10 Amazing Benefits Of Singing You Need To Know About

Okay, here’s the deal: you might be the World’s Worst Singer, and your friends and family probably don’t appreciate it when you burst into song every five minutes, but saying “I like singing!” isn’t going to cut the mustard with anyone. They’re going to cover their ears and growl at you that you really need to cut it out.

If, however, you inform them that singing comes with an array of amazing benefits, not only will they instantly forgive you – but they may actually join in! So to start up your own DIY choir today, let’s take a look at 10 amazing benefits of singing you need to know all about.

1. Singing Makes You Feel Ecstatic

That’s right: singing doesn’t merely make you feel happy, it makes you feel on top of the whole freaking world.

This is because singing is known to release endorphins (the so-called ecstasy hormones) that fill you with intense feelings of pleasure.

At the same time, singing also releases oxytocin, which is known as the cuddle hormone. This hormone helps to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety and makes you feel good in general.

2. Singing Gives Your Mental Faculties A Boost

Another one of great benefits of singing is that, according to research, singers use both sides of their brains much more than non-singers. This essentially means that their cognitive functioning is much sharper than non-singers’, whose cognitive functioning is a little bit rusty.

So to help you think more clearer, and to lift the morning fog from your tired brain, why not jump into the shower and belt out a few of your favourite songs?! After all, you’re simply the best, better than all the rest!


3. Singing Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is something many of us struggle with, and once our blood pressure gets too high life seems to become one long battle with trying to keep it in check.

An excellent way of not only keeping it in check but actually keeping it from ever getting too high is by singing. Singing calms us down and relaxes us, with the upshot being that we lower our blood pressure. Perhaps this is why folk sing hymns to themselves in the hospital…

4. Singing Improves Your Mood

Another one of wonderful benefits of singing is that it can significantly improve your mood. How many times has it taken a piece of music to lift you out of your blue mood? There is quite simply nothing better than sticking on our favourite tunes whenever we’re having a bad day. They make us feel more positive about life, especially when we can empathise with the lyrics.

If, however, you don’t have any music close to hand, bursting into song is another great way of lifting your spirits. Singing is a lot of fun and just letting your hair down and belting out a few choice numbers is the perfect antidote to a bad day. Try it!

5. Singing Is A Workout Routine

Don’t fancy going to the gym today?

Don’t fancy going to the gym ever?

No problem. An easy way to workout without hitting the treadmill or lifting weights is by singing. Yup, singing encourages proper breathing and it’s a fantastic way for our lungs to get some well-needed exercise. Not to mention, it gets your chest pumping and your blood pumping.

Singing can also encourage you to move around, dance and burn some energy. In this way, it’s a fantastic way to workout without actually leaving the house.

6. Singing Improves Your Posture

Next one of fabulous benefits of singing is that it can improve your posture. Opera singers have amazing postures, and the reason for those straight-as-dye postures is the amount of singing they do!

For an impressive posture that catches eyes and which makes people think: “Wow! There goes a confident person who knows what they want!”, you could do a lot worse than sing regularly. Just adopt the right pose and sing until your heart is content and your back is perfectly arched.

7. Singing Means You Get To Sleep Better

No, we’re not suggesting that you get into bed and start belting out the hit song from Disney’s Frozen. That would annoy your spouse, the neighbours and your pets. And it will actually stop you from sleeping whilst making you look insane.

Instead, what we’re saying is that frequent singing means you will be less stressed. And when you’re less stressed, you sleep more! So sing during the day but cut it out by the time you hit the sack. Unless you want an angry neighbour at your doorstep.

8. Singing With Someone Else Can Cause Your Heart Rates To Sync

If your friends are really unimpressed by your singing, all you need to do is tell them that if you sing together, your heart rates will sync.

There isn’t a person alive who won’t be impressed by this. Even better, if you and your partner sing together synching heart rates is the most romantic thing ever.

Unless you’re singing “Cop Killer” together. Hmm, not so romantic.

9. Singing More Often Will Make You A Better Singer

You know the drill: the more you write, the better you get at writing. The more you design websites, the better you get at web design. And the more you sing, the better you get at singing.

So if you are actively pursuing a singing career or want to join a band, then sing all the time! Like, every minute of every day. Except bed time, as mentioned. No singing at bed time. It’s banned.

10. Singing Can Also Make You A Better Actor

When you sing, you take on different roles. One minute you’re sad as you sing about lost love, and the next you’re ecstatic as you sing about found love. Then you’re sad again. Hey, it’s a fluctuating business!

The bonus is that by taking on all these different roles, you’re exploring characterisation, which will come in dead handy when/if you want to venture into acting.

The great thing about all this is that you can sing anywhere. In the car, on the karaoke, in the shower, at church, at a soccer game. So get to it!

Though no Tina Turner, please.

Do you know other benefits of singing?

Stay happy!

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