All success stories started with a dream. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to set dreams and goals the right way for success.

It’s hard to achieve success if you don’t have clear goals. Goals and dreams are what motivate us, give us purpose and direction – something to move towards. Without them, our life might stagnate or even go backwards as we get lost in the dark. Dreams and goals give us focus; they help us to see the bigger picture. Instead of chasing instant, short-term rewards, we start looking at the long-term. We make decisions based on our goals, which helps to keep us moving forward.

Once you’re sure of your goals and dreams, you have a higher purpose in life. On the days when others quit or stall, you keep going because you are so sure of your destiny. However, moving beyond mere dreaming and setting concrete goals is not easy. If it was, we’d all have goals, and we’d all be achieving success. This is clearly not the case. Let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to set goals and achieve them.

Be Specific

A dream becomes a goal when it becomes realistic, measurable – and specific. “I’d love to live in California someday,” is a dream. For many of us, it’s a wistful, wishful thought. It only becomes a goal once you become specific. For example, you could say that it’s your goal to move into a house-share in Santa Monica by the end of 2018. You’re now being more specific and this is one of useful tips on how to set goals and achieve them. You’ve got a deadline, and something much more concrete. Or, let’s say you want to lose weight. Saying “I want to lose weight” is no good. That won’t get you anywhere. You need to be more specific: “My goal is to lose two pounds by November.”

Set Smaller Goals

Okay, so you want to move to California by the end of 2018. You’ve been more specific, which is helpful. But you’ve still no idea how you’re going to make this dream come true. To give you a better chance of realising a dream, you need to set a series of smaller goals that will help you achieve your one major goal, it’s another good tip on how to set goals and achieve them that many successful people use. If you main goal is to live in California, your smaller goals could be work-based, and financial-based. Perhaps you could aim to save X amount of money each month. Perhaps you could aim to be working two jobs by the end of 2017. And if it’s your goal to move into a house share in California, make finding housemates a goal for 2018.

Make It Something You Are Passionate About

You’ll find it very hard to achieve success if your goal isn’t even something you care about. Your goals MUST align with your passions. Steve Jobs said that we should do what we love, and this is so true. If your goals are not related to your passions, however can you expect them to keep inspiring and motivating you? Spend some time thinking about what inspires you in life. What would motivate you and get you out of bed, even on the days when you’d probably rather just lie in all day?


This is one of the most powerful tips on how to set goals and achieve them. We often hear that successful people envisioned their success and achievements before they happened. Is it true that what we picture really can come true? Of course! Your brain – as powerful as it is – can easily be tricked and manipulated. If you started to truly picture success without actually having achieved it, your brain won’t know the difference. You’ll have to go really in depth with this one. Feel success. Imagine what it will feel like. Picture it intensely, and notice the effect it has on you. The more clearly you can picture yourself attaining your dreams and goals, the easier it will be to achieve success.

Ask For Help

Why do all this alone when other talented people are willing to help you? If things get tough and you start to struggle, don’t be afraid to reach out to others and ask for help and advice.

Review Your Goals Each Week

Imagine what would happen if we set goals and then didn’t review them each week (or even each day)? We’d forget all about them! Either that or we’d lose track of where we’re up to. Before we know it, the year will be over, we’ll have missed our deadline – and we’ll still be a million miles away from achieving our goals. So another great tip on how to set goals and achieve them is to review your goals regularly, it is so important if you’re to stay on top of them. It will sure you how far you’ve come – which will make you feel great – and what you need to do next week in order to stay on track.

Remember That Failure Is Not The End

There might come a time on your journey when you think you’ve failed. At this point, you might want to give up. But remember that failure is just a teacher that helps us to learn what not to do. There is no such thing as failure – there are just results and lessons.

Form Habits

Another great tip on how to set goals and achieve them is to form good habits. What is a habit? A habit is something we do over and over again. There are good habits – such as eating fruit each morning – and bad ones, such as smoking. Let’s say your goal is to write a novel within 12 months. To make this happen, you need to form a writing habit of, say, writing 1,000 words each day. That might sound like a lot at first, but the more you do it, the more the habit will stick.

Be Realistic

We all want to dream big. But unless a dream is realistic enough for you to achieve, it will always remain pure fantasy. There are dreams some of just can’t accomplish. If you’re already 24 and 5’8”, you’ll be in the NBA. That dream has gone. To give yourself the best chance of achieving your dreams, make your goals realistic.

Keep Going

Our last tip on how to set goals and achieve them is to simply keep going, because no one who gave up reached their dreams. Winners are those who persist and keep going, despite the setbacks and despite the odds. If you can fight harder than everyone else, you can achieve your dreams.

Do you have other tips on how to set goals and achieve them to share? 

Stay happy!

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