20 Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend

Hi guys. How are you?

Christmas is coming, which means time off work. It means you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones, relaxing and enjoying yourself. It also means some bumper sports fixtures, a few beers with your buddies and maybe a visit from Santa if you’ve been good.

Of course, you’re not thinking about any of that just now. All you can think is “what in the world am I gonna get for my girlfriend??”

I know. We’re difficult to shop for. You get us something you really thought we’d like, and we sneakily return it. You get us a massive surprise, and all can say is: “I wish you’d have asked us first.”

Guys, on behalf of girls everywhere, we can only apologise. And to make it up to you, We are gonna let you in on 20 secrets.

To save you from having a nightmare before Christmas, here are 20 christmas gift ideas for girlfriend that she really wants you to get her.

New Pyjamas 

Girls and guys are wired very differently when it comes to shopping (and okay everything else), so while you might think that receiving pyjamas as a Christmas gift is lame, girls don’t.

Seriously – why do you think we always get you socks and boxers? Because we hate you?

Nope! We know that getting someone the “essentials” for Christmas is a great idea because it’s the essentials that many of us actually hate buying for ourselves.

Just make sure the pyjamas are a) cute and b) they fit her OMG.

A Photo Album 

I’m not sure if you attach much sentimentality to things, but it’s my experience that men aren’t generally the most sentimental of people. Out of the two sexes, girls are definitely more sentimental.

And we LOVE photographs.

See, although everyone has an Instagram account and we all take selfies every minute of the day, we do still appreciate special photos, too.

You know the type: Photos of you and her taken on your first date. Photos of you and her taken on your first vacation together.

Photos have meaning, and photo albums make for an excellent gift.

Don’t leave it empty, though. Get the ball rolling by slipping in a few photographs of the two of you.


Every girls loves jewellery. Your partner might have told you that she isn’t all that big on jewellery when the two of you first met, but she was probably just saying that so you wouldn’t think she was lame.

But the absolute truth is that we all go weak at the knees at the sight of a beautiful necklace.

And we go even weaker if our partner wraps us one up for Christmas.

Jewellery is not an easy gift to buy for a girl, though, because we all have different preferences. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a good look at the jewellery she already owns. You could also ask her friends for advice, as well as the jewellery assistant.

A Pair Of Running Shoes

If your girlfriend has told you that she wants to running more in the new year in a bid to get fitter, why not buy her a gift of encouragement, such as a pair of running shoes?

Or, if she already runs regularly but really needs better footwear, running shoes again make a lot of sense.

Guys, make sure that you buy quality, though, because it’s important that her running shoes look after her feet.


Flowers as a gift never gets old, and you can totally buy her a bunch just in time for Christmas.

It’s a good idea to get something Christmas-themed, such as the colours red and green, but by no means do you have to do this.

Feel free to get a bit creative, but make sure that you buy her flowers which you know she likes.

If you feel like spending a fair amount of money on flowers this year and really treating her, you could buy something really rare. Or, you could ask the florist to do something really extravagant and amazing for you.

And don’t forget to attach a love note!

Something To Do With Cats

Okay, certainly not all girls love cats. But most do, and if your GF is a big cat fan, you might want to think about getting her something cat related.

Barring buying her an actual kitten, you could, for example, buy her a cat mug, a cat tee, some cat socks, or cuddly cat toy that she can cuddle up to.

Also, if she already has a cat, why not buy her cat a toy? They’ll both appreciate it!

Okay I’m kidding – the cat will still hate you.

Hey, it’s what cats do. Even at Christmas.

A Book

Girls generally love to read more than men, so there is a good chance that your woman is a bit of a reader. But do you know what she likes to read?

Hot this year for girls is What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey, a book about life lessons that will motivate your partner to take action in 2017 and follow her dreams.

It’s definitely a bed time book she will love.

Amazon Gift Card

This one might sound really lazy, and you might be protesting that this is the kind of gift you usually give to someone you don’t need to put too much effort into buying a present for.

But, guys, there is nothing wrong at all with getting your GF an Amazon gift card for Christmas.

Come on. The chance to buy anything we want for $200 (yes, $200) off the world’s biggest online retail store? What girl wouldn’t LOVE that?!

You could also supplement it by getting Amazon Prime for her (which means free shipping) and you could get the ball rolling by getting her something fun and flirty with the card first.

A Piece Of Art

Your girl doesn’t need to be a massive art lover for you to buy her a piece of art that will jazz up her apartment.

I mean, I’m not suggesting that you take your time picking out a Picasso copy or the latest work by Damien Hirst (whoever that is).

