10 Valentine’s Day Surprises To Melt His Heart

Whisper it, but guys LOVE surprises as much as we do. Valentine’s Day is coming up. So let’s take a look at how you can put a BIG smile on his face this February.

Guys are not always easy to buy for. We could write them the most eloquent love poetry and their reaction would surprise us. It’s either going to melt their heart, or they’ll think that we’re being totally ridiculous.

It’s either one reaction or the other. And if we did write them some poetry, we’ll find it two days later all screwed up next to a screwed up betting slip, ready to be trashed.

Get them a pair of socks and briefs, however, and they’ll wear them for the next ten years. What gives?!

The thing is that Valentine’s Day is a bit special, which makes it even harder to know what to buy for your intended. You could buy them new socks and after shave at any time of the year, but for Valentine’s Day you really need to show them that you care by getting them something  a little bit different.

Something surprising!

Committing a gift gaffe on Valentine’s Day is easy. Perhaps you’ve already done it. To make sure it doesn’t happen (again), let’s take a look at 10 Valentine’s Day surprises to melt his heart.

Something From His Amazon WishList

If your partner has an Amazon account, he’ll have an Amazon wish list.

And if your partner loves you and trusts you not to max out his credit card, he’s probably already shared his Amazon account with you.

When he isn’t looking, deftly have a peruse of his wish list. There will be a few items on here that he’d really like to buy but hasn’t round to yet, probably because of a lack of funds or because he thinks you’d go mad if you bought it.

Pick something that you know he’d really love, buy it from your own Amazon account and surprise him with it on Valentine’s Day.

Just perfect.

Cute Briefs

Guys need briefs. They don’t necessarily love briefs, but they need them.

The trouble with guys when it comes to buying something they need as opposed to something they actually want is that they generally just don’t bother.

So when it comes to necessities such as briefs and socks, it’s usually up to their partners to buy them for them.

Or their moms.

Since it’s Valentines’s Day and you want to surprise him, it could be fun to buy him a fun pair of undies.

For example, if he likes Batman, why not buy him some Batman briefs?

Or you could buy him something a bit sexier this year …

Beard Trimming Kit

Has your partner got a beard?

If so, is he having trouble keeping it all neat and tidy?

If so, is he getting a bit frustrated by it and starting to wish beards had never come back in fashion?

If personal grooming is not something your man is a master of, consider surprising himself with a beard trimming kit so that he evolves from a scruffy caveman into the perfect gentleman.

Sports Tickets

Is your boy a big sports fan (come on, which guy isn’t it?)? Then buying him a pair of sports tickets (one for you, of course) could quickly turn you into The World’s Best Girlfriend EVER.

Even if you don’t like sports, it’s well worth surprising him with something that he does happen to love.

And it will come as a HUGE surprise to him if you’ve been hating on sports ever since you two got together.

All of a sudden, despite all your hating, you produce tickets to see his favourite team! And the best thing is that you’re even willing to go along with him. Maybe you could have dinner afterwards.

Go Bears! (whoever they are)

A Book

Is a book romantic? It totally could be.

Smart is hot. If your man is a reader who loves to expand his mind, buying him a brand spanking new book to his collection could be the perfect way to melt his heart this February.

If he’s into politics, buying him George Orwell’s 1984, which recently shot back into the bestsellers list, could be a very timely gift indeed.


Vinyl records are coming back in a big way. Provided your partner has a record player (without which this gift would be totally useless!), buying him one of his favourite albums on a gorgeous piece of vinyl is a super romantic thing to do this Valentine’s Day.

Better yet, buy him an album you both love so that you can softly melt into each others arms on Valentine’s Day with the music gently playing in the background.

Concert Tickets

Is there a band he’s been dying to see but the tickets are just a bit expensive? Kindly oblige and buy the tickets for him.

Beer Making Kit

All guys seem to be into real ale at the moment. And all guys have been into toys since Mr Cave Man was born.

Put beer and a toy together, and what do you have? A beer making kit. In other words, the best Valentine’s Day surprise ever.

Guys enjoy a few light ales at the weekend, but what they love even more is to make their own. They might not get creative about anything else in life, but when it comes to beer, they pretty much turn into Nicolas Tesla.

So melt his heart and tastebuds with a beer making kit. They’re super expensive, and will bring him hours of joy.

Mix Tape For The Car

Guys aren’t always the most proactive when it comes to sorting out music for their car. Usually, there is one old CD that’s been in their CD player for the last five years.

It’s usually something like an Elton John best-of, or one of those free CD’s that come with the newspaper.

Treat him this Valentine’s Day to a mix CD of his favourite tunes that you lovingly compiled yourself. It will certainly make his commute to work a lot better.


Everyone loves art, even if they say they don’t. Art could be anything, from a Picasso print to a movie poster.

If there is something you know your man has had his eye on, or if you know who is favourite artist or paintings are, then buying him a framed piece of art to hang from your wall could be a colourful Valentine’s Day gift that will truly show how much he means to you.

Stay happy!

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