Top Tips On How To Get More Followers And Likes On Instagram

Just started out on social media? Here are some top tips on how to get more followers and likes on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms available if you want to grow your brand. It’s much easier to reach out to a new audience than it is on either Facebook or twitter, and posting a new post is as simple as taking a photo, uploading it, tagging it and pressing “post”.

Et voila.

Perhaps you’ve cast an envious eye at a few Instagram accounts you like and seen all the thousands of likes and comments their photographs they have. And perhaps you wanted to replicate it all.

However, as you may have already found out, growing your brand on Instagram is not quite so easy as taking a snap and uploading it.

Sometimes, your photos only get a handful of likes and comments. And sometimes, they don’t get any.


To master social media marketing, you need a strategy that works. Let’s take a look at how to get more followers and likes on Instagram.

Jump On Hashtag Trends

Some marketers will tell you that jumping on a trend is a waste of time because it’s not as good as starting a trend.

What do we say to that? Whatever.

Jumping on Instagram hashtag trends is a fantastic way to catch an audience. For example, if it’s Thursday, you can get on board the #TBT trend (Throwback Thursday).

If it’s Friday, you can jump on board the #FF trend (Follow Friday).

Don’t feel as though you’re a sheep for riding a trend’s coattails. Everyone else is riding them. If you don’t join in, you’re going to lose out.

Which would be really uncool.

Get Liking Stuff

If you’ve never been much of a “liker” on Facebook, it’s time to leave your comfort zone and get liking photos on Instagram.

Why? Because liking other photos can be a really effective networking tool.

When you like photos posted by folk in your target audience, people will see you. And guess what? They might be inclined to check you out and give you a follow.

Make sure that you stick within the realms of your target audience as much as possible. It’s kinda pointless to waste your time liking photos posted by people who never going to interact with you!

Get Commenting Too

Liking is really easy. Commenting requires a bit more work on your part – a bit more effort. But you should be prepared to put in as much effort as possible, as you look to build your brand.

Commenting on other people’s photos is a great way to get yourself seen by other people. And the more you comment, the more you’ll be seen.

When you do comment, make sure that your comments are always positive, cheery and friendly.

And always avoid getting into heated discussions with people. It will totally ruin your brand.

Tag Relevant Users

If you’ve just posted something you think a certain someone will like, don’t be afraid of tagging them. They’ll appreciate it. And they might appreciate it so much that they share it.

Share Things People Can Actually Relate To

Whenever you post something to your Instagram page, you always have to think about your social media.

Is this image something they will like?

Is it something they can relate to?

Photos that have a universal theme – ergo, something we can all relate to – are much more popular than photos that may have a lot of relevance to the poster, but which have pretty much zero relevance to 99% of Instagram users.

Before you start posting images, establish who your audience is and define what they want to see from you.

Host Contests

People love a good contest on social media. When the prize is something awesome they can’t wait to get their hands on, people are more than willing to share your contest if it improves their own chances of winning.

A contest is easily one of the best ways to improve your traffic, following and likes. Contests work on Facebook, twitter and also on Instagram.

It’s so easy to create your own contest. All you have to do is take a fab picture, add some eye-catching captions and relevant hashtags, and then let people know there is an ace contest going on over here!

Post As Often As You Want

Worried that people might get annoyed if you post too much? Don’t be. There is no evidence which suggests that people are turned off by frequent posts.

Make Your Bio Cool

There is nothing worse than an uncompleted bio section on Instagram. But a really uncool bio that confuses people is a close second.

Your bio needs to be short, punchy, engaging and to the point.

And it needs to tell people exactly what it is that you do.

Make sure it’s easy for people to check your page and understand straight away what you’re all about.

Establish Yourself As An Authority Figure

If you want to establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject (and establishing yourself as an authority is a great thing to do if you want more followers and likes) a neat trick is to use the word “professional” in your profile.

For example if you’re a photographer, you could say that you’re a “professional photographer.”

It’s a powerful word that can make all the difference when people are forming an impression of you.

Use CTA’s

CTA’s (calls to action) are essential in marketing.

At the end of each piece of sales copy, the marketer will let the reader know what they want them to do next. For example, they might say “shoot me an email for more information.”

You’ll have seen CTA’s across the Internet. Most websites have them. And you can should use them on social media.

All you need to do is say something like “Guys!! Let me know what you think of this in the comments!”

It’s simple, it’s easy. And it’s effective.

Don’t be vague with your CTAs. If you want your audience to do something, let them know exactly what it is you want them to do.

Do you have other tips on how to get more followers and likes on Instagram?

Stay beautiful!

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