20 Of The Most Popular New Years Resolutions

Despite it having an air of finality about it, many of us look forward to the New Year.

“You’ll see a new me next year!” we proudly boast to our friends, before waking up with the world’s worst ever hangover on New Years Day.

Yep, such a new us!

But for real, the New Year often represents a chance for us to improve upon what we’ve done over the previous twelve months, make amends, or simply start a afresh. It’s the chance for rebirth and to make some sort of positive change in our lives.

And this is the primary reason why we are a planet who love to make resolutions on New Years.

I’m sure that all of you reading this right now have made a resolution at some point (I’m also certain you’ve broken a few, too!). We’ve all made them. I have, while my best friend makes a about a hundred each year. But what are some of the most popular ones? Let’s take a look!

Lose Weight

Weight loss has probably been a New Years resolution since caveman times when cave women decided that they needed to look good if they were to hold onto their hunky cavemen.

In 2016, it continues to be one of the most popular New Years resolutions.

We are a planet obsessed with our weight, and thanks to the increase in cases of diabetes and heart disease, we are becoming even more concerned about the amount of pounds on our body’s.

New Year always seems like the best time to decree to anyone who’ll listen that we’re going to lose weight. Unfortunately, losing weight is also one of the hardest resolutions to stick to.

Pass the chicken …

Spend Less Time On Social Media

Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to social media. Even my grandma is addicted, and she’s 78. She has no idea why people keep adding her to Facebook but she’s loving it.

But are we spending too much time on social media?

We clearly are, as taking a digital detox is now one of the most popular New Years resolutions.

You don’t need to go to the extreme and say that you’ll quit Facebook forever, but spending less time on social media will definitely give you more time to focus on other things.

Quit Smoking

Anyone who smokes knows that smoking is no good for their health. They’ve all seen the warnings about lung cancer emblazoned on the packets of cigarettes, and they know that tobacco can cause yellow teeth, oral cancer and heavy breathing … yet quitting is just so hard!

In fact, it’s so hard that out of the smokers who make a resolution to quit smoking on New Years, only around 10% will actually last longer than six months.

That’s actually a rather depressing statistic, but you shouldn’t lose hope. Quitting smoking is still a very commendable resolution.

Quit Drinking

It’s easy to wake up on New Years morning with a dreadful hangover and vow to “never ever drink again!”

But we say that every weekend after Stephanie has had us all on the shots since 6PM!

So what suggests that we’re going to stick to this New Years resolution? Not a lot, if I’m honest!

Quitting drinking is a lifestyle choice, and so you need to weigh up the pros and cons before you settle on this resolution. Do you really need to quit drinking altogether, or do you just need to cut down? Moreover, are you not being a bit unrealistic? After all, many peoples’ social lives are centred around drinking, and it can be easy to feel cut off if you give up the vino.

Get Up Earlier

Getting up early is difficult. But if you want to make getting up earlier one of your New Years resolutions, you have to ask yourself why you find it hard to get up earlier.

For a lot of people, it’s because of a lack of drive or motivation. Whatever is out there waiting for them can’t beat their snuggly warm bed.

Finding something that will compel you to get up earlier will make it a lot easier to stick to this resolution.

Find A New Job

After an awful year stuck doing a job we hate, many of us declare that next year we’re definitely going to look for a new one.

This New Years resolution is true of a lot of people. If you ask most people if they are happy with their jobs, they will probably say “not really”.

But who has the motivation and the drive to go out and find a new job?

Unfortunately, time isn’t always on our side, and we invariably stay in the same career for the next twelve months before finally threatening to kill ourselves if we don’t stick to our resolution next time.

Read More

Reading is a respectable pastime, and many of us wish we read more. For this reason, it’s a common New Years resolution.

Unfortunately, despite all our excitement as we buy our first ever book in January, we’re invariably still on page 12 by the time summer swings around. Not only can we not remember any of the characters, we can’t even remember buying the book.

Get Out Of Debt

Money worries are scary, but unfortunately they’re a common part of many peoples’ lives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, lots of people have debts. The worst thing is that they restrict what you can spend and do. You might want to use a part of your wage to treat yourself to a holiday, but you know that you have to settle a debt first.

Do we really want to go another year living like this, without freedom? Nope!

Reducing debt is incredibly liberating. If you’re determined enough, you can do it. It will take a lot of resolve and commitment.

Challenge Misconceptions

A lot of us have misconceptions about the world, and it can prejudice our opinion on things, make us judgmental, and stop us from growing and changing.

Anyone who realises they are too quick to judge and rely on automatic responses all the time, often use the New Year as a chance to start challenging their own misconceptions about the world.

This is actually a really intellectual resolution that is quite easy to keep.

Save Money

Tired of getting to the end of another year with just $200 in your bank account until payday? Many of us are, which is why we resolve to save money next year.

This New Years resolution was actually mine two years ago. I totally failed, and by the end of November I had $47 in savings. Not even joking.

This depressed me so much that I made the same resolution again – only this time I was more determined to see it through. And you know what? By the beginning of the next December, I had savings of over $1,500. It felt awesome.

What I realised was that I never ever wanted to end the year with so little savings again. So I pictured what it would feel like to have a lot of savings. It felt good, and this drove me on to stick to my New Years resolution.

Become A Vegetarian

There are some militant vegans and vegetarians who will tell you that it isn’t hard at all to become a vegetarian.

“You’re not a vegetarian because you just don’t care enough,” they might say.

But it’s actually really hard for a habitual meat eater to make the switch.

Many people who make the New Years resolution to become a vegetarian do it because they want to eat more ethically. They care about animal welfare, and want to stop eating dead animals.

This is certainly a very commendable resolution, but it’s not an easy one to follow through on. It’s something that should be tackled gradually, and you should ween yourself off meat throughout the course of the year.

Learn A New Skill

For some reason, New Years prompts us to want to learn a new skill. My dad once decided he wanted to learn how to cut down trees, while I once had a friend who decided she was going to learn how to sail.

My advice here is to keep things simple, and choose a skill you know you would find useful.

Be More Organised

Okay, this one is SO me, and I think I’ve made this resolution each year.

Better organisation and time management is key to enhanced productivity. The more organised you are, the quicker you get things done.

If you’re like me and don’t know where anything is, you’re not going to be very efficient. You’re going to lose so much time just trying to find something.

Getting organised might not sound as grand as losing weight, but if you’re a seriously disorganised person, it will improve your life significantly.

Take More Risks

Sometimes, we end a year with the regret that we just didn’t take enough risks throughout the previous twelve months. We played it too safe, stayed within our comfort zone, and as such haven’t really made any progress. While our best friend packed up and moved to Australia, we unpacked a pizza and moved to the sofa.

This is an exciting resolution. It isn’t something that we kinda don’t look forward to, such as exercising or losing weight. It’s actually something awesome.

Sure, things can stop us from taking risks, such as money. But sometimes you just have to take the plunge. You only live once.

Work On Our Business Idea

Everyone seems to have a business idea, from your barber to your husband. Why? Because we know that running our own business gives us a bit more freedom than we have when we’re stuck in a 9-5 job.

You can just picture the scene: It’s 1am on New Years Eve, and you’re clinking glasses with your friend, talking about how amazing this year will be because you WILL finally launch your business and make a fortune.

Stop Procrastinating 

People have probably been procrastinating for millennia. You can’t tell me that Plato wouldn’t have been on Facebook when he was supposed to be writing The Republic if he was alive today. It’s human nature to procrastinate.

Procrastination becomes a problem when it starts to seriously affect your life to the point where you’re behind on deadlines and feel stressed. If this sounds like you last year, you might want to make one of the most popular New Years resolutions.

Unless you’re gonna procrastinate about making your resolutions, too!

“I’ll do them next year.”


When we look back on how we spent our year, some of us are stuck by how little we helped others. We spent a lot of time looking after number one, but failed to give anything back.

Christmas is a time for compassion, kindness and giving, and so doing more charity is often a popular New Years resolution.

Travel More

Many of us get the travel bug at New Year, probably because we’re sick and fed up of winter and can’t wait to get to spring. As such, we vow that we’ll take off next year, quit our jobs and see the world.

This is an exciting New Years resolution that really lifts our spirits and gives us something to look forward to. After a few days, however, realty dawns on us and we settle for a week away in Spain. Huh.

Travelling is a bit of an expensive luxury, unless you really can afford to chuck your savings on seeing the world. However, it’s a fun resolution, and one that is nice to make on New Years.

Get A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Tired of being single? Lots of people are, and their unhappiness is often thrust into the spotlight on New Years when they see their friends welcoming in another year with their partner.

Lots of single people really don’t enjoy the prospect of facing another year alone, and it’s easy to see why this particular resolution is so popular.

And you never know, by making this a firm resolution, you may just find the love of your life next year.

Stay happy!

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