10 Amazing and interesting facts about the human brain

How the human brain works? It stores our memories, both good and bad, it controls our every movement and every function of our bodies and it still has some spare capacity to make us laugh and cry too! Our brains are the most complex and incredible organs in our bodies that actually make us who we really are, and here are ten other amazing facts about the human brain, the thing that makes us all tick:

1. Your brain takes up a lot of energy 

Despite the fact that your brain only makes up 2% of your body weight, it uses up 20% of your energy, just to keep it going. It uses this energy to maintain the health of your brain cells and to fuel the electrical impulses that create the connection between the neurons in your brain.

2. The brain can feel no pain

Even though the brain is what controls your nervous system, it is the only organ in the body that contains no nerves itself. So, while we say that emotions can hurt, they can’t really.

3. You could light up a light bulb with your brain

Your brain needs approximately 25 watts of energy to function. That is enough to power the average electric light bulb.

4. The brain is fat!

The brain contains the highest concentration of fat, of any organ in the human body. About 60% of the human brain consists of fat and 75% of the total mass, is actually water. That’s why drinking too much or too little water can affect the way that you think and feel.

5. The myth that you use only 10% of your brain is untrue

It’s a commonly held myth that human beings only use 10% of their brain. This is completely untrue and it has now been proven that every part of our brain has a specific function that we make use of.

6. You need your calories, for your brain

A calorie controlled diet may be all well and good, for losing weight, but did you know that your brain consumes between twenty and thirty percent of your total calorie intake? That makes it even more important to be careful of what you eat and how many calories you take on board.

7. Most of your brain is devoted to language and to consciousness

The part of your brain that is responsible for language and consciousness is called the neo-cortex, and that accounts for about 75% of your total brain. That is the largest proportion given over to those functions that can be found in the kingdom of living beings, which accounts for many of the differences between us and animals.

8. Your brain contains around 100 billion neurons

It is the connections between your neurons that allow you to think, recall memories, have a personality and to develop ideas. Each neuron can be connected to thousands of other neurons and you have a total of approximately 100 billion neurons in your brain. That is about 14 times more, than the total number of human beings that live on our planet.

9. Size doesn’t matter…when it comes to your brain

The size and the weight of your brain make absolutely no difference to how clever you are. Albert Einstein’s brain weighed in at only 1,230 grams, which is actually less than the average weight of a human brain.

10. Reality is a subjective thing

The reality around you is only what your brain perceives it to be. Often, your brain fools you into believing things, by filling in the gaps for you. The best example of this can be found in optical illusions, where your brain makes you see something, that isn’t really there.

What other fascinating, interesting and amazing facts about the human brain do you want to add to our list?

Stay happy!

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