What do successful people do on weekends? 10 Weekend habits of extremely successful people

Have you ever wondered what successful people do at the weekend? Do they just carry on working, or do they switch off completely and just laze around? Well, the answer, is somewhere in the middle, but what they definitely don’t do at the weekend is waste their time away. Here’s ten ways that extremely successful people make the most out of their weekends:

1. They don’t stay in bed until midday. Even on weekends, successful people still get up early

The first thing that they don’t do is they don’t stay in bed! Time is precious and they don’t want to waste it lying in bed, so successful people are usually early risers, every day of the week.

2. They plan for the week ahead

Like everybody else, successful people do need time to relax, but that doesn’t mean switching off completely. The weekend is the perfect time to get your head straight and plans straight in your mind. That way they know that they can hit the ground running on Monday.

3. They make some time to disconnect

A busy person doesn’t have the luxury of being able to switch off completely over the weekends, but they will make time for a little down time. They make some time for going without their phone and emails, and take a walk or go for a drive. Even successful people need a break sometimes.

4. They reserve some time for their friends and family

Often, successful people don’t get a lot of time during the week to spend with family and friends, so they make sure that they reserve time for them at weekends. They know how important it is not to become completely discontented from the people that they are close to.

5. They make time for fun and play; and they don’t forget their favorite hobbies

Many of the world’s top most successful people say that they relax with a hobby and that hobby is often as far removed from what they do during the week, as you could imagine. It’s usually something creative, with their hands. Some play musical instruments, some paint, while others do sculpture.

6. They give something back

Another common factor about successful people is that, by far the majority of them give over some of their time to charitable work. In his book, “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals”, the author found that more than 70% of successful and wealthy people do volunteer work for, at least, five hours every month.

7. They plan their weekends

Successful people are organised people and that habit doesn’t stop at the weekend. They plan their weekend activities, to make sure they fit everything in.

8. These people are no couch potatoes. They never stop moving

What do successful people do on weekends? They stay active. These people are no couch potatoes and they like to keep fit, while they have fun. Many of them play sports like tennis, squash and golf or they take up more challenging sports like rock climbing or surfing.

9. They reflect on the past week

The weekends are a great time for a bit of quiet reflection. This is the time that successful people can sit back and consider the events of the past week: what they did right and what they could have done better. Then they can reflect on the improvements that they can make in the next week.

10. They socialise and they have some fun

Successful people are still human beings, so they do relax and socialise at weekends too. Mind you, they probably still keep an eye out for networking opportunities at any parties they go to!

Stay happy!

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