10 Interesting Facts About Weddings

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Ah, aren’t weddings amazing? This is something that a lot of guys don’t get. But it’s okay. While they’re at work, worrying about numbers, emails and the weekend sports scores, you’re going to spend a bit of downtime with a cup of hot chocolate and an article about weddings. After all, you can’t be planning your wedding all the time. Sometimes, you need to kick back and do a spot of reading. There is so much more to a wedding than the cake, the traditional bouquet of flowers that is tossed into the crowd and the first dance. If you’re interested to learn more about what is for most people around the world the best day of their lives, let’s take a look at 10 interesting facts about weddings.

The Ring Finger Is Pretty Special

Traditionally, the ringer is slipped onto the fourth finger of our left hand. It’s tradition – no one questions it. If a guy was to slip the ring onto your third finger by mistake, there would be gasps, groans and outcry! Mom would faint! “What’s the big deal about the fourth finger of the left hand anyway?!” the guy would cry. “Is it some sort of magical finger?!” Well, it sort of used to be. As you know, the heart is a symbol of love. Nowadays, we know all about the human heart and know that there is more to it than a symbol. But back in the days of yore, folk took this symbolism stuff pretty darn seriously. Moreover, they also believed that a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand led straight to the heart. As such, it was pretty much written in the stars that this would be the finger that the wedding ring was slipped onto.

Here Is What Wedding Cake Symbolises

Most of us take it for granted that there will be a huge wedding cake at our ceremony. However, do any of us know why we have such a giant cake? Wedding cake isn’t just there for show or to fill up hungry guests. It actually has a symbolic tradition that goes back all the way to Roman times. What does it symbolise? Fertility and good luck. If you choose not to have wedding cake at your wedding because it’s too much hassle, you won’t be doing yourselves any favours!

Queen Victoria Had A Large Wedding Cake

Okay, all wedding cakes are big. But few have ever been as big as Queen Victoria’s, whose cake measured three yards in width and weight three-hundred pounds.

This Is Why Bridesmaids All Wear The Same Dress

No one really bats an eyelid when bridesmaids all wear the same dress. Perhaps there are one or two dissenters who can’t understand why they all have to wear the same dress, and perhaps one of the bridesmaids has to be awkward and ask why she can’t wear something different. “It’s tradition!” – you shoot back. For some, that answer isn’t good enough. Why is it tradition? This tradition goes all the way back to Roman times, when folk used to believed in evil spirits that would haunt the wedding and attempt to place a curse on the newly weds. Not cool. To confuse the evil spirits, the bridesmaids dressed just like the bride – as well as each other. So, there. Now you know. If anyone complains about having to wear the same dress as all the other bridesmaids, just ask them: “Would you like me to get haunted by an evil spirit?”

This Is What The Word “Bride” Originally Meant

“Bride” originally had a different meaning than the one it has today – and we don’t think you’re going to like it. Basically, you know how men sometimes say that a woman’s rightful place is in the kitchen? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Well, funnily enough, “bride” originally meant “cook.” Does this mean that a husband married a cook?! We’re not sure. But we’re SO glad it has a different meaning today!

Here Is Where More People Get Married Than Anywhere Else

Sure, most people get married in a church. But if you’ve ever wondered where the most popular wedding location is, the answer is Las Vegas. Obviously, and you probably already guessed it right. Yep, over one-hundred thousand couples get married there each year. That’s a quite astonishing number, especially when you consider that Hawaii is the second most popular location for a wedding, with just 25,000 weddings per year.

Here Is How Some People Get Married In India

Some cultures have some really bizarre customs, and India is no exception. Some Indians prefer to marry a tree, at least symbolically. Why? Because it symbolises luck and protection. Where’s the nearest oak tree …

Do Prisoners Get Married?

There is a great line in the U.S. sitcom Frasier, where Dr Frasier Crane laments that there are “men on Death Row who are getting marriage proposals, while I can’t even get a woman to go for coffee with me.” But do prisoners actually get married? Prisoners are just like the rest of us. They have needs and they fall in love. And, yes, prisoners are allowed to marry. In fact, 120 inmates at Carandiru prison got married in 2000, which set a new world record. That had to be the most loved-up prison ever.

Who Pays For The Wedding?

Traditionally, parents have always been expected (and always been willing) to foot the bill. However, these are modern times and 75% of American couples today prefer to pay for most of their wedding.

The Bride Doesn’t HAVE To Take The Grooms Surname

A lot of folk assume that the bride must change her surname to her husbands by law. However, this is actually not the case in most countries. Indeed, America is just one country where the bride is free to keep her own surname if she wishes. Most, however, prefer to change it, although some join their families surname up with their groom’s. For example: Scott-Dyson.

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