10 Important Things Only Adventurous People Can Understand

Life can be an adventure, but only if you let it. If the idea of life as a roller coaster that has the potential to take-off at any moment fills you with fear, it might be high time that you took a look at our list of 10 important things only an adventurous person can understand. A daily dose of adventure can go a long way to a more fulfilling life.

1. They Know They Have To Seize The Day

Ever heard the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem” bandied around? Translated into English, it means ‘seize the day.’ Ergo, you’ve got to grab hold of life and make your own destiny!

If an opportunity comes along, such as a job offer in a foreign country, adventurous people don’t just sit around hesitating until someone else comes along and takes the job from under their nose. They seize the opportunity, accept the job, and move abroad! They take chances, and they don’t waist a single second of their life.

2. They Recognise That Barriers Are Within

Returning back to that job offer in a foreign country, what are your barriers? What’s stopping you from taking it?

Different language? New challenge!

You’ll have to make new friends? Pish. That’s the exciting bit.

You’re allergic to foreign countries? Come on, now you’re just making silly excuses.

The things that hold us back – barriers – are actually part of our personal makeup. Fear and anxiety. These things are not physical barriers, they’re purely mental and often illusional. Adventurous people know this, and they have learned to thrive on their fear and overcome it.

3. They Don’t Listen To Sceptics

The worst thing about being an unadventurous person who is trying to be more adventurous is that you’re surrounded by fellow unadventurous people who are trying to discourage you from undertaking your new ventures or from even trying new things.

They’ll put doubt in your mind. They’ll say, “Why do you want to go to the Chilean mountains when you can just stay at home and watch Netflix? It’s warmer here. Come on, I’ll make us a coffee and we’ll hear no more about those Chilean mountains. Okay? Come on now, this is where you belong. With us. FOREVER.”

This is what you don’t want to hear. Adventurous people hear it too, but they’ve learned that it’s necessary to ignore such staid advice. That’s what you need to do too. Remember that we only live once, and the only regrets you can have in the future is about opportunities and chances that you’ve never taken.

4. They Know That New Friends Are To Be Found Everywhere

Adventurous folk have no qualms about seeing the world because they know that new friends are to be found in each and every corner of the world. They strike up conversations in the Peruvian mountains or in the Floridian Everglades. They learn about local cultures, meet fascinating people, and they even meet folk who totally change their lives.

Adventurous people know that each and every friend you will ever make is not all those 211 found on your Facebook. They are out there in the real world. After all, some people don’t even have Facebook! (I know, right?)

5. They’re Willing To Try Anything

Okay, perhaps not anything, although there are some adventurous people who are willing to try pretty much everything. But adventurous people understand that it’s fair game to want to try most things at least once. It’s what being adventurous is all about! After all, if you’ve never tried something, how do you know you won’t love it?

6. They Know That Failure Happens

You think the world’s richest entrepreneurs got where they are without ever failing? Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Ariana Huffington; they all failed at some point or another. They all suffered setbacks, but they knew that setbacks would happen. They were prepared for them, and they saw setbacks as a chance to learn something new and to make improvements.

For adventurous people, failure is something that just happens. Therefore, they take the risks. They account for mistakes and setbacks and they take gambles. Unadventurous people, on the other hand, shy away from risks. They switch the TV on and hide away. Boring.

7. They Know How To Deal With Loneliness

Yes, loneliness is a terrible affliction. We hate it. But loneliness sometimes happens to us all, and adventurous have the strength of mind to overcome it. For example, if they have to travel across America alone, they’ll think of a way to make it less lonely. They’ll hitchhike and meet all kinds of interesting characters.

If they’re to move to another country, they’ll make an effort to learn the language. If they can’t do that, they’ll be content with who they are. They’ll use their imagination to make things work out for them. Perhaps they’ll people-watch and write stories. That chap in the funny hat and the limp – they’ll make up a story about him and entertain themselves! They’ll do this because they have a sense of adventure.

8. They Know That Life Has Got Their Back

Adventurous people probably do get a little nervous, but ultimately they have total confidence in the cosmos to help them out. Life can occasionally go wrong, but when adventurous people are out there climbing mountains or diving out of airplanes, they do so for the thrill. But they also do it because they know that life has got them covered.

9. They Believe In Their Dreams

Unadventurous people have dreams but they don’t really believe in them enough to commit to them. They want to make movies, but they stick around their office job for 20 years because they don’t really believe enough in their dreams.

Adventurous people are totally the opposite, and they know the true value of having dreams – and they know that, with effort and determination, they really can come true.

10. They Believe In The Power Of Mother Nature

Nature is this awesome, majestic creation that can hypnotise us and overwhelm us. It can restore our equilibrium, sooth our souls and provide us with inspiration. Nature is worth far more to our lives than another trip to the cinema, and if you’re an adventurous person you will know the true joy that lies within the heart of nature.

Stay happy!

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