10 Crazy random facts you won’t believe are true

When we watch a movie, we are quite happy to believe, for an hour or two, that the impossible is perfectly plausible. We’ll sit enthralled by the adventures of a boy wizard who can fly on a broomstick and we are quite happy to believe that animals can talk, sing, and dance. Sometimes, though, fact is just as incredible as fiction. So, be prepared to be amazed and astounded, because we have ten totally crazy random facts that you just won’t believe are true.

1. Hippos use sunscreen

Hippos have a tough time with the sun and it can damage their skin just as it does ours, which is why hippos spend so much time in the water. They also have another amazing defence against the sun. They secrete their own sunscreen. Hippos produce a red oily liquid from their skin that works just like sunscreen does.

2. Russia is as big as a planet

Here is another one of fun and crazy random facts: Russia covers a huge swathe of land and it’s so big that it’s even bigger than the planet Pluto. Pluto is only 2,390 km in diameter, so it’s not a huge planet, but it’s still pretty amazing to think that Russia is bigger. Russia has a surface area of 17.1×106 km squared, while Pluto has an area of 16.7×106 km squared, so, it’s true, Russia really is bigger than a planet.

3. The population has doubled in less than 50 years

This is also one of crazy random facts: if you are aged 45 or older, the world’s population has doubled in your lifetime. In 1968, the total number of people living on the planet is estimated to have been 3.554 billion, but today it has reached approximately 7.125 billion. Population growth has slowed, in recent years, but it is still growing at a rate of approximately 200,000 a day and it has been estimated that by 2100 the world population will have reached 10.9 billion.

4. Mammoths still roamed the land when the pyramids were built

If you think that mammoths became extinct before human beings were around then think again. In fact, mammoths were still on the planet when the great pyramids of Egypt were being built. That fact really brings home just how incredible it is that the pyramids were built so long ago and without any modern building techniques or equipment.

5. Sloths only poop once a week

You probably knew that sloths do everything slowly, but did you know that they only poop once a week? Three toed sloths live up in the trees and once a week they make the journey down from their tree and into the forest to poop. They even dig a hole and then they cover it back up again before they head off back home.

6. All Pandas are the property of China

Another one of crazy random facts is that every single cuddly, adorable panda in the world is the property of China. Even the pandas that you might see in a zoo are the property of China. They are loaned to the other countries for a rental fee of US$1 million per year. If a panda is born in captivity in any other country than China, then it too automatically becomes the property of the country of China.

7. Humans kill more sharks than sharks kill humans

Anyone who has a swim in the sea will probably have thought, even if only briefly, about the danger from sharks. While most people have a big fear of shark attacks, it’s the sharks that should fear us. One of crazy random facts is that, on average, just 12 people are killed by sharks in a year, but humans kill something like 100 million sharks every year!

8.  Nintendo was founded in 1889

Here is another one of crazy random facts: the games manufacturer that brought you the Gameboy, the Nintendo DS, and the Wii was formed more than 100 years ago in 1889. When the company first started it manufactured playing cards. After a few other ventures in other areas, it finally became a fully-fledged computer games company when their arcade games Donkey Kong and Mario became popular.

9. More than ten percent of all the photos ever taken were taken last year

The first ever camera, the Kodak Brownie, was invented over 100 years ago and since then the popularity of taking photos has steadily grown. With the advent of the camera phone, though, the taking of photos has skyrocketed to such an extent that 10% of all the photographs ever taken in the world will have been taken only last year. Facebook alone now stores more than 140 billion photos on its file servers.

10. Antarctica is a desert

When you usually think of a dessert, you think of miles and miles of sand, but technically, the cold icy wastes of Antarctica are a dessert too. In fact, Antarctica sees less rain and snow than the Sarah Desert does. There is usually only about two inches of rain and snow in Antarctica every year, whereas the Sarah desert gets about four inches.

Do you know other interesting or crazy random facts?

Stay happy!

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