10 Things you probably didn’t know about men

How much do you think you know about men? Well, of course, all men are different and it would be wrong of us to suggest otherwise, but there are some character traits and habits that do seem to be applicable to many men, and these are distinctly different to those of most women. So, if you think you have worked out all there is to know about men, here are ten things that you possibly didn’t know.

1. Men do worry about their looks

While men won’t often admit it, they do worry about how they look. They worry about their physique and how women perceive them and often, that disheveled, casual look that they have is actually a very deliberate one!

2. Men are programmed to be competitive

Another one of interesting facts about men is that they are programmed to be competitive. Women find it strange when a man seems to have a need to beat another car away at the lights, or takes a friendly game of ball too seriously. Men don’t have a choice in this though, because they are programmed by nature to win and to be competitive. It’s a throwback to their animal ancestry, when they had to compete to be able to find a mate.

3. Lovemaking won’t make a man fall in love with you

If you offer a man some bedroom fun, then there’s a good chance he will gladly take it, but that won’t make him fall for you. A man can have intimacy without any emotional attachment to the woman, which is usually very different from how a woman would see things. On the other hand, intimacy with the woman he loves means a lot.

4. Men value respect above love

Of course, men like to be loved, but for most, it is respect that they need the most. Ideally, they would have both, but researchers found that men would hate to be disrespected by their girlfriends or wives, more than they would worry about not being loved.

5. Men are hardwired to be the provider

Another one of interesting facts about men is that men are hardwired to be the provider. You might have thought that some men’s apparent need to protect their loved ones and to be the provider of the family is an old fashioned and chauvinistic trait, but the reality is that men are naturally hardwired to think that way. Nature makes them feel the need to provide and to protect, and there is little that men can do about it.

6. Men can be very insecure

A man needs to know that his woman approves of what he is doing. They are actually very afraid of failure and, the worst failure of all would be to be a failure in the eyes of his girlfriend or wife. In fact, if they don’t get approval and positive affirmation from their partner, then that can lead them seeking that acknowledgement from someone else.

7. Lovemaking does more for a man than just satisfy him

Most people would agree that men do have higher stamina and ‘bedroom drive’ than women, but it is not quite as simple as just being a drive for gratification. When a man knows that his partner finds him physically attractive that gives the man a profound sense of self confidence that pervades every other part of his life too.

8. Men do like romance; they’re just not very good at it

Next one of interesting facts about men is that men do like romance. Most hesitation to being romantic is not always just down to the fact that men aren’t romantic. Deep down, most men are romantic at heart, but they fear that romantic gestures will be rejected or will make them look foolish.

9. Men are more susceptible to visual stimulation

This is another one of well known interesting facts about men: they are more susceptible to visual stimulation. Most men are actually struggling with their natural instinct to look at other women and they feel guilty when they are caught doing it. They can’t help themselves though, as this is another one of nature’s mating games. Men are wired to be on lookout for potential mates and even the most loving of men, sill find themselves looking at other women sometimes.

10. Your man wants you to know that he loves you

This is another area where men’s insecurities can get in the way. They long for you know how much they love you and they need constant affirmation of the fact that you know that they do. That’s why men can, sometimes annoyingly, be forever seeking to hear your approval.

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