there: when you’re among friends and in the mood, there comes a point when you would all laugh at a passing fly. It’s pretty much like yawning. Studies have shown that we yawn when someone else yawns as a sign of empathy. This basically means that it’s a social interaction. Same goes for laughter.

4. It’s a form of exercise

No, it won’t help you go down two sizes over a month but it does burn calories and increases your heart rate, which, if you’re stuck behind a desk for most of the day, is something, isn’t it? Besides, it’s better fun that sweating on that stationary bike.

5. It’s a group thing, most of the time 

We’re more likely to laugh at a comedy film or a joke if we’re with someone else, especially someone we know and like, than if we’re on our own. That supports the theory that laughter is a social thing. But who cares? Real life stories show that sometimes we get the giggles on our own too. Don’t worry about your sanity, laughter is good for you!

6. It boosts the immune system

Let’s refer to scientists again. Studies have found that laughter activates your warrior cells that fight malignant formations. In other words, laughing can help you reduce your risk of developing cancer. Among many other things, of course, so don’t be reckless just because you like to laugh.

7. It’s a woman thing

Yep. Women laugh more than men. Of course, this might be (so says laughter research), because women tend to laugh at their men’s jokes just to show their love, but the fact remains. We laugh more, whatever the reason. And no, this doesn’t mean that women are not as funny as men, there are more than enough comediennes to prove it.

8. It’s not about the jokes 

Think about the last time you laughed so hard you actually cried. We’re willing to bet it wasn’t just watching the latest “Big Bang Theory” or another sitcom. Or maybe you were watching a sitcom but in special company. The thing is, jokes are not a necessary cause of laughter, sometimes just discussing your hectic day with a close friend can give you more giggles than even the best sitcom.

9. It makes bonds stronger

That’s equally valid for romantic relationships and for the office. Just think about it – wouldn’t you feel happier working alongside people that you can laugh with? As for the romantic aspect of laughter, here’s another question: can you be happy with a man who doesn’t laugh? Of course not, which is why couples who laugh more are more likely to stay together. That’s what science says.

10. It makes you even more beautiful

Okay, you may firmly believe that pouting is attractive but that’s only true for a while, and a short while. Look at it this way: would you go for а sulky hunk whose lips never part in a smile or would you rather have him laughing with you at the silliest possible thing?

And here’s a great bonus: laughter is literally free of side effects. It’s all good!

Stay happy and laugh more!

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