10 Tips on how to start your own blog

Blogging is fun, it’s easy to do and it costs very little to start, so if you’ve ever wanted to share your own thoughts and ideas on fashion and beauty with the rest of the world, a blog might just be the way to do it. All you need to start your own blog is a computer, an internet connection and lots of great ideas. Here are ten tips to get you started with your very own beauty or fashion blog.

1. Think of a great name

First and obvious tip on how to start your own blog is to find a great name. A catchy name for your blog is one of the most important first steps, and it will have to be a name that hasn’t been used before. Do a bit of research and see what other people are using and then, find a name that you like and that also describes exactly what your blog is about.

2. Register with Blogger or WordPress

You can start your blog for free with such blogging platforms as Blogger or WordPress. Both sites offer free templates for your blog layout, a free hosted domain to store your blog, and you don’t need any real technical knowledge at all to start up your first blog.

3. If you want a more professional looking blog, then register a custom domain name and buy a hosting service

If you want your blog to look a bit more professional, then you can register your own domain name, or website address, for just a few dollars, and buy a hosting service. We recommend to use Bluehost as your hosting service, and they also offer you a free domain name when you sign up, and it is super easy to create your blog with them. This would mean that your blog could be called www.mybeautysite.com, rather than something like www.mybeautysite.blogger.com. Having your own domain name also means that, one day, you could sell your blog, perhaps for big bucks!

4. Choose your template

Next tip on how to start your own blog is to choose your template. Once everything is set up, you can decide on how you want your blog to look. Both Blogger and WordPress provide standard templates that you can use or, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can customise templates to get your site looking exactly how you would like it.

5. Start writing!

Now you can start writing for your blog. To catch people’s interest and to catch the eye of Google, each blog post should be at least 500 words long and should include pictures to illustrate your points too. You should also try and post regularly to your blog. It doesn’t have to be every single day, but regular posts will keep people coming back to check out what’s new on your site.

6. Publicise your blog

Next important tip on how to start your own blog is to take time to publicise your blog. Now, when you’ve got a few posts on your new site, you need to let people know that it exists. The easiest way to do this, to start with, is by using Facebook, Twitter and similar social media sites. Tell all your friends and they will tell their friends, and you’ll start to grow an audience.

7. Do all the research that you can

When you are ready to take your blog a bit more seriously, you can start to find out more about search engine optimisation (SEO), which is how you can help people find your blog on Google and on other search engines. You can research some of the techniques for SEO on the web, or buy a beginner’s SEO guide to start you off.

8. Monetize your blog

Once you have people visiting your blog, you can start to think about making some money! The simplest ways to monetize a blog are by adding Google advertisements to it, and by placing Amazon ads on your blog as well. Both are relatively easy to sign up for and you will find instructions on how to do it on blogger or on WordPress.

9. Keep it personal

Another useful tip on how to start your own blog is to keep things personal. People like to read personal recommendations and ideas, so keep your posts informal, personal, friendly and easy to read. Remember, though, a blog isn’t the same as Twitter, so readers will be expecting more from a blog than a photo of a dress you saw and a message like: “Hey, saw this great dress in the store today”.

10. Have fun!

Most of all a blog should be fun. It’s a great way to be able to express yourself and share your thoughts and expertise. You can meet new friends online and learn lots too. If you want to turn it into a business, then you can, but, in the meantime, good luck and enjoy blogging!

How to start your own blog? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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