What the most successful people do before breakfast? 11 Must-know tips 

Did you know that many successful people call the first hour after you wake up ‘the Golden Hour’? This is because, at that time in the morning, your brain is less cluttered and more capable of clear and decisive thought, so that’s the time to prepare yourself for the coming day. So, what exactly do highly successful people do with this, so called, ‘Golden Hour’? Read on to find out, as we look at 11 of the important things that successful people do, before they have breakfast:

1. They are early birds 

The first thing that successful people don’t do is they don’t waste that special time snoozing in bed! That snooze button on your alarm only delays the inevitable, so get up early and face the fresh new day. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start to make a difference to your life.

2. They do some kind of sport 

What the most successful people do before breakfast? They start moving. A quick workout before breakfast will really wake you up. It also jump starts your metabolism and it gets your brain functioning properly, so get in the early morning exercise habit and it could change your life.

3. They remind themselves of their long term and short term goals

Taking a look at why you do what you do, every morning, is a great motivator for the rest of the day. Successful people often take five minutes, every morning, to write down their life goals and their dreams, and then, they move into writing their to-do list for the day, but we’ll talk about this a little further…

4. They consciously acknowledge and count their blessings and they express gratitude

It’s not just what they want that successful people are conscious of, they are also fully aware of what they have to be grateful for too. It’s easy to do, just over the piece of paper that you write down your goals on and further, write down five things that you are grateful for.

5. They write down a to-do list for the day

Successful people are also organised people, so they will write down a list of what needs to be done during the day, first thing in the morning, when everything is clear in their mind. Later in the day is too late, because by then, your mind will be cluttered with the vents of the day and you can easily forget something.

6. The stay informed

A few minutes each morning listening to the radio or reading a newspaper will keep you informed of what is happing in the world and it may have an impact on your decisions for the day. You don’t have to be a Wall Street banker, for this to be important, keeping in touch with current affairs can put a different perspective on anybody’s day.

7. They don’t forget their loved ones

Don’t forget your partner or your kids in all this productive morning’s work. Successful people that are also happy never lose sight of the rally important things in life and they will always squeeze in some time for their loved ones.

8. What the most successful people do before breakfast? They meditate or pray

Ok, so we are pushing it a bit for all this in just one hour, but many successful people do say that they put aside some time for meditation every morning. Even just five minutes of clear, quiet contemplation, can help you to focus more clearly on the day ahead.

9. They prepare themselves mentally

Visualising the day ahead and your preferred outcomes can help to prepare you. Some people read a chapter from a motivational book, others listen to a motivational CD or podcast, others simply, mentally pump themselves up for the day.

10. They check their emails and their diary

We will admit that this point isn’t exactly a groundbreaking, inspirational piece of advice, it is very practical. Successful people understand the importance of being organised, so they always know what the day has in store for them and a quick check of appointments and emails will make sure that they are prepared for what is to come.

11. They smile and put themselves in a good mood

And finally, most successful people know the importance of starting their day on a positive note. They try to make their morning as bright, beautiful and positive, as possible, by consciously choosing a good mood; you might find them singing or dancing in the shower or giving themselves inner talk of confident positive affirmations, often in front of the mirror, while brushing their teeth or shaving.

What the most successful people do before breakfast?

Stay happy!

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