Art for her home could be something as simple as a movie poster, a colourful tapestry, or even a few pillows.

If you think her home needs art-ing up and that her walls are a bit bare, get her some art. She’ll love it.

(No, a portrait of you doesn’t count as art)

Concert Tickets

Yep, tickets – because you’re going too.

Have a look at the concerts that are happening in your city over the next few months, and buy two tickets for one you know she’ll love.

Even if you personally don’t dig the bands or artists, it’s important that you go along, too.

Otherwise, she’s gonna open a single ticket on Christmas Day.

Which kinda sucks.

So rock her world and show that you take an interest in what she listens to.

Even if it’s Adele (who is actually amazing, guys).

Tickets To A Spa

No, you don’t need to go along with her for this one. Don’t worry!

Girls love to be pampered, and we probably prefer going to day spa’s alone.

Make sure you know when she’s got a day off work coming up (ring her boss), and then book her into a day spa for the day.

And while she’s gone, it’s your turn to make dinner.

A Handbag

I know what you’re thinking: “You can’t just say ‘your girlfriend wants a handbag’. What kind of bag?”

I know it’s not as simple as heading out to the shops and just picking out any old handbag. What if it isn’t your girlfriend’s style? What if she rejects it and huffily tells YOU to use it?

Okay, you could just ask her friends for some tips, or you could Google what handbags girls are loving at the moment.

Either way, all girls love new bags, and getting your partner a bag that is both stylish and useful is one of wonderful Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend.


Okay so we’re in the throes of winter and summer sunshine seems like a million years away.

But who says you only have to wear sunglasses in the summer?

If your girlfriend cares a lot about fashion and style, she’ll appreciate a classy pair of sunglasses that bring out her cool.

You don’t need to spend an absolute fortune on glasses, but since it’s Christmas it’s well worth getting a chic branded pair that will make your girl feel awesome each time she wears them.

A Makeup Trunk 

Yes, your girlfriend probably loves makeup. And yes, you’re probably fed up of seeing lipstick lying around your bedroom.

So why not buy her a makeup trunk for all her makeup?

Try to find an awesome makeup trunk that comes loaded with lots of cool stuff, as it will give your girlfriend the chance to do some experimentation.

You can usually find a comprehensive trunk from any good home store, but just in case you can’t find one with makeup remover (and you often can’t) you might want to think about buying that separately.

A New Watch

Make her wrist sparkle with a classy new timepiece.

A Cook Book

Does she like to cook? Then what better gift to get her than a cook stuffed with amazing recipes!

I always like to receive cook books for Christmas, and although I certainly can’t speak for all girls, there are definitely a good many of us who get inspired by healthy, interesting new dishes.

A Coffee Machine

If your girlfriend loves coffee, then, no, DON’T just make her a cup of coffee for Christmas Day.

Buy her a coffee machine instead!

Coffee machines are frigging awesome, and her friends probably already have one.

Just think how jelly she feels when her friends tell her about a cinnamon eggnog latte they made last night, while she had to settle for another of your white filters again. Uncool.

(I don’t even care how good your white filters are)

Let her imagination and taste buds run wild this year with her very own coffee machine.

And if you’re nice, she might make you a cup too!

A New Mug

Okay, if she isn’t all that obsessed with coffee (or if you just don’t think she’s going to use it much), you could play it safer by getting her a new mug for Christmas.

Look, everyone likes getting a new drinking receptacle. Even you! (don’t lie – you loved it when your partner bought you that Breaking Bad mug for your birthday)

Think of something she likes, be it a TV show or a pug, and get her a cute new mug that pays homage to it.

A Tea Set

And let’s say that your girl is more of a tea lover than a coffee lover. In which case, how about a tea set?

Tea sets are amazing for anyone who enjoys tasting different teas, as they are made up by a wonderful variant of flavours from all around the world.

She’ll get to toast Christmas morning with a cup of her favourite tea, before experimenting over the holidays with new ones.

Plus, a tea set will make for the perfect way to welcome any visitors you guys have over the coming days. Her mom especially will love it!

(Though it might be best if you avoid green tea)

A New Scarf

Winter is coming. So what better way to show that you’re thinking of her than getting her a new scarf that keeps her warm?

Girls are always cold. I know this from experience. And when you can’t be there to warm us up, we rely on our scarves an gloves to keep us safe from Old Man Winter.

And a scarf will mean so much more if it’s come from you this year.

And, yes, you could also wrap a pair of gloves up, too.

What are your favorite Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend?

Oh, and maybe a hat?

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