20 Christmas gift ideas for dad

If anything is going to spoil Christmas, it’s going to be the hardest man in the world to shop for – your dad!

I used to leave buying dad’s gift until last, because I dreaded it. I just never knew what to get him! His interests are as familiar to me as my beauty regime is to him. In other words, I didn’t have a clue what NBA even meant, let alone what team he supported!

Nowadays, I get dad’s gifts out of the way first so that I can focus on everyone else. I’ve also got smarter about what all dad’s generally like, so that I always buy the greatest guy in the world something he’ll love.

If you really want to buy your much-loved dad something awesome this year but aren’t sure what, let’s take a look at 20 Christmas gift ideas.

Beer Glass

If your dad enjoys a few beers at home each week, he’s probably a bit like mine in that he’s been drinking out of the same receptacle for the last ten years or so.

Either that, or he just drinks straight from the tin (IKR).

So why not enhance his beer-drinking experience (don’t ever call it this, he will look at you with contempt) by getting him a brand new beer glass for Christmas?

He’ll appreciate it in his own way, even if he doesn’t say “this makes the beer taste even better!” (that’s something mom would say)

A Golf Simulator 

Dad’s love golf. Don’t ask me why, they just do.

(It’s probably something to do with the pants)

Besides getting him some golf trousers (please don’t, they’re horrible!), the second best thing you can get him is a golf simulator.

Because let’s face it, your golf-loving dad isn’t probably going to get to land any holes over Christmas. And while you and your mom are watching festive movies together, he could be practising his swing.

Bear in mind that this gift is a tad expensive, so make sure he’s definitely a golf enthusiast before you buy it!

Shaving Kit

I bought my old man a shaving kit for Christmas last year, and it turned out to be the most useful gift I’ve ever bought him.

At first, he was a bit overwhelmed by the kit, as all his life he’s relied on a (very) old razor and a bar of soap. Eventually, once he’d “treated” himself to a shave with his new kit and all its accessories, he was won round to its awesomeness.

A shaving kit is ideal if your dad is into personal grooming. But even if he isn’t, it’s still a great gift that will encourage him to finesse his facial hair whenever himself and your mom go out.

The Ultimate Remote Control

Oh, how my dad would love this one!

In fact, I’ve decided that I’m getting him this gift this year.

Basically, the ultimate remote control is a remote that controls everything, from the DVD player to the TV.

And if your dad is anything like mine, the remote controls in the house are very much his. Seriously, I can’t so much as touch the remote without him giving me a look that says “are you actually touching that remote? For real?”

And if your dad is also like mine, he’ll have a habit losing all the remotes!

A New Wallet

A wallet is one of those things that all dad’s have. But it’s also one of those things that all dad’s need a new one of.

Dad’s are very bad at buying themselves the things they really need. They might need new socks, new sweaters, new jackets, new wallets, new slippers … but they’d rather just ignore all that and buy themselves something ridiculously outlandish that they’ll never use, such as a telescope.

My dad even bought himself a bow and arrow set last year. Like, what?

Give your dad back a bit of self-respect by buying him a brand new, sturdy wallet.

A Safe

Okay, to you and I a safe sounds like a very bland gift idea. They’re big and ugly, and they’re surely for storing exciting gifts inside, as opposed to being an actual gift themselves.

But as women are from venus and men are from mars, dads are from another universe altogether. I don’t even know where they’re from. But wherever it is, they love gifts such as safe’s.

A safe is actually a really useful gift that for your dad will serve a very noble purpose. It basically protects all his valuables, including his wallet, bank statements and – knowing dads as well as I do – his season ticket.

Mini Fridge

The mini fridge is such a guy thing. The first time I saw one was at my boyfriends who, although he didn’t have much money, still had a mini fridge in his room. It was his pride and joy, and he loved showing me what beers were stashed in there each time I visited.

If your mom has been complaining of late that she can’t keep fitting your dad’s beers into the fridge, get your dad a mini fridge to solve all the problems.

And don’t forget to stick a few beers in there for Christmas morning!


It isn’t true that all men wear cologne, but it also isn’t true that most men don’t wear it.

Every guy likes to smell nice, it’s just that most of the time they’re too lazy to buy themselves cologne in the first place.

This isn’t just a gift for your dad – it’s also a gift for your mom, who really wants her man to smell amazing the next time they go out on a date.

You could be a bit creative about this one. For example, I recommend buying him the James Bond 007 cologne. It’s a bit gimmicky, but it should be enough to encourage him to wear it.

