10 Great Life Lessons That Woman Can Learn From Movies

Thought a movie was just something to pass the time, to make you laugh or make you cry? Actually, movies can be full of some great life lessons for women. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 of them.

At Beauty and Tips, we’re big fans of the movies. Like a lot of people, we love Disney movies (and the new Beauty and the Beast film? OMG). We like romantic comedies as well, of course (still can’t get over Titanic). But we also like superhero films and action flicks. Because, as it turns out, there is always a life lesson to be learned by watching a movie.

Movies always come with a moral at their heart. Whenever a screenwriter is pitching his or her script to a producer, they’ll be asked to explain what their movie is about.

“Well, it’s about a boy and a girl who fall in love. At the start, the boy is a bit shy, a bit nerdy. While the girl – his neighbour – is the total opposite.”

Eventually, the producer will stop the screenwriter in their tracks and ask them, “But what is it really about?”

This is when the screenwriter talks about the film’s themes.

Themes can be anything, from overcoming odds to personal redemption. And it’s in the themes where you can find powerful, universal life lessons that you can apply to you own life.

Toy Story, for example, isn’t a movie about a bunch of talking toys. It’s a film about friendship and working together on one shared goal.

So let’s take a look at 10 great life lessons that women can learn from movies.

Toy Story – Be A Friend

At the start of the movie, Woody was super jealous of newcomer Buzz. Buzz threatened his own role in the group – this new guy was handsome, confident and had special talents.

By the end of the film, Woody realised he had to work with Buzz and not against him. Friends are more important than our own selfish aspirations.

Liar Liar – Always Tell The Truth

It’s only when we tell the truth to ourselves and to others that we can instigate positive changes.

Running away from the truth and telling lies to all and sundry means nothing will change for the better.

Click – Live In The Moment

Adam Sandler is known for his wacky, often gross-out physical comedies. And sure enough, there aren’t too many life lessons you can learn from Billy Madison (although there are some!).

But Click finds him in something a bit different. The story centres a guy who receives a supernatural remote control, which he can use to go back and forth through time at the click of a button.

At first – in typically Adam Sandler fashion – he just has lots of screwball fun. But eventually, he comes to realise how important it is to live in the present moment.

So many of us live in the future. We “can’t wait for the weekend” or we count down the days until our next holiday. We do it so much that we forget to enjoy the precious moments that are happening to us all the time.

It’s A Wonderful Life – Be Grateful

Ever though about giving up? Take a moment each day to be grateful for how far you’ve come and what – and who – you have in your life. From your health to your friends, to your fridge stocked with food and your laptop connected to the Internet, be thankful for it all!

Frozen – Be Yourself

You can not be yourself and please other people and make them happy. Or you can be yourself and find inner happiness. Just like Elsa did in Disney’s smash-hit movie Frozen.

Inside Out – It’s Okay To Be Sad

We’re taught to always be happy, smiley and positive. But negative emotions, such as sadness, can validate our existence, too. In fact, these are important emotions that are just a part of the human condition.

If you were never sad about anything, you’re not really experiencing what it is to be human. Moreover, you’re likely being fake until you break. In other words, bottling up emotions means they will spill out when you least expect them.

Forrest Gump – Work Hard

Incredibly, not everyone has yet seen Forrest Gump. If you grew up in the nineties and still haven’t watched it, now is the time to check it out. Why? Because it’s just so inspiring.

And it’s got one heck of a powerful life lesson.

In the movie, a young boy is hindered from getting anywhere in life because of a physical handicap. But in one moment of extraordinary determination, he overcomes it and from that moment on realises that anything is possible if you just work hard enough.

Forrest Gump isn’t a character with any special skills. He isn’t gifted. Yet he meets the President of the USA, is awarded the congressional medal of honour, runs the entire breadth of America and much much more – all because he is determined.

If you want something hard enough, your strength of spirit can carry you through.

Elf – Have Fun!

When Buddy the Elf arrives in New York, he’s largely met by disapproval and alarm by people who are so different to him. He’s an excitable, wacky character who’s essentially a big kid at heart.

Fortunately, rather than suppress his joyous sense of fun, Buddy instead encourages everyone around him to have fun and let their inner child loose.

The Pursuit Of Happiness – Have A Strong Vision

Will Smith’s character in this movie knew exactly what he wanted, and he dedicated himself to achieving it.

If your visions and goals are strong enough, you can have anything you want out of life.

Cinderella – Keep Going, Keep Smiling

Sometimes, life gets tough. For Cinderella, life got really tough. She was essentially a slave to her two evil stepsisters, who made her wear rags and cook and clean for them. She had no nice things of her own, no time to herself. And when she had the chance to meet the man of her dreams, the sisters even tried to take him away from her too by locking her up!

But her spirit prevailed. She kept smiling, kept singing, and kept on going.

Stay happy!

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