10 Must Have Tools Of Successful And Highly Effective People

Successful people generally do things a bit differently to everyone else. They have their life nailed down in such a way that they’re more efficient and more effective. For example, they have an established morning routine that turbocharges their day, diet plans that give them energy, as well as a library of books that keep their minds ticking.

And in 2016, they also use a variety of tools that enhance their chances of success. From productivity apps to project management apps, successful and highly effective people are increasingly taking advantage of tools that have been designed to promote efficiency. And the best thing? Anyone can use them!

Including YOU.

Let’s take a look at the 10 must-have tools of successful and highly effective people.


Having trouble staying focused? Can’t fight the tiredness? Forest can help.

This tool gets you focused on the task at hand for as long as you want.

The premise is intriguing: You plant a tree (not a real one – a virtual one!). If you touch your phone during the timer you’ve set to get something done, the tree will die – and it’ll be your fault!

So, if you wanna stay focused and not kill trees, give this tool a go.


XMind is a mind mapping tool – and one of the best and most popular of its kinds on the market today. It didn’t previously come with the Cloud, but now it does, and this improves its usability and usefulness.

XMind is quick, and it makes it super easy to synch up your files across PC’s and Macs, allowing you to view and adjust your mind maps in the comfort of your own browser.

XMind comes with a feature called Idea Factory, a brainstorming mode which helps you to come up with elusive ideas. It’s pretty to look at, and boasts over sixty-thousand colourful icons that are designed to enhance your thought process, as well as your productivity.

Essentially, XMind allows you to lean more. This boosts your efficiency, which means you get more done. Perfect.

Get S*it Done!

Whenever motivation eludes us, we need a helping hand. Successful and highly effective people turn to motivation apps like the fun and awesome Get S*it Done!

This tool will essentially become your personal coach who makes darn sure you get stuff done. Sometimes it will scream at you, but you have to remember that it’s always got your best interests at heart!

Using it is easy: You just set a main goal goal, deadline, a series smaller goals, a reward for when you achieve the goal and a punishment for when you don’t – and then you get started.

CloudMagic Email

Ever fancied having your emails all in one place? Well, you can if you download the CloudMail Email app.

This popular tool supports numerous email accounts, such as Exchange, giving you the chance to login to everything at the same time – in the same place. Rifling through all your emails has never been this easy.

The tool also includes numerous synch settings, as well as calendar support, and a few productivity plugging, too.

Perhaps its best feature is that the app lets you sign into your CloudMail Email on any Android device.

RealTime Board

If you’re the kind of professional who sifts through dozens of emails each day, this tool could prove to be a life saviour.

According to research, the average office worker spends too much time wading through emails. RealTime Board makes your life easier by reducing the amount of time you spend searching through hundreds upon hundreds of emails each day, preventing you from getting lost in never-ending email chains.

Essentially, RealTime Board acts as a digital replacement for the traditional office whiteboard. It’s easy to use and free to download.


If you’ve checked out any productivity apps in the last few years, you’ll have heard of EverNote, an app that is popular with all kinds of successful people, including NASA employees.

So what does it do? Basically, EverNote is a productivity tool that is packed with a wealth of awesome features, such as offline support, cross-platform support, and the ability to sync between devices.

The basic version is free, but you will need to pay up to $49.99 per year for the premium version.


Forming good habits is not easy. As many of you know, adopting a smart, healthy new diet is easy for the first three days, but turning it into a habit? SO hard.

HabitBull helps the good habits stick, while ensuring you kick the bad ones.


If you own a small business and want to see an injection of productivity across your team, MarketCircle is a neat little tool that will give you the chance to do just that while improving sales.

A business app made for the iPad, iPhone and Mac, it comes with a no-risk free trial – but wee’re gonna guess that most of you who try it will end up paying for it, because it’s just so useful. You can use MarketCircle to schedule your meetings, manage customer relations, take care of your projects, sales, emails – and much much more.

The ultimate goal here is to boost your businesses productivity, which in turn will boost your sales.


One of the problems highly effective people don’t face is retaining their team’s interest in a project. For the rest of us, keeping a team from losing interest is a common issue. Aside from your usual motivation tactics, you can now use BaseCamp to solve the problem.

BaseCamp helps you to better manage and organise your products. You can use it to manage numerous chats and emails across a group project, as well as a whole lot more.

The tool is actually twelve years old, and well over one-hundred-thousand companies and successful individuals are currently using it. Why? Because it sorts out flagging efficiency and productivity.


Some of us are natural-born team players. Some of us, however, are not. And for those of us who aren’t, working in a team is difficult, especially when contrasting personalities are thrust together.

Trello is a tool that can help. A digital whiteboard of-sorts, it lets you create cards and lists that help you to get organised quicker than before.

You can also use this tool to prioritise your projects. But the best thing? It’s actually a lot fun.

Stay happy!

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