10 Interesting Facts About Reading

Are you a bit of a bookworm? Then you’ll love Beauty and Tips 10 interesting facts about reading.

People read for different reasons. Some read to be entertained, others read to be challenged. Some read to escape into another world, some read to learn about new worlds. Some read to expand their knowledge, others read to have a giggle. Some read to get smarter, others read to model themselves off their heroes. Some of us prefer fiction, others prefer non-fiction. Some read adventure stories, others prefer chick-flicks or mysteries or crime thrillers. We all have one thing in common: We love to read! Reading stimulates our mind. It makes us smarter, expands our vocabulary, sharpens our own writing skills, and boosts our focus, as well as our memories. But as much as you love to read, how much do you really know about reading itself. Let’s take a look at 10 interesting facts about reading.

Women Buy More Books Than Men

If reading really does make you smarter, women must be smarter than men. Okay, so we’re stretching our imaginations a bit there. But we’re only saying it because women buy more books than men. Yup, women account for 68% of all book sales. That’s pretty impressive, and way more than half of all books sold. It also helps to explain why chick-lit is so popular. Let’s just hope the reason the stats aren’t skewed so much in our favour is because we buy lots of books on pregnancy …

(just pretend that we don’t)

Few Readers Get Past The First Ten Pages

This is another one of interesting facts about reading. Not everyone is a hardcore reader who’s read War and Peace in its entirety – twice. Some of us are casual readers who like to pretend that we love books. But when it comes to the crunch, we’re left wanting. So it’s not all that remarkable that so many readers fail to read beyond the first ten pages of a book. Why, you ask? Why spend all that money on a book, only to not get very far? It’s a good question, and there are probably a variety of answers. But perhaps people who aren’t cut out to be readers try anyway – and just don’t get very far. The page most of us lose all interest for good, by the way, is page eighteen. It probably takes us a month to get there, and then we finally give up altogether.

The More You Read, The More Charitable You’ll Feel

This is rather one of the strange facts about reading. Studies have found that people who read a lot are more disposed to charity work than those who barely read at all. We’re not sure why this is. But maybe reading about other people helps us to feel more empathetic, and perhaps also opens our eyes to the way people are made to suffer in the world?

A Brief History Of Penguin Paperbacks

Penguin is the most beloved publisher in the whole world. If you’re a reader, you’ve read a Penguin book. But why did Penguin first start publishing paperbacks? It was so that books were just as cheap to buy as cigarettes. Before paperbacks, all books were hardbacks – expensive ones, too! The first few Penguin paperbacks weren’t distributed from a store, though – they were sold from a church!

A LOT Of Books Have Been Published

Another one of interesting facts about reading is that, according to Google back in 2010, around 130,000,000 books had been published. This was seven years ago, so of course the number will be even higher now. Publishing is by now a fairly old trade that goes back centuries. However, it’s only until the last few decades that publishing has become a lot more affordable for businesses. And as we know, pretty much anyone can get a book published in 2017. You just need a bit of talent and the right connections. Or, if you’ve got enough money, you can self-publish. From Dickens to J.K Rowling, there have certainly been some very interesting books published!

Here Is What An Average Bookstore Browser Does

Can’t make your mind up about a book? Apparently, we spend around eight seconds studying a front cover, and up to fifteen seconds studying the back cover before we delve inside.

Reading Can Keep You Off Drugs

Reading has a lot of benefits, but perhaps the biggest benefit for any parent reading this is that it helps to keep youngsters out of a life of crime. It’s all to do with how reading improves ones literacy skills. According to a study in America, kids who are learning to read in the 3rd grade are a lot less likely to take drugs, drop out of school – or end up in prison. Don’t want your child to go to prison? Get the reading ASAP. Like, as soon as they pop out of the womb – get them onto books!

Love The Smell Of Books? This Is What You Are

There is a word for everything – including someone who loves the smell of books. Love the smell of books? Bibliosmia is what this passion is known as.

Reading Improves The Economy

One of cool facts about reading is that being able to read boosts ones sense of self-esteem, and it also improves our literacy skills. If you can’t read very well, your literacy skills are going to be pretty limited. And it is these limited literacy skills that are costing the economy a lot of money. According to studies, a lack of literacy skills costs the taxpayer and businesses around $20,000,000,000 in lost productivity, profits and wages each year. That is the true cost of not reading enough! Start your kids early. Turn them onto reading. It could be their ticket to a very bright future.

Here Is Where The Term “Bookworm” Came From

Bookworm is a funny word. Many of us who are called bookworms smile, accept that we are, and don’t even thin about where the word first came from. It actually comes from – you should have guessed it – the insect world. Yep, there were insects who would feast on the binding of books, and who hence became known as bookworms. And that’s what we do – we feast on books!

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