20 Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Yay! The holidays are coming!

A few of the best things about the holidays include seeing our loved ones, stuffing our faces with chocolate and all kinds of other good food, the smell of Christmas trees, snow (!!), and, of course, time off work.

But there is always a downside to everything, and when it comes to Christmas the downside is usually finding a gift you know your boyfriend will really like.

You can’t really get him briefs and socks again, while he’s been shooting zombies all year long on his X-Box and must surely want to do something different.

But OMG what else is left to buy?? A football shirt? Do you even know who he supports?

Buying gifts can be really stressful, but making sure our man is happy with what we get him is the most stressful thing of all. Men, after all, are notoriously difficult to buy for, and that cologne we thought he would love apparently makes him “smell like a geek on prom night”. Hm. Okay.

To help lighten your load a little this year, here are 20 Christmas gift ideas your boyfriend will REALLY like for sure.

A Sports Jersey

Okay, so not all guys dig sports. But most do. So if you know that your boyfriend is into sports and you actually understand what sport it is AND what team he supports, then excellent! You’re the world’s best girlfriend.

Next, why not buy him his favourite team’s jersey?

If you also know who his favourite player is, firstly what is wrong with you?!

Secondly, consider getting his fav player’s name printed on the back of the jersey.

Alternatively, you could get your man’s surname printed on the back of the jersey.

Or yours surname.

Or his AND yours.

Actually no. Those last two suggestions are terrible and he won’t appreciate it (also, his friends will kill him).

A New Watch

Guys might not like accessories quite as much as we do, but if there is one accessory that all guys like it’s a watch.

A watch can be a bit of a status symbol for a guy, and they just love to show it off to people.

Trouble is that watches can be quite expensive, and so your man might currently be making do with a cheap watch he’s actually a bit ashamed of.

Now is the perfect time to buy him something classy for his wrist. He’ll love it.

Jogging Bottoms

If you aren’t familiar with the term jogging bottoms, you might more readily know them as warmup pants. Either way, these are really comfortable pants that your man can wear when he just wants to relax, either around the house or outside.

The chances are that your boyfriend doesn’t have a comfy pair of pants right now. Lots of guys don’t. They have one or two jeans – and that’s it.

And he probably doesn’t even realise that what he really wants is indeed a comfy pair of slacks he can just slip on whenever he wants to lounge around the house or head out without dressing up to the nines.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you guy loves nothing more than to chill in front of TV after work, it might be a good idea to get him the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a tiny portable device that you slot into your TV. It’s essentially a home media centre that gives you access to streaming service such as Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu, as well as games and music.

It’s perfect for if your man loves movies, TV shows, music and games, and the best thing is that it costs less than $40.

Actually, the best thing is that you can watch Fire TV in another room as him!

A Beard Pack

There aren’t many guys alive right now who don’t have beards, so if your man doesn’t have one he’s obviously a bit weird and you should tell him to grow one so that you can buy him a neat beard pack for Christmas!

A beard pack is essentially a beard-grooming kit that will help your bearded boyfriend keep better tabs on that bird’s nest of his. It will come with scissors, razors et cetera, which will ensure that his facial features go from rough and ready to smooth as heck.

If your guy is into personal grooming, a beard pack is pretty much essential for the loveable grizzly bear!

A Day On A Race Track

If you’re man fancies himself as a racing driver who never got a lucky break, why not give him the chance to show what the world is missing by paying for him to spend a day driving fast cars on a race track?

Yes, this is an actual thing (IKR).

Surprise Him With Something Really Special

If you really want to make him smitten with you this Christmas, try thinking outside the box a bit more than usual and get himself that will REALLY surprise him.

This doesn’t have to be too expensive. For example, it might even be something such as an old toy he was fond of during his childhood, and which he talks about often.

Or, it could be something to encourage him to follow his dreams.

Real Ale Pack

You don’t have to search high and low for a real ale pack per say, but if your man is into real ales (and who isn’t at the moment? IKR), buying him a few bottles of beer sounds like a very good idea.

I’ve actually bought my boyfriend a few bottles of real ale for Christmas this year, because I know how much I love the stuff. And when you think about it, buying him a few bottles of his favourite beverage means that for at least one of the nights over the holiday period he’s definitely going to stay in with you for a few drinks, rather than head to the nearest pub!

Real ale doesn’t need to be expensive, but you should try to mix things up a bit. For example, get him a white beer, a dark beer, a cheery beer, a Belgian beer and so on. Don’t buy him six exact same bottles. That’s just boring.

A Swiss Army Knife

Guys have always loved the Swiss Army Knife. I remember when my dad got my little bro one for his tenth or eleventh birthday. My bro was SO excited, it was unbelievable. I didn’t get it.

I still don’t exactly get it, but I figure that guys love to fix stuff and be useful, something which the versatile Swiss Army Knife helps them with.

They don’t cost much money, but you should check out some reviews before buying because it’s my understanding that not all Swiss Army Knives are the same.

A Video Game

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but if your man enjoys video games (and which guy doesn’t?) an easy gift to buy is a video game.

I say “easy” but it’s only easy if you know what games he’s into, and what games he already owns. To find out, why not ask his friends? The last thing you want to do is buy Kill All The Zombies 150.

(yes I know that isn’t an actual game)

An Autobiography

Lot of guys love to read, but sometimes it isn’t all that clear what they like to read.

I think a good idea is to think about who you know inspires him the most, and then buy him their autobiography.

Beer-Making Kit

If you want to get him something beer related but want to think outside the box a bit, you’re probably not liking my “a few bottles of beer” idea.

Okay okay.

So how about a beer-making kit so that he can, um, make his own beer?

Boys love their toys. If something gives them a chance to make something, they LOVE it. And what better thing could a boy ever hope to make than his own beer now that he’s a fully grown adult?

Beer-making kits are a lot of fun, and your boyfriend will waste no time in telling you how his beer is going to make you both a small fortune.

“There is beer and then there is MY beer.”

Word of advice – let him try it before you.

Buy Him A Steak

If you guys haven’t dined out together for a while, why not make Christmas the perfect excuse to eat at your favourite restaurant?

The difference is that this time the dinner is on you.

And he can eat whatever he wants.

A Bottle Of Whiskey

As incredible as it might be to believe right now, not all guys are into real ale. There are actually still some left who enjoy a bit of whiskey, rum or even vodka.

Even if your man is into real ale, he probably still enjoys the odd glass of whisky. But because it can be rather expensive, he probably saves it for a special occasion.

Well, the most special occasion of them all is coming up. So why not treat your man this Christmas to an expensive bottle of whiskey you know he’ll love?

A Tool Kit

A tool kit might sound like the most boring gift ever to you, but to a guy it’s basically the guy version of a makeup bag.

Guys love tools. They love to fix things with their tools. So why not encourage him to follow this dream of his by getting him a brand new tool kit for Christmas?

A Few Vinyls

The vinyl record has well and truly made a comeback, and if your man has tried to get onto the vinyl train but hasn’t really been able to afford it, it could be a smart idea to get him a few records for the holidays.

After all, everyone appreciates music. So unless your boyfriend is one of those “I’ll listen to everything because I don’t really know any bands by name” types, he will surely love you to death if you bolster his music collection.

Always make sure you’re buying him an album you know he’ll like, and always make sure he hasn’t already got it!

A Beer Glass

OMG you must think I’m obsessed with alcohol.

Or maybe your man is?

*drinks her gin*

Okay it’s definitely me.

But it’s probably also partly your man, too.

If your guy enjoys a drink and is really into his real ales in a geeky way like my boyfriend is, why not get him a cool beer glass?

According to my partner, there are certain beers which should ONLY be drank from certain glasses. Otherwise, “it’s just not as good.”


Still, let them have their way.


Personalised Guitar Picks

If your boyfriend plays the guitar, what better gift than a few personalised guitar picks?

You could inscribe your name on them, his name, both your names … or you could even inscribe a cute message, such as “I pick you”.

Now, how cute is that??


Yes, I had to include cologne on this list. I kinda didn’t want to because it seems like SUCH a cliche, but at the end of the day (OMG cliche overload), guys love to smell nice.

Moreover, we girls like our men to smell nice.

Personal grooming is a big thing for guys these days. And because colognes are generally quite expensive, it’ll be pretty sweet if you treat him to some high-end smells this Christmas.

Compliment Him!

Is a compliment a gift? I suppose it is.

Either way, I’m gonna round this list off like this. Because, let’s face it, guys love to be complimented as much as girls. But how often do we shoot our men a compliment?

On Christmas Day, let him know that he’s the best by telling him how much you his eyes, his smile, his taste in clothes, etc. Make him feel special this Christmas.

What are your favorite Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend?

Stay happy!

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