10 Reasons you are a success, even if it doesn’t feel like it

Do you consider yourself successful? We all feel like we’ve failed sometimes and things just don’t seem to be going our way, that’s just a natural part of the ups and downs of life. Sometimes, though, we are more of a success than we think we are; we simply haven’t realised it yet. You don’t have to be rolling money to be successful; there are many other signs that you are doing well, so read these ten reasons you are a success, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

1. You are no longer afraid to ask for help, when you need it

When you have reached a stage that you realise you can’t do everything on your own, then that is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Success teaches you that the best things are achieved by teams, not by individuals.

2. You don’t hold on to things that make you feel bad

Another sign that you are making the most of life is that you know how to let go of things that make you unhappy. You have the strength and the wisdom to seek out the things that you like and you have learned to love yourself, just as much as you love other people.

3. You don’t try to change what can’t be changed

Being able to accept the things that you can’t change is a sign that you have become a well-rounded person. What you can change, however, is the way that you perceive situations by looking for the positive at all times.

4. You understand that failure is an opportunity

You can’t expect never to have setbacks, they happen to everyone. You are making a success of your life as a whole, though, when you realise that failures are just the stepping stones to success.

5. You love who you see in the mirror

Simple contentment with who you are is another sign that your life is a success. OK. Anyone can have a bad hair day, but most of all, you are happy with the person that you have become.

6. You are pleased when other people succeed

You don’t envy other people, when you are happy with your own lot. Quite the opposite, in fact, you are happily applauding other people’s success and sharing in their celebration.

7. You have plenty of things to look forward to

You are happier looking forward than you will be looking back and that is because you believe that the future has great things in store for you. Successful people have goals and ambitions and you know that there is always something amazing to look forward to.

8. You have high standards

You have high standards, both for yourself, and in what you expect from others. You like to behave well yourself and you dislike bad manners. It’s a sign that you have matured in your outlook and are comfortable in your own skin.

9. You are passionate about things

People that are making a success of life are usually those who have passions that they pursue. These could be hobbies, their work or good causes that hey support. Whatever it is, you feel that you have something to give the world and you are determined to give it.

10. You are happy

You can’t judge a successful person by their bank balance, there is a lot more to it than that. A happy person is one who is content and who enjoys themselves, whatever material possessions they do, or do not have.

Stay happy!

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