20 Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Mom Will Love

Moms are the best who deserve the best. But do you know what to get yours for Christmas this year?

One of the best things about Christmas is giving someone an amazing gift and watching their eyes light up as they open it. And because your mom is so awesome, it’s always her that you want to make the happiest at Christmas time. Therefore, your gifts have always gotta be on point.

Finding the right gifts is hard though, especially when you don’t have much time. Mom’s aren’t always easy to buy for. I remember the time my brother bought my mom a collection of pink socks. He couldn’t have been more wrong! Her face was a picture as she unwrapped the present. Let’s just say that she uses them – but not as socks!

If you’re not sure what to get your mom this year and you’re running out of time, here are 20 Christmas gift ideas she’s sure to love!

A Funky New Mug

I don’t know what it is about our obsession with mugs, but we as a human race definitely have one. I buy a new one at least once a year, but probably more often. I just love new things, and although a mug never gets old and rarely breaks on me, I have an obsession with constantly updating my things – especially my mugs.

A funky new mug is such a simple gift for mom, but it works every time because like you and I, mom’s love new mugs. Somehow, it makes drinking their next cup of tea or coffee even more amazing than usual!

“It tastes better because it’s in a new mug!”

It’s totally true and you know it.

Yummy Soap

Young women have a bit of an obsession with buying yummy soaps and bath bombs. But is your mom aware that she can now wash with coffee-scened soap? Or is she still using the same Dove soap she’s sworn by for 100 years?

Make your mom’s bubble bath extra special this Christmas by giving her the chance to indulge with some yummy soaps and bath bombs. Buy her flavours you know she’ll love, and show her an all-new bathing experience.

She’ll probably never leave the bath (which she will now refer to as “heaven”) ever again.


Candles make for a great gift, especially at Christmas time. There is just something homely about candles and mom’s love them.

Getting your mom a candle (or two) gives her a chance to get creative with how she lights her home this Christmas.

But also, you should aim to get her scented-candles, as it will create a striking aroma in her home.

There are many different scents that you could buy, so it’s important that you buy something you know she’ll appreciate. My top recommendation would be a spiced wine candle, as it has a unique kick that most mom’s will love.

A New Book

Buying books for dads tends to be a big no-no, as they read the first two pages before falling asleep with it on their chests.

But moms tend to be a bit more appreciative of the written word.

You should be now know what her reading habits are like, as well as some of the books she’s read. Search for them in Amazon and then take a look at what else Amazon recommends.

A book is a great way for mom’s to pass the time at Christmas.

A Cool New Phone Case

If you mom is always on her phone, why not pimp her handheld device up with a cool new phone case?

I know a few mom’s that would love this gift. They’re always doing something on their phone (although they might not always know exactly what!), and yet their phone just looks a bit dull.

Give your mom a chance to show off her phone with a trendy patterned phone case so that she’s no longer simply holding a really dull looking device. Make her look cool. She deserves it!!

An Animal Ornament 

Does your mom have a favourite animal? All mom’s do. My mom is obsessed with penguins (I’ve even seen her waddle like a penguin when she thinks no one is looking).

A cool gift idea for the animal loving mom could be anything animal related. Maybe you could get her an animal ornament, an animal print, an animal t-shirt, an animal mug …

Or maybe an actual live animal!

(or maybe not)

A Cool New Makeup Bag

Mom’s might argue that they’re really good at buying things for themselves, and that it’s actually their husbands who haven’t got a clue when it comes to shopping. But a lot of what mom owns could do with a makeover, and it’s time for you to show her the way.

If she’s got an old makeup bag that looks dated and bland, why not get her a hip new one?

I love the ones that come with a funny message emblazoned on the side, such as “I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom.” I think that’s the sort of thing all mom’s would love, and it’ll definitely make her feel cool.

A Smart New Calendar

If your mom likes to get organised and hasn’t really worked out how to download apps and use them, you could get her a smart new calendar that she is sure to love.

Mom’s tend to be very good at using calendars for the right things, unlike men who either take the calendar down after January (even though there are still eleven months left), or use it for something else, such as doodling.

As such, your mom will definitely appreciate the chance to pencil in her next doctor’s appointment while looking at something cute.

A Chic New Scarf

Winter is well and truly here. But is your mom adequately prepared for it?

Scratch that. Is she adequately and fashionably prepared for it?

I had to get my mom a new scarf last Christmas because her old one was so 2010 (or much earlier). I’m not sure how long she had it, but her scarf wardrobe definitely needed updating.

