10 Fun facts about smiling

You probably know that smiling takes fewer muscles than frowning, but did you know that, even if you put on a false smile, it will actually cheer you up? That’s just one of the fascinating facts about smiling that you may not have known, and here are ten more reasons why you should smile today and every day:

1. Smiling is universal

Around the world, hugs, handshakes and bows can mean different things in different countries, but the meaning of a smile is universal. Wherever you travel, if you smile you convey happiness and friendliness.

2. Smiling is your first facial expression

Another fun fact about smiling is that you were able to smile, as soon as you were born and you don’t learn it, it is a reflex action that you have from birth. Babies smile in sleep, from birth, but it takes around four to six weeks, before they start smiling when they are awake.

3. Smiling really is contagious

It’s not just a myth, smiling really is catching. In a study that was conducted in Sweden, researchers found that people found it really difficult to frown, when they were looking at other people who were smiling and they couldn’t help smiling themselves.

4. Smiling releases endorphins

Another interesting fact about smiling is that when you smile, even when you force it, your body releases the ‘feel good’ hormones, endorphins, which will put you in a much better mood and relieve stress.

5. Smiling makes you more attractive than makeup

You can stop spending all that money on makeup, because smiling is even better at making you look more attractive. In a study, researchers found that about 70% of guys interviewed, found a girl with a smile more attractive, than a girl wearing makeup.

6. But, men look better without a smile!

Strangely though, the opposite of point five is true of men. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that women prefer a brooding man to a smiling one.

7. Smile; it will get you promoted

It has been found that employers are more likely to promote employees who smile a lot, than those who do not, although it’s probably not a good idea to go around grinning insanely at your boss all day long.

8. There are nineteen different types of smile

Another interesting and fan fact about smiling is that researchers have identified nineteen distinct different types of smile. They range from the polite, social smile all the way up to the broad, uncontrollable grin.

9. You can hear a smile

Smiling translates into your tone of voice, when you speak on the telephone. Customer service reps are taught to smile, when they take calls, because it makes their voices sound more friendly and helpful.

10. Smile and you will live longer

Cheer up, because people who smile often live longer, according to research. Smiling reduces stress and it also boosts your immune system, and those amongst us who smile lots, live an average of seven to twenty years longer, than all sad and grumpy people.

What other fun and interesting facts about smiling do you know?

Stay happy!

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