(Seriously, he really will think that he’s James Bond)

Beer-Making Kit

If your dad is well and truly on board the real ale train, an ace gift this year that will spark his imagination is a beer-making kit.

Lots of people are into drinking real ale at the moment, but it seems as though just as many people are into making their own. If your dad has a bit of a creative spirit in him, his own beer making kit would certainly keep him busy over the holidays. He can use existing recipes, or come up with some of his own.

Just make sure that he tries his own beer first before you take a sip!

Outdoor Barbecue Grill

If your dad fancies himself as a bit of a chef who knows how to make “dad burgers”, why not buy him a barbecue grill so that he can entertain you all this summer?

Make sure that your dad definitely likes to cook up a storm before buying him this one. Mine, for example, would burn down the entire street if we bought him a barbecue grill.

Actually, he’d probably burn the entire town down!

If your decide to go with this gift, include some burgers, sausages and sauces too.

Vinyl Records

If your dad has a record player and likes music, what better way to rekindle his passion than with a few vinyl records?

This is something I’m buying my dad this year. He has a record player, but he hasn’t used it for a while because he hasn’t bought himself any new vinyls. But I know he loves the old bands, such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Doors. So I’m going to remind him of his love for music and get him boogie-ing this Christmas.

And who doesn’t love new music at Christmas time?

A New TV

When I had finally got a job after graduating and was making a decent amount of money, the first Christmas gift I bought my dad was a brand new TV.

My dad loves TV, but for years he stuck to a battered old television set that he got in like 1999. It wasn’t HD quality and it kept flickering.

But like all dads, he refused to buy a new one himself.

I got him a 50” HD TV, and he absolutely loved it. He said it was his best Christmas ever! The NBA has never looked so good.

Not sure how happy my mom was, mind you …

Dart Board

This might seem like a slightly left-field choice, but darts is very much a guy thing. And if you know your dad enjoys the old darts night in the pub, why not give him the chance to sharpen his skills at home by buying him his very own dart board?

Even if he doesn’t play, a dart board is still a great gift. It’s an easy way of passing the time at home, and it’s definitely something he can get into.

I have a friend who bought her dad a dart board last Christmas because he wasn’t as active as he used to be. The board got him up off his feet and also sharpened his mind.

Plus, you can all play together!

Day In A Race Car

If your dad has always harboured dreams of one day being a racing driver, why not give him the chance to drive a sports car around a race track?

You can buy day passes so that he gets to enjoy the thrill of a real racing car experience, and although this is probably more expensive than most other gifts on the list, it’ll be worth it.

It’ll bring him a lot of Christmas cheer, but be warned – he might start making race car noises as he heads to the bathroom and back!

A “How To” Book

Dad’s don’t tend to read as much as mom’s. Whereas your mom might treat herself to a few magazines throughout the year, your dad probably just leafs through the newspaper.

And whereas your mom might read at least one full novel each year, your dad probably reads two pages before falling asleep with it on his chest!

But I’ve found that if there is a type of books all dad’s seem to enjoy, it’s a “how to” book. Why? Probably because these types of books teach them something useful and actionable in not too many pages.

Think of something your dad has said he wants to be better at, and then see if there is a book on the subject. It could be something like “how to do carpentry”.

A Lazy Boy Chair

Come on. Seriously. Which dad wouldn’t love a lazy boy chair?

No matter how active our dads like to tell us they are, we know the reality is that they love nothing more than to chill out all day in their lazy boy.

And hey, it’s Christmas. He’s allowed to put his feet up.


Okay, I had to do it. Socks is the ultimate dad gift. Whenever we’re stuck for something to get him for Christmas, we resort to socks. It’s an old classic that never fails us.

Look, dads always need socks. There is no way those socks you bought him last Christmas have survived for twelve months without ripping. No way. He needs new ones. But because he’s dad, he hasn’t bought himself any.

So it’s all on you to get him some funky fresh new ones!

Video Games

Got a dad that games? Update his video game collection with the latest shoot ‘em up!

(Did I say that right?)

A New Tool Kit

Does your dad fancy himself as a bit of handyman? Then get him a new tool kit!

Like lots of things on this list, your dad probably already has a tool kit. But like lots of things on this list, it’s probably a really old one that has bits missing.

And he won’t be much use when your mom needs him to fix a leaking tap but he can’t find his spanner. It’s just plain embarrassing.

So make sure that doesn’t happen for at least for the next few months!

What are your Christmas gift ideas for dad?

Stay happy!

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