10 Fun, great and interesting facts about the Sun you probably didn’t know about

Goodness gracious, great ball of fire! The Sun always rises; it gives heat, energy, and light…And what do we do? We take it for granted. The Sun is really quite special though, and here are ten interesting facts about our Sun that you may not have even thought about:

1. Our Sun is bright

The Sun is bright, and we know that when it gets in our eyes when we’re driving! But it’s pretty bright when you compare it to other nearby stars too. Of the 50 other stars that are closest to the earth, our Sun is the 4th brightest of them all.

2. Eventually, the Sun will consume the earth

No need to worry yet, it’s going to take millions of years, but eventually the Sun will have burned off all the hydrogen it has and start to burn helium instead. It will then start to grow and grow, and grow, until in about over 100 million years, it will have consumed the earth and many of the other planets in the solar system too.

3. The Sun is about half way through its life

Another one of interesting facts about the Sun is that, in astrophysical terms, the Sun is middle aged. It is about 4.5 billion years old, at its last birthday, which means that it has burned off about half of the hydrogen that it contains. The Sun is currently a type of star known as yellow dwarf.

4. The Sun creates wind

The Sun creates a type of wind known as solar wind. This wind is made up of charged particles that travel through space at over 400 kilometres a second and when the solar wind hits the earth, it can disrupt satellites, communications and computer devices.

5. The earth is like a speck of dust in the solar system

People used to think that the Earth was the centre of the solar system, but they were way off the mark. Currently the Sun’s diameter is around 109 times that of Earth. The Sun makes up 99.8% of all the mass of the Solar System (it is the central star of the Solar System), and the planet Jupiter makes up nearly all of the remaining 0.2%.  That leaves the Earth as being little more than a rock that orbits around the Sun.

6. The Sun will, one day, be no bigger than the earth

Another interesting fact about the Sun is that, after the Sun has finished swallowing us up, in its red giant phase, it will collapse in on itself and become a white dwarf, no bigger than the current size of the earth.

7. The Sun is hot, really hot

Next interesting fact about the Sun is that the inside of the Sun can reach temperate of 15 million degrees Celsius and, if it were not for the fact that the Sun is so big and, therefore creates so much gravity, it would simply explode with all that energy.

8. The Sun is a big ball of gas

The Sun is basically a big ball of hydrogen and helium and different parts of the Sun rotate at different speeds. Scientists know this because of the way that sunspots move across the surface of the star. Areas at the equator of the Sun take about 25 days to revolve, while the poles revolve at around every 27 days.

9. Light takes eight minutes to reach us from the Sun

Light emitted from the Sun takes a whole eight minutes to reach us here on earth. The Sun is approximately 150 million kilometres away from the earth; it varies with the time of year. Even though light is the fastest travelling thing in the universe, it still takes eight minutes for it to reach the earth.

10. The Sun is hotter on the outside

In the corona, which extends a long distance from the Sun itself, temperatures can reach as high, as 1 million Kelvin, but on the surface of the Sun it’s a relatively ‘cool’ at just 6,000 Kelvin.

What other fun, great and interesting facts do you know about the Sun?

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