10 Success Tips From Tony Robbins For Using Your Full Potential

Want to learn how to turn your life around and go from zero to hero? Join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at 10 tips from Tony Robbins for using your full potential.

Tony Robbins is one of the most famous and successful life coaches in the world. He’s coached all kinds of superstars, including tennis legend Andre Agassi, and he’s interviewed some of the worlds most powerful leaders, such as George W. Bush.

The amount of knowledge he’s absorbed from mega-successful people is incredible. Add to that the sheer amount of books he’s read and the things he’s experienced in his own life, and it becomes clear that Tony is one of the best people to listen to if you want to unleash your own potential. If you want to dive more deeply into what Tony Robbins has to say on the subject of potential and living life on your own terms, check out his books. For now, let’s take a look at 10 of his most powerful success tips.

Develop A Routine

You might like to think you’re a spontaneous person, and that routines are boring. But people who make daily plans are those who achieve success. Routines ensure we get stuff done, and they also prime us for each tasks. For example, practising gratitude first thing in the morning, before taking a cold shower, eating a hearty breakfast and watching a 30 minute educational video is an excellent routine that prepares you for the day ahead.

Take Care Of Your Health

Tony Robbins is a ball of energy. He knows that to maintain his insanely high levels of energy, he must stay healthy. Health is number one. If you have your health, the amount you can achieve in life is unlimited. When you’re putting the right food and drink into your body, you have more energy and can thus do more. Drink lots of water, and eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes.

Whatever You Choose To Focus On, That’s Where Your Energy Goes

This is one of those success tips that sounds so simple when we put it like this. We all know that whatever we focus on, that’s where our energy goes. D’oh!  But what many of us don’t realise is that we’re focusing on the wrong things. If you’re spending all your time on coming up with excuses as to why you can’t do something, you will amplify that limiting belief. You won’t even give yourself a chance to try something.

Successful people, on the other hand, are laser-focused on trying, on giving something a go. In other words, they’re focused on success – the right things. Ask yourself where your focus has been recently. Where is it right now? And where should it be? Remember that what you choose to focus on is what guides your decisions, and thus your outcomes. Start focusing on the things that truly matter.

Be Prepared To Change

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

     – Tony Robbins

A lot of people are afraid to change. But unless you change, destiny won’t ever be in your hands. Until we become conscious that our habits, values and choices can be changed, we will live a life we’ve been conditioned to live. The thoughts you’ve had all your life are conditioned thoughts. Until you realise this, you won’t ever be able to commit to forging your own destiny.

Be Passionate

Passion is what spurs people on to create awesome value for others. It’s what drives us to stay up late, working on our dreams until the early hours. Find what you are passionate about and let it lift you up.

Focus On The Results

Following on from the tip above, this one is simple – but potentially life-changing. Have you ever drawn up a list of things you need to do for the day? We all have. We call it a to-do list. So many of us are so focused on the activities that we cross things off on our list without giving a second thought to how well we did each one. Imagine if you knew the results of everything you did during a day? When you know what your results are, you can then find ways of tweaking your performance. For example, instead of saying “I need to write today”, be more specific. Pick a word count. Then, measure how long it took you to achieve that word count. Did you nail a thousand words in one hour, two hours, three hours? If it took you three hours to write a thousand words, you know your results. You can then tweak your performance tomorrow so that you write a thousand words in just two hours. Remember, we can’t make any improvements unless we know what our results are.


The biggest obstacle to you unleashing your potential is a lack of commitment. Your potential is dying to explode. Are you ready to commit? This is one of the important success tips.

Figure Out Your Values

Values are so important to us, because they ultimately shape our destiny. How? Each decision we make, we make in accordance with our values. For example, a man might be incredibly upset with his cheating wife. But if forgiveness is one of his top values, he’ll forgive her without question. Most people aren’t aware of what their values are. When it comes to making big decisions, we can’t make our minds up! Figure out your values. Spend some time writing down what matters most to you. From then on, each decision you make will be in accordance with your values, and you will begin to shape a destiny you want to shape.

Raise Your Standards

Once you raise the standards in anything in life, you’re setting out what you will and will not tolerate. At the moment, there might be things you tolerate that are bringing you down and preventing you from unleashing your full potential. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Say “I will not stand for this anymore!” and see where it gets you. It could be anything, from people being late to showering three times a day.

Learn From Experts

Tony Robbins is a voracious reader of biographies. Why? Because he knows that the best way to master anything is to learn from those who have already achieved success in our field. Learn their habits, behaviours and mindsets – and adopt them. Do exactly as they do.

What are your favourite success tips?

Stay happy!

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