10 Success Tips From Brian Tracey

Want to know what it takes to be successful? Join us as we take a look at 10 success tips from Brian Tracey.

Who better to learn about success than from those who have already been there and done it? Whatever you want to achieve in life, the easiest way to accomplish it is to find people who have already accomplished it and see what you can learn from them. You’ll find that most successful people – from sports stars to entrepreneurs – have written down their tips for enjoying the success they’ve had.

Brian Tracey is a mentor, a personal development guru, an author – and a hugely successful individual. He’s written numerous books on the subjects of success, leadership, effectiveness and more. When it comes to learning about how to win, there are fewer smarter, more experienced people to learn from. One of the great things about Brian Tracey is that he shoots from the hip. His writing style is concise and to-the-point. You instantly know exactly what he’s getting at because he knows what he’s talking about. He offers lots of practical value that you can execute immediately, too. Rather than just say a few empty superlatives to gee people up and get them motivated, he actually explains how to do things. If you want to learn more from Brian Tracey and have him as a mentor of-sorts, check out his books. For now, let’s take a look at 10 of his best tips for success.

Learn From The Best

Want to know how best to do something? Learn from the best. Pick up their biographies, listen to their podcasts, go to their seminars. If it worked for them, there is no reason it can’t work for you, too.

Pick The Right Friends

Always hang out with people who will improve you, and avoid those who are interested in keeping you at their level. Find people who have already achieved more than you, and feed off their positivity and success.

Analyse Your Self-Image

“We will always tend to fulfil our own expectations of ourselves.” What do you expect of yourself? If you expect to fail at something, that’s what will happen. Ever said to someone, “Oh, what’s the point of trying? I’ll only fail anyway,”? Many of us talk like this. We create this expectations of ourselves, and then live up to them. Perhaps we say that we’re always awkward at parties. So when the next party comes around, we fulfil that expectation and be awkward. It’s the same when other people have expectations of us. We start to believe those expectations – we conform to them. However, you can change your own self-image. First, you need to identify what your current one is, and then you need to pick a new one you’d like. Then, by a series of daily affirmations (“I do not owe anyone anything” “I am a strong, confident person”) and actions, you can eventually trick your mind into believing that you are a new, different person.

Manage Your Time Better

Successful people generally don’t turn up late, they don’t miss deadlines, and they don’t run out of hours in a day. Why? Because they’re good at time management. Your time is precious. Manage it better and you’ll find that your productivity rockets.

Create Better Habits

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”

People have good habits, and people have bad habits. Successful people still have bad habits (we all do). But they have way more good ones. Habits are what we do each and every do. Over the course of a few years, habits are what have got us into the position we’re in. Take a look at your habits. Creating new, better habits – such as waking up earlier at the weekends, cutting out alcohol, eating fresh fruit each day – takes work and effort. Be prepared to forge new habits, but be even more prepared to work hard in order to make them stick.

Be Positive

Can you do it? Yes. Leave no room for doubt. Fail and get back on the horse immediately.

Focus Only On What Will Add Value To Your Life

If you’ve ever listened to successful people talk, it’s clear that they’re only focused on things that will add value to their lives. They know that, if they focus on negative, harmful stuff, it will only drag them down. The key to success is laser-focus on that what is useful. What’s going to help you get closer to your goals today? Focus on this and eliminate the rest. Remember, you are not your thoughts – but what you choose to focus on and let into your life is ultimately what defines you.

Set Goals

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.”

When someone say to you, “I feel lost. I feel like life is passing me by, and I don’t know what to do,” what would you say to them? What you should say is that they need to set some goals. You should take heed of your own advice. Goals give us direction, purpose and they motivate us to take action. Without goals, life is what happens to us.

Think Like A Successful Person

You might not consider yourself to be a successful person just yet, but thinking like one and adopting their habits is ultimately what can help turn you into one. Develop the behaviours of a successful person. Share their mindset. Act like a winner.

Ask Yourself Questions

At the end of each week, you should perform a little self-analysis to work out what went right over the last seven days – and what went wrong. Ask yourself what did you do well, what did you do badly, and what would you do differently. Come up with your own questions that will help to make the following week better.

Stay happy!

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