10 Interesting Facts About Skin

Want to learn more about your body’s largest organ? In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers 10 interesting facts about your skin.

The human skin is the body’s largest organ. Everyone can see yours, and you can see everyone else’s. Some people have perfectly flawless skin that’s like a blank canvas shining in the sunlight, while others are troubled by acne and other skin conditions. Some of us have skin that is peppered with cute freckles, while others have birth marks that have been with us since we were born. The human skin is such an amazing thing that it can even let you know how healthy you are on the inside. It also protects us from disease and infections, but be careful – it cuts and bruises easily! But what else don’t you know about your skin? Join us as we take a look at 10 of the most interesting facts about the human skin.

Your Skin Is So Heavy

It’s kinda cool when a tarantula sheds its skin. But at least its skin doesn’t weigh as much as yours. See, because your skin weighs around 15% of your total body weight, it means that if you ever did shed it, you’d need a few people to help carry it to the nearest dustbin for you! This is one of remarkable interesting facts about skin, because few of us ever take into account how heavy we are. We walk around without a care in the world, and certainly don’t feel particularly heavy. But whenever someone tries to pick you up, just remember that the reason they might be struggling is because of your skin!

“Oh, I wish you didn’t have so much skin!”

All The Sweat Glands

Ever wondered why humans sweat so much? Some of us sweat more than others, but we all sweat after physical activity. And it’s because every five square cm has up to six-hundred sweat glands, isn’t it one of amazing interesting facts about skin? So the next time someone complains that you’re sweating excessively, just him them with science: “And what am I supposed to do with 600 sweat glands for 5 square cm of skin?!”

Your Skin Plays A Key Role In Regulating Your Body Temperature

Another one of interesting facts about skin is that your skin is essentially your body’s very own thermostat. Whenever your body temperature starts to heat up, sweat glands are activated in order to cool it down. Indeed, that’s what sweating is – a bodily function which helps to better regulate your body temperature. And whenever temperatures are cooler, your skin’s blood vessels start to tighten so that they limit the amount of warm blood which reaches your skin. This stops heat from escaping. At the same time, pores shrink when they’re exposed to lower temperatures so that they hold onto heat. Over the course of a normal day, a person loses around a quart of fluid.

Skin Colour Varies According To The Amount Of Melanin

Why do some people have super pale skin, while others have darker skin? It all comes down to how much melanin their body produces. We’re all equal when it comes to the amount of cells we have which can make melanin. But, for whatever reason, we all produce different amounts. And the more your body makes, the darker your skin will be. Sometimes, pale people go onto produce more melanin, which turns their skin darker – and vice versa.

Our Skin Has A LOT Of Dead Cells

Dead cells sound kinda creepy. They’re cells that are dead, which means we have a few dead things inside us. Gross. But we can cope with a few dead cells, can’t we? After all, it’s natural that cells die and new ones are born. We know that. Eventually, they all die for good. Sad face. However, our skin doesn’t have one or two dead skin cells. Nope. In fact, every single minute, our skin sheds a whopping … 30,000 dead cells! This is another one of mind blowing, interesting facts about skin.

Our Skin Renews Itself Often

Think the skin you’re wearing now is the same skin you were wearing a month ago? Ha! Not quite so. One of amazing and interesting facts about skin is that your skin is changing all the time. In fact, it renews itself each month – or every 28 days to be precise. Cool!

Our Skin Shares Protein With Our Hair And Nails

We’re always being told that we need to consume more protein. And it’s because protein is so important for our skin, hair and nails. In fact, all three share the same protein. It’s called keratin. Assume a healthy diet rich in protein, and your skin, hair and nails will continue to look amazing.

Fungi Fungi Fungi

Fungi sounds and looks kinda gross. But you’d probably deny that you have any fungi, right?

“Of course! What do you mean? I don’t have fungi.”

Take a closer look at your toes.

“I’ve looked! Still no fungi.”

Okay, look between your toes.

“I’ve checked! No fungi. What are you getting at?!”

Okay, so you might not be able to see it. But one of not so glamorous, yet interesting facts about skin is that between your toes live around fourteen different species of fungi. 14!! Tell that to someone the next time they tell you they have a foot fetish.

The Thinnest Layer Of Skin?

Maybe you think you have a fair idea of what the fattest layer of skin is (your butt would be a good guess). But do you know where the thinnest layer of your skin is? It’s your eyelid!

“I was just about to say that!”


It’s good to know this so that you don’t get into a position where it rips easily (not sure how you can get into such a position, though. Unless you wrestle!).

Dead Skin Is Everywhere

Another one of interesting facts about skin is that dead skin is almost everywhere. Okay so dead skin is on you (gross, we know). But your dead skin gets into so many other places, too! Maybe you didn’t realise it, but your dead skin accounts for SO much dust in our atmosphere – around a billion tons of it, in fact!

Do you know some other interesting facts about skin?

Stay happy!

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