10 Tips On How To Kick-Start Your New Year

The people who achieve success are those who build momentum and keep it going all year round. In this article, Beauty and Tips shares 10 tips on how to kick-start your new year and live a more fulfilling and happy life. Let’s begin…

Set Goals

Best way to kick start your new year? Set goals. It excites us, gives us direction and helps to ensure that we don’t waste a year doing the wrong things. Spend some time writing down the things you want to achieve this year and then work out how best to achieve them with a series of small goals.

Adopt An Affirmation

Affirmations are powerful things. The more we repeat something to ourselves, the more our brain starts to take it as fact. Our brains are super duper powerful, but they can be tricked into believing whatever we want them to believe. If you adopt a positive affirmation that you repeat out loud to yourself each day, your brain will absorb it until it becomes part of you. For example, from January 1, you could say to yourself each morning: “This year is going to be my year!” Repeat that powerful line over and over to yourself each day, and you will start to believe it. Even better, you’ll start to act on it.

Be Positive From The Start

This year is going to be your year. Keep telling yourself that and you’ll soon start to believe it. Accept that there’ll be failures and setbacks but remember that all setbacks can be overcome. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in twelve months.

Remove Stuff

Warren Buffet once said that we’re only as strong as our weakest link. In other words, bad habits hold us back and prevent us from being the best version of ourselves. For some people, alcohol holds them back. Instead of working on a business plan after work, they prefer to have a few beers. What held you back in 2017? We all have clutter in our life that we don’t need. This can be anything, from too much junk in the house that stresses us out, to lingering friendships that are adding no value to our life anymore. Remove things that are adding no value and streamline your life for more efficiency.

Write Down Your Values

Many of us don’t enjoy the perfect year because we don’t know what it is that we truly wanted. When the year comes to and end, we feel a tad unfulfilled. “My year was okay, but it could have been better,” we lament. The reason this is often so – is because we don’t know what our values are. Once you know your values, you start to make the right decisions that align with those values, you know what you want, and you do the things to get what you want.

Adopt A Healthy Diet

It’s a new year, which means a new you. And a big part of the new you should be a healthier diet that’s rich in fresh fruit and veg that fills you with energy and helps you stay on the ball. Make this the year you ditch the junk, the sugar and the bad fats. Be kinder to your body and reward it with a healthier diet. Remember, nutrients are important for protecting our immune system, giving us energy and reducing our risk of developing debilitating diseases. But nutrients also look after our mental health and can make us happier, while lowering depression and anxiety. Stock up on fruit, vegetables, grains and beans. Try exciting new dishes, make smoothies and enjoy all the wonderful organic food that’s out there.

Start Saying “No” to People

Bill Cosby once remarked that he couldn’t define a recipe for success, but that trying to please everyone all the time is the surest way to failure. It’s so true. When you become a people pleaser, your own goals get forgotten about. Sure, you’re making other people kinda happy, but where is your own life heading? Saying No to people is not mean, it’s being assertive and safeguarding your own success. Learn to set boundaries, stop trying to please people, and free up more time to work on yourself and your own goals.

Have A Social Media Detox

Facebook is now a massive rival to Google, so there’s no need to ditch it altogether because there’s so much great content and inspiring people on there. But if you spend too much time scrolling through your newsfeed, reading negative statuses and arguing over pointless things, it’s time to delete the negative people and start following more inspiring ones. Turn your Facebook into a force for good.

Read A Book

All successful people will tell you that they read lots of books. It’s because books a treasure trove of ideas and wisdom. They can literally change our lives. Whether you prefer fiction of non-fiction, books engage our brains, challenge our opinions, offer fresh perspectives on things and can show us the best way of solving problems. Buy a book in January and read at least ten pages per day.

Look To The Future

Lastly, if you’ve set some goals and are having a hard time achieving them, look to the future. Picture what you want your life to look like at the end of 2018. Imagine how amazing you’ll feel if you stay on track.

Happy New Year and best wishes of love, happiness, health, prosperity and peace!

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