A scarf is not just a winter-warmer – it’s also a fashion accessory. Bring your mom’s wardrobe up to date this winter with a chic new scarf that keeps her warm, but which also makes her look good.

Concert Tickets

In my experience, mom’s aren’t very good at buying concert tickets for themselves and heading out to a show. They either let their husbands take care of it (husbands who would rather be watching the sports game), or they wait for their daughters to sort them out.

So it’s time for you to step up!

If there is an upcoming concert you know your mom would love to be at, why not treat her to a ticket? Get yourself one too for a top quality mother-daughter night out!

A Hanging Garden

If your mom is a big fan of quirky indoor ornaments, I think a DIY hanging garden could be a sweet present to get her this Christmas.

These sorts of things are selling really well at the moment, and it’s no surprise. They’re artificial, which means your mom doesn’t need to spend any time looking after them, and they look great. They really bring to life the home.

Naturally, you need to look for something that blends in with your mom’s interior and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. But it’s definitely a gift you should consider!

A New Necklace

All mom’s love new necklaces. When my brother and I were growing up, each year my mom would ask for a new necklace. Now that I have the money, I make sure to buy her one each year.

You should know your mom’s preferences better than anyone else when it comes to jewellery. For example, my brother had no clue what type of jewellery our mom preferred, and always bought her something she had to return.

So if your mom has a fondness for wearing penchants around her neck, consider treating her to something shiny and new this year. It’ll certainly give her something to show off the next time you guys all go out for dinner. Go on, make mom feel like a million dollars.

New Sunglasses

Want your mom to look a bit trendier when she hits the shops? Then buy her a snazzy new pair of sunglasses to replace the old ones she’s had since 1975.

Sunglasses are an amazing fashion accessory, and this summer they’re going to be a must-have. So give your mom a bit of confidence and buy her a stylish new pair of sunglasses that help her to standout from the crowd.

A Box of Chocolates

Go on. Give your mom a chance to get lost in a luxurious box of chocolates this Christmas.

All chocolates are different, of course, so you need to make sure that you buy her something you know she’ll enjoy.

A Yoga Mat

If she’s into yoga, or if she’s been saying all year that she’d “love to do yoga”, getting your mom a yoga mat for Christmas could be the perfect gift this year.

Yoga mats don’t have to be too expensive, but you should look for one that is clearly made from high quality, and is therefore designed to last. Also, since this is Christmas, you should make an effort to find one that comes with a pretty pattern.

Think of this is as one of those useful gifts of encouragement that mom’s love to buy and receive. If she practices or wants to practice yoga, she will love this.

A Skin Care Pack

Love your mom’s skin and want it to look as gorgeous as you know it can do? Then help to bring out her shine once again with a skin care park.

A Selection Of Teas

Providing that your mom is a huge fan of tea (as opposed to coffee – they’re always one or the other!), getting her a selection of teas from around the world is a cheap and cheerful gift idea.

I’ve actually bought my own mom a selection of teas this year, as she’s been talking about experimenting with her tea for a while now. Included in the selection of black teas, green teas, chamomile tea, ginger tea, cinnamon tea and much more.

Let your mom’s tastebuds get creative this Christmas, and give her something different to drink throughout the holidays. And you never know, she might discover her new favourite tea that she can’t get enough of.

By January, you will be fed up of chamomile tea (sorry!).


Is there a woman on earth who doesn’t love flowers?

Flowers are the quintessential gift to get your mom at any time of the year, but they mean even more at Christmas time.

Think outside the box. Don’t just buy roses again. Get her something different and a bit more festive.

A Bottle Of Wine

It’s that time of the year when everyone is in good spirits and wants to let their hair down with a few drinks.

So after she’s tried (and loved, obviously) the chamomile tea, it’ll be time for her to get the evening started with a glass of wine.

You could either buy her a bottle of her favourite wine, or surprise her with something new.

A Wall Print

If your mom’s walls are looking a bit bland (except for that photo of you looking ridiculous as a kid that you’ve begged her to take down for years), why not encourage her to liven up her home with some funk new wall prints?

You don’t have to go down the road of buying her an exotic Picasso print that leaves her scratching her head and your dad saying that “wall prints were never like that in my day.”

Do some online searching or pop into your local home store to see what they’ve got. From colourful ice creams to movie posters, there are plenty of cool wall prints that will add some colour and life to your mom’s walls.

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