10 Interesting Facts About Plastic Surgery

Thinking of getting a nose job? Here are 10 interesting facts about plastic surgery that will fascinate you.

When you think of plastic surgery, you may think of stars like Michael Jackson who changed beyond all recognition after going under the knife. But did you know that the Romans had plastic surgery and that the Second World War had a role to play in developing new techniques?

The older you get, the more likely it becomes that you know someone whose had plastic surgery. That’s not a jibe at your age – it’s just a common fact. As we get older, we begin to age. And those of us who really hate ageing are prepared to get plastic surgery so that we remain looking young and gorgeous for as long as possible.

Thirty years ago, plastic surgery was something only celebrities or rich people could afford. It also had a stigma attached to it – if you had plastic surgery, you were accused of being vain.

However, time has been kind to the way we feel about plastic surgery, as well as how much it costs. An operation on your nose, cheeks or brows these days costs a fraction of what it once did, while women are actively encouraged to get some work done if it makes them feel better about themselves.

Let’s take a look at 10 interesting facts about plastic surgery.

The Name Is A Bit Of A Misnomer

When you think of “plastic surgery” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

It’s reasonable for plastic to spring to mind!

But actually, plastic surgery has been around since ancient times and had nothing whatsoever to do with plastic.

The word is derived from ‘plastikos’, a Greek word which means “to mould or give form.”

As such, plastic surgery is not as artificial as many of us believe!

So the next time you accuse someone of being “plastic”, think twice – the reality is that they’ve just been remoulded and given form!

You Can Look Like Cara Delevigne If You Really Want

Think Cara Delevigne looks fab? Want to look like her? There are plastic surgeons who can make you look as close as humanly possible to the former model turned actress.

Just don’t get offended if you don’t go onto win any look-alike contests.

The Second World War Changed Plastic Surgery Forever

When you think of plastic surgery, you probably think of women getting smaller noses and enlarging their breasts.

Maybe you think that we get plastic surgery done for vanity reasons, so that we look beach ready.

Maybe you even picture those large lips that are in-vogue at the moment.

The last thing you probably picture is the Second World War.

But as it turns out, the Second World War marked a massive turning point in the world of plastic surgery. As more and more injured people piled up, surgeons knew they had to improvise if they were to save as many as possible.

As a result, a huge number of innovations were discovered, and the surgery techniques were enhanced in such a way that plastic surgery is what it is today.

Men Are Now Into Plastic Surgery

For a long, long time, plastic surgery was the plaything of women who were compelled to slow down the ageing process for as long as possible. While women were obsessing over fine lines, men were busy killing zombies on their video games.

However, while men account for only 9% of plastic surgery patients, the number is rocketing and is up almost 50% since 2000.

Maybe killing all those zombies is giving them too many wrinkles …

And So Are Teens

Teens obsess over their looks. And when they obsess over them enough, their parents relent and let them have surgery. Tens account for 2% of all plastic surgery patients.

Here Is Why The Romans Had Plastic Surgery

If you ask people why they have plastic surgery, one reason that seems to pop up fairly frequently is that they want to cover up a mark, a blemish or even a scar.

After all, a mark on our skin in a visible area can affect our self esteem, particularly when it’s REALLY noticeable and people keep commenting on it.

And it seems as though the Roman soldiers, despite being so manly and brave, were also concerned about the visible appearance of scars that they, too, had plastic surgery to eliminate them!

Back in those days, a scar was a sign that a Roman had been struck by an enemy. It wasn’t a badge of honour to be worn with pride. Instead, it was a mark of shame, and the Romans did what they could to cover it up.

The First “Breast Job” Was Not For Vanity Reasons

These days, most women who have a breast job do so to either enlarge or shrink their breasts. But the first woman who had plastic surgery performed on her breasts did so because she needed to have a growth removed.

The woman in question was German, while the offending growth on her back needed to be cut out and moved to her breast.

Whether it looked good once there is up for debate.

The First Nose Job Was Performed Years Ago

While Michael Jackson made the “nose job” famous and acceptable (well, kinda), he most certainly wasn’t the first person to get his nozzle surgically altered.

In fact, the first ever recorded nose job took place in 600 B.C. in India.

For whatever reason, it just didn’t catch on and it’s only until now that it’s really popular.

But yep, all those years ago, Indian surgeons removed skin from various parts of the body so that they could remould the patients’ nose.

But It Was Ages Until Nose Jobs Caught On In Britain

Britain, a country that annexed India, probably liked to think it was ahead of India in many things. But when it came to nose jobs, it was India that had a few things to teach Britain.

Indeed, it wasn’t until 1794, almost two thousand years after the first nose job was performed in India, that British surgeons watched an Indian carry out a nose job. They were so amazed by it that they took the procedure home.

Liposuction Is Fairly New

The first liposuction procedure was carried out in France in 1977.

Do you know some other facts about plastic surgery?

Stay happy and healthy!

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