10 Fun and Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the most loved-up day of the year. But what are some things you don’t know about Valentine’s Day? Along with anniversaries and birthdays, Valentine’s Day is one of those special days where everything else gets put on hold while we prioritise our partner. We go out of our way to make the day special for them, getting off work early, taking time off work altogether, booking a meal in a posh restaurant or even taking a mini break somewhere. It’s incredibly romantic and makes a great excuse to have an expensive date night.  To get you in the mood for some major loving, let’s take a look at 10 fun and interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

People Now Want Experiences

Get your wallets ready guys, because according to studies more and more women prefer experiential gifts, than a bunch of flowers. This means they’d rather go out and do something (concert, skydiving etc), than stay indoors with a cheap book you just bought them!

No One Knows How Valentine’s Day Got Started, But Here’s a Theory …

Okay, no one really knows how Valentine’s Day got started and why humanity all of a sudden decided that it needed to put aside one day of the year devoted to love. But the most popular origin story involves the Roman Emperor Claudius II who forbade Roman men from marrying during times of war.

Bishop Valentine didn’t like this order and, believing that love should come before anything else, began performing weddings in secret. Sadly, this illicit practice was discovered and the Bishop was thrown in jail and then executed. It was in jail when he – presumably – fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. He wrote her a letter and signed it, “from your Valentine.”


Dogs and Cats Get Valentine’s Day Cards Too

Those who are in a loving relationship on Valentine’s Day should spare a thought for those who are single. It’s not easy being single on Valentine’s Day – especially when around 3% of pet owners give their pets a Valentine’s Day card.

Imagine knowing you aren’t receiving a Valentine’s Day card but lots of cats and dogs are?! It’s not easy but, hey you could always join in by giving your pet a Valentine’s Day gift, too!

And Here’s What You Can Do If You Are Single …

True, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t easy. It gets worse when we see our friends uploading photos of their romantic meals to their Facebook. It’s hard! The good thing is that if you happen to be single on the most romantic day of the year, you’re not alone. Moreover, there is also something you can celebrate, too – Singles Awareness Day! It might sound corny and it might sound tacky but it helps to give support to those who are feeling lonely or sad. And sometimes we all need a helping hand, whether we’re in a relationship or not.

Valentines Weren’t Always Chosen Deliberately

These days, we tend to spend Valentine’s Day with the one we love or at least like. We’re either married, dating or whatever else. Either way, we know who the person is and we chose them as our Valentine! However, things used to be a bit different … Back in the Middle Ages, if you didn’t have a Valentine for Valentine’s Day, you would (both men and women) drop your names into a bowl. Then, the opposite sex would dip their hand in there and whoever they drew out would be their Valentines. It’s kinda sweet but could so easily go wrong. Imagine if you ended up with someone you didn’t like?!

This Is How Many Cards We Will Exchange …

Over one billion. Awesome!

A Lot of Flowers Will Get Bought On Valentine’s Day

Okay, you already know that flowers will get bought on Valentine’s Day. But how many? Usually, men are pretty rubbish at buying flowers without any reason, well, guys who do this are pretty rare anyway. Every now and then, men will remember to get us a bouquet, but usually they’ll forget. And it’s only special occasions or when our best friend buys us some flowers first that men are triggered into acting!

On Valentine’s Day, things are very different and around 75% of men buy flowers. Wow! Imagine if they did that each week!? Most men will buy roses, but who knows? Maybe yours will surprise you this time around!

Speaking of Roses …

When most people think of flowers that represent love, they think of roses. But where did this link come from? Why do roses of all the other flowers represent love? The tradition of associating roses with love goes all the way back to ancient Rome and the days of the gods and goddesses. Venus, the goddess of love, liked roses. In fact, they were her favourite (maybe they still are?!) and they subsequently become associated with love. To this day, most men will still go out on Valentine’s Day and buy roses. Incredible!

The Heart Hasn’t Always Been a Symbol of Love

In fact, roses have been associated with love for much longer than the human heart has. Up until the 14th century, the science on what a human heart actually did was still sketchy. Back then, it was still believed that our heart is where our memory was. Then the Renaissance came along and artists and poets began to associate the heart with love.

Men Still Send Love Letters To Juliet

Correct us if we’re wrong, but Beauty and Tips are almost certain that Juliet died in William Shakespeare’s romantic play Romeo and Juliet. And yet, even to this day, the lovestruck young lady continues to receive love letters on Valentine’s Day! How can this be?! In the Italian city of Verona, where Romeo and Juliet was set, men still send out around one thousand letters each year to “Juliet.” It’s amazing. We just hope men remember us long enough after our deaths to send us letters!

If you are single on Valentine’s day, feel free to get inspiration and read 8 things to do when single on Valentine’s Day.

Do you want to share other interesting facts about Valentine’s day?

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! May your every day be filled with love and happiness!

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