10 Ideas for new year’s eve party at home with friends

It’s almost new year’s, which means it’s time to round up your squad and party like it’s 2018. If you’re stuck for what to do, Beauty and Tips has got you covered with 10 ideas for new year’s eve party at home with your friends.

Christmas is for families and children, but new year’s is for grown-ups. It’s a time for fun and frolics, games and cocktails. It’s a time to get your friends together and have an absolute hoot. If you’re planning on staying in this year, we don’t exactly blame you. Heading into the towns and cities on new year’s can be quite inconvenient, while all the best bars are jam packed. It’s just never as much fun as hoped it would be!

The best thing to do is to stay in, buy lots of wine and snacks, and have a party at home. However, if you’re going to be inviting your whole squad and keeping them indoors, you need to make sure there’s lots for them to do. To make sure your party isn’t a damp squib, use these 10 ideas for new year’s eve party at home with your friends.

Play Games

Some people love games, others hate them. But it’s new year’s, so come on guys, games HAVE to happen. The main thing to do is to choose interactive games that involve everyone, and which everyone is sure to love. If you’ve got a Wii console, they always go down well, while Twister is an absolute riot, when everyones had a bit too much to drink! Board games are fun too, but you’ve gotta make sure you go for something fun. Pick something tedious and people might get bored. And, hey, there’s always the option of a classic drinking game!

Implement A BOYA Rule

Look, if you take care of all the food and drink yourself, there’s going to be someone you don’t cater for, be it a vegan, a gluten-free cousin or Bob from HR who’s allergic to beer. The best thing to do? Ask everyone to bring their own appetisers and drinks. This way, you don’t spend an absolute fortune on everything yourself, and everyone gets to enjoy themselves with their favourite snacks. Plus, the more guests there are, the more chance there is of someone savouring a new food or drink they’d never tried before but now absolutely love.

Install A Cocktail Bar

You’ll need somewhere to put all those drinks. Why not install an actual cocktail bar? It will be so cool and your guests will love it. Can’t afford a cocktail bar? Make one yourself! Don’t know how to make one? Ask a friend who does.

Go With Finger Food

It’s new year’s eve, it’s a party and this means it’s the perfect time for finger food. There’s no need to go all out with huge three course meals cooked by a Michelin star chef. Keep things simple. The guests will love it and there’ll be a whole lot less stress involved for you. Serve mini slices of pizza, mini wraps, sandwiches, sausage rolls and falafels.

Have A Champagne Toast At Midnight

Imagine if it got to midnight and everyone looked at you, expecting you to do something? As the host, it’s kinda your duty to come up with the goods when the clock strikes twelve. The best thing to do is to play it safe by serving champagne for a midnight toast. You can’t go wrong with this idea – it’s a classic. If it seems a bit cliched, put a twist on it by serving champagne sangria.

Invite A DJ

Okay, DJs are expensive. If you can afford to invite a DJ round who’ll sort all your music out, awesome. Failing that, you can either ask the friend who has the best taste in music to create a Spotify party playlist for the night…or you’ll have to be the DJ! Music is so important at parties, so it’s essential that you get this sorted before the big night. Plan ahead, get yourself a Spotify account and pick some awesome tunes. Message your guests on Facebook for requests, too. When their song comes on, there’ll be an absolute riot!

Have A Theme

Themes enliven the atmosphere and gets people into the party spirit. For example, how about an ugly sweater theme, or a winter wonderland party? How big your budget is will dictate your theme. If you’ve got lots of money, a winter wonderland theme would be amazing. If you’re broke, it’s ugly sweaters for everyone!

Make A Punch Bowl

A party isn’t a party without a punch bowl, right?! Punch bowls are perfect because they help to keep the drinks flowing, they’re super tasty and people can just serve themselves. For an epic punch bowl, fill a jug with red wine before adding cherries, lemons, limes and orange wedges. Steep for a good few hours before serving later that night. EPIC WIN.


This is one of the best ideas for new year’s eve party at home with friends. Who doesn’t love karaoke? Maybe Bob from HR who’s too awkward to sing…until he’s drank from the punch, of course! Karaoke makes a party spectacular. People can get up and sing songs by themselves, duet with others and have an absolute ball. Once everyone has had a few drinks, firing up the karaoke machine will take your party onto another level. Don’t forget that it’s your job as host to sing the first song.

Create A Hashtag

Here’s a thought: Ever had one of those amazing parties you wish could have gone on forever? It was so much fun that you spent the whole next day reliving it in your mind. The tunes, the people, the music…it was all amazing. So why not create a party hashtag on twitter, so that your guests can relive the party with anecdotes and photos?! Make it easