10 Small money saving tips you need to know about

Saving money is nowhere near as difficult as some people think, especially if you start by looking at the many small ways that you can save on your costs. Individually, the small savings you can make may not look all that much, but when you add them all up, you could easily save hundreds, if not thousands, of your annual budget. The beauty of saving a penny here, and a penny there, is that you don’t have to make any big sacrifices in your standard of living. If you want to cut back on your spending, check out these ten really easy money saving tips.

1. Read e-books

If you are an avid reader, then you will know all too well how expensive it can be buying brand new books from the bookstore. It’s much cheaper if you buy the latest bestseller in e-book format and download it to read. You don’t even need to buy an e-reader, you can get free software that will let you read e-books on your computer.

2. Spend a little bit more, to save a lot

Sometimes you do have to spend more to save in the long run. A cheap pair of shoes might wear out in a few months, but a good quality pair will last you for years. Think about the disposable items that you buy, like razors, as well, because the more expensive ones will probably save you money overall.

3. Buy gifts all year round

Another one of good money saving tips is to keep an eye out for gifts all year round and snap up deals when you see them. Kid’s toys, for example, are always much cheaper in January than they are in the run up to Christmas. Look out for birthday gifts all year round as well, and then you won’t be last minute buying all the time. If you grab gift bargains when you see them, you can build up a little stockpile of gifts, so you are ready for any occasion.

4. Shop in discount stores

Those discount stores that you pass on by are actually selling many of the brands that you pay twice as much for at your local supermarket. There is nothing wrong with the products sold in the discount stores and they are not out of date. They are usually just end of line products that big name manufacturers want to sell quickly.

5. Turn off electric lights

Most of us have got better at conserving energy, but can you really say that you always switch off the lights when you leave a room? Get into the habit of only having the lights on in the room when you are in and it will knock some money off your electricity bill. Switch off things like the TV at night, because leaving it on standby all night will waste power as well.

6. Repair things rather than buying replacements

We have all become a bit blaze about throwing things away when they could be repaired. Shoes can be re-heeled, washing machines can be mended, and cell phones can be fixed. So one of good money saving tips is: if something breaks down, don’t just go out and buy a new one, check first to see if it wouldn’t be cheaper to get it mended.

7. Grow your own herbs

This is another one of fabulous money saving tips. Even if you don’t have a garden you can still grow some of your own food. You grow herbs in a window box, or in the kitchen and that will save you a bit of money every year. Herbs are really easy to grow and they taste so much better when they are really fresh too. If you do have a garden, you could even think about turning some of it over to growing vegetables and save some more money that way.

8. Go back to your natural hair colour

Have you ever considered how much it is costing you a year getting highlights and dyeing your hair? If you went back to your natural hair colour you would probably save quite a lot of money over the course of a whole year.

9. Don’t waste food

One skill that has been lost over the years is that of making a meal from leftovers. Huge amounts of food are wasted every single year when food that is perfectly edible, is just thrown away. Take a leaf out of your grandma’s book and look up recipes for stews and casseroles that you could use to turn the last few vegetables in your refrigerator into a tasty meal.

10. Buy a water filter

Another one of great money saving tips is to buy a water filter. You may not like the taste of the water that comes out of your tap and you may not completely trust what might be in it, but using bottled water is an expense that you could easily avoid. It would be much more cost effective, and better for the environment, if you bought yourself a water filter and started to drink filtered tap water.

What are your favourite money saving tips?

Stay happy!

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