10 Small Changes That Will Influence Your Lifelong Success

Most of us want lifelong success. But as well as wanting it, we also still like to hold on to some bad habits that are actually preventing us from achieving lifelong success.

In life, there are so many things that can prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. There are many things we do that, though we may not realise it, are actually really counterproductive. You see, success is one of those things that doesn’t come just with a little bit of work; it takes dedication, determination, hard work and sacrifice.

So let’s take a look at the 10 small changes you need to make that will ultimately influence your lifelong success.

Stop Thinking Solely About The Future

A lot of us are daydreamers who enjoy thinking about our future success. We sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and smile whimsically as we picture the wealth, happiness, joyful events, and so on.

It’s nice to dream about the future and the good things that success brings. But it can easily lead to too much dreaming. It’s time to quit thinking about the future, and start acting NOW.

There is no time like the present. Your future will always be there, but the present will not. Make the most of it, use it.

Stop Taking “No” As “NO!”

When you’ve got little experience with what it takes to be a success, it’s very easy to make the easy mistakes. So when someone says “No” to you, you take it literally and back down. You have to try and explore another avenue instead. Humph.

If you want lifelong success, you need to learn to stop taking “No” at face value. If you accepted every single rejection without bartering, you’d get nowhere. You would never achieve your dreams. “No” often means “do it another way” or “come back again tomorrow”. You need to haggle with people and convince them that you’re the right person for them.

Start Bringing Your Work Home

This can be taken literally, but it doesn’t have to be. Essentially, successful people tend to work more hours than the average Joe. They sometimes work 18 hours a day, and they often work weekends. To be a success, you need that kind of work ethic and drive.

But you also need to treat your home life in the same way you would treat your life at work. This means that you need to get organised at home, and work on situations that are currently letting you down. Success starts at home, so if you can get your personal life right, you can get your work life right.

Ask For Help

One of the problems with hunting down success is that we wrongly believe that we really should be invincible. After all, aren’t all successful people invincible, mighty, infallible and always right?

Well, no.

The thing is, you don’t know everything, so it’s time to stop pretending that you do. Instead, you should start asking other people for help. Asking others to get on board and help you is a sign of strength; you are displaying honesty and intelligence, and you are welcoming on board more ideas.

Start Embracing Failure

One of the prime reasons why some of us don’t bother to even try being successful is that we’re terrified of failing. We’ve been taught that failure means you can’t do something, and that it’s game over. It’s time to try something less difficult. Failure is a sign of weakness and a lack of talent.

But this is totally untrue. Failure is the exact opposite; it is a teacher that is here to help you learn and grow. All successful people have failed at some point, but they have used their failures to help them iron out their mistakes and come back stronger the second time around. That’s what you need to start doing.

Be More Productive With Your Time

Being more productive with your time really is often a case of making a few small adjustments to your daily routine.

If you made a list of the things you did today, you would probably discover that way too much of your time was spent idly flicking through your phone to check your social media accounts. This is wasted time.

To help you plan a more productive day, you should create a to-do list. You can also read an online productivity hack that will help you to budget your time better. There are many strategies out there for being more productive, and you need to make the most of them. Enhanced productivity really is the key to a more successful life.

Start Setting Goals

Goal-setting is important for you right now. If you have no goal, you have no vision and no direction. You might be trying to be successful, but you’ll be wondering around in the dark, opening up the wrong doors.

Goals will give you something to work towards, and you need to create both short term and long term goals.

Be More Flexible

If you’ve tried this success thing before but failed, it may have been because your Plan A didn’t work. Perhaps you wanted to patent a certain product, only to find that nobody wanted it. In a huff, you ditched it, swore that the world doesn’t know what it’s missing, and returned to your old job.

You need to be more flexible. If something doesn’t work, tweak it. change your method. Ask for feedback and listen to it. Never stick to a rigid plan.

You Need To Take More Risks

You might not be a risk-loving person. Perhaps you’ve always played it safe because you were taught to play it safe.

Without risks, success will be very hard to come by. Achieving success takes grit and determination, but it also requires you to leap out of your comfort zone now and then.

Wake Up Earlier

There are numerous lifestyle changes you need to make for lifelong success. As well as adjusting your diet (such as eating less fatty food that fogs your brain), you should start waking up earlier.

If you get out of bed nice and early, you’ve got more hours in the day to accomplish things. As well as this, waking up earlier than everyone else will help you to feel amazing because you know that, while everyone is still snoozing, you’re one step ahead of them.

Stay happy!

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