10 Interesting Facts About Men

Men. Who can understand them? If the old saying is true that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, there is no way we can ever properly understand guys. They’re just different creatures to us from a different planet who wear socks with their sandals, scratch themselves in funny places and cry when someone scores a goal against their football team (but don’t cry during The Notebook, what the heck?!).

But perhaps you’d like to understand your man a bit more. Perhaps you’d like men in general to become a bit more readable to you. Perhaps you’d like to gain a deeper insight into the mechanisms of their soul and find out what makes them tick, what doesn’t make them tick, and why a “wolf pack” is so important to them.

Or maybe you just want to find out why oh why they have trouble putting the toilet seat down.

In any case, here are 10 interesting facts about guys.

Men Really Are From Mars … Kinda

Okay, men probably aren’t actually from Mars. But the biological symbol for the guy secs actually the symbol for the planet Mars. Coincidence? I think not!

Men Have Bigger Brains Than Women

No, we don’t really want to have to admit this. We don’t want to admit that men actually have bigger brains than women, but it’s true.

A man’s brain is, in fact, around 10% bigger than a woman’s brain. This is because men are generally bigger than women in general; they have a larger stature, as well as more muscle mass.

As such, their noodle needs more neurones in order to control their bigger bodies.

Now, if only our men actually used their bigger brains more often because …

… Men Only Use Half Their Brain

Leonardo Da Vinci was a renowned polymath who dipped his toe into many areas of knowledge and expertise. He was essentially the world’s first ever Renaissance Man who could pretty much do anything. A big reason for this was because he was an adept multi-tasker, who used both sides of his brain.

Most men, however, tend to only use one side of their brain when working on a task. As such, they’re not very good at multitasking.

Women, on the other hand, have a tendency to use both sides of their brain when working on a task. This makes them better at multitasking.

The Adam’s Apple Is Actually A Biological Thing

According to legend, the reason men have a pronounced “lump” in their neck is because Adam ate a forbidden piece of fruit in the Garden of Eden. God told him not to eat an apple but, presumably because he wanted to get some nutrients, he ate the apple anyway – and then damned mankind forever.

According to some, men are constantly reminded of the sins of Adam by that lump in their neck – the Adam’s Apple. But the reality is a bit more plain, and the lump is caused by the growth of the male larynx during puberty.


Men Are More Prone To Substance Addiction Than Women

Girls like to go out at the weekend and have a party with their friends. It’s what we do after a long week at work. We get together with our squad, have a few cocktails and kick it before waking up with a hangover the next day.

Guys like to do this, too.

But according to stats, some guys take things way further than is healthy. Guys are around 3 times likelier to abuse alcohol than women. They are also doubly likely to abuse drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana, than women.

Does it suggest that men have a more addictive personality than women?

Men Are Generally More Self-Reliant Than Women

All throughout history, it’s been left to the man to assert himself over the woman. The man has traditionally been the one who proposes, goes to work, fixes things around the house and generally protects his woman. Men have always been thought of as born survivors who can get by no matter what happens. Women, however, have always been seen as being dependent on their men.

There is some scientific truth to all this. Men have higher testosterone levels than women, and this can cause high levels of competition, aggression, self reliance and self assertion. Women, on the other hand, have lower levels.

Men Are More Suicidal Than Women

In almost every single county around the world, men are doubly more likely to kill themselves than women. It’s an astonishing fact. In Russia and Brazil, guys are six times more likely to commit suicide than women.

According to research, the reason for this is not because men tend to be more clinically depressed than women – rather, it’s down to method.

Women who try to kill themselves tend to employ non-violent means – for example overdose. Men, however, are more extreme and use hanging or firearms instead.

“Dad” Is Still A Relatively New Term

If you thought Jesus Christ referred to Joseph as his ‘dad’ you’d better think again. The word dad didn’t exist until the sixteenth century, when it entered the English language via the Welsh word tad.

Tad mans father, a word which originates from the Old English word feader.

Father’s Day Is Also Fairly New

Everyone celebrates Father’s Day in 2016, and it’s a great way of celebrating your dad’s life. But Father’s Day was only created as recently as 1910, before which father’s simply had to make do with just birthday’s.

The first ever Father’s Day celebration was held in the U.S. in 1910. This means it is a newer annual even than Mother’s Day.

More Boys Are Born Than Girls

According to stats, for every 100 baby girls that are born, 107 boys are born. There is no exact scientific reason given for this odd occurrence, but it’s been theorised that the reason for the greater proportion of male births is because of the fact that boy babies are 25% likelier to die in childhood or infancy than girls.

Do you know other interesting facts about men?

Stay happy!

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