10 Important things successful people do every day

Have you ever wanted to be more successful in life, but not known how to go about it? Well, there’s no magic formula that will help you achieve your ambitions and you certainly won’t do it by sitting around just dreaming about success all day. The good news, though, is that you are not born a success or a failure, you are what you make yourself and, today, there are very few barriers to success, other than those you put in the way yourself. So what is the difference between a highly successful person and a person who just dreams of being a success? It turns out that, it’s not what they know, or even who they know. The real difference is the discipline that successful people impose on themselves, their will to succeed, and the habits that they adopt, every single day of their lives. So read on and find ten things that successful people do every day.

1. They wake up early in the morning

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”, and it seems that most successful people through the generations have followed that mantra. There is no doubt that there is something special about the early hours of the morning. You feel more creative, more alert and no one else is around, so you don’t get interruptions. An early morning start, once you get used it, really can make a massive difference to how well you perform for the rest of the day.

2. They take care of their health

However busy they get, successful people will still always find time for some exercise. They know that a healthy body really does equal a healthy mind, so they take regular exercise and they eat healthy foods. When asked how he improves his own productivity, Richard Brandon told an interviewer that he works out.

3. They set, and they keep, their work-life boundaries

Successful people put aside some time, every day, to be with their loved ones. They understand that their pursuit of success is for the benefit of their entire family and not an end in itself. They will keep strict boundaries between work and play and they will always leave time to be with the people in their lives that are important to them.

4. They visualise success

You have to know here you are going, if you want to get there, and successful people carry the vision of their goals with them, every day. They think through their day before they even start, and they visualise the outcomes that they are aiming for, from every meeting, every phone call and every email they send.

5. They network and build relationships

Successful people also know the benefits of networking and they work hard on building relationships with other people every day. They are as willing to help other people, as they are to receive help and advice, and they work to build strong, long lasting relationships and to build an effective network of friends and associates.

6. They keep notes and to-do lists

People who make a success of their lives never leave anything to chance and they don’t even trust their memory. They keep notes of meetings, discussions and agreements they make and they write out a daily to-do list, so they never forget anything. Successful people are also often avid daily journal keepers. Keeping a journal helps them to clarify the day’s events in their mind and prepare a plan for the following day.

7. They take regular breaks

It’s a well-known fact that taking breaks improves productivity throughout the day. Just ten minutes, every hour or so, can help a person concentrate better on what they are doing and keep them focused for longer. Successful people know that if you try to work without any breaks, you burn out early and get a lot less done.

8. They don’t shy away from tackling the big stuff

If they have a complex or a difficult task on their to-do list, then that will be the first one they tackle. Successful people know that, if they put it off, it will only be on their mind all day and that will make them less effective at completing their other tasks.

9. They eat properly

From a good breakfast in the morning, through lunch to a proper evening meal, successful people know the importance of the fueling their mind. Don’t believe that “Lunch is for wimps” nonsense; that was only a line from a movie. The real life successful people always eat at least three proper meals a day.

10. They enjoy themselves

The successful people just couldn’t do what they do, if they didn’t love doing it. Whether they are professional athletes, business magnates, or most successful fundraiser for a charity, they enjoy what they do and that is what gives them the drive to succeed.

Stay happy and healthy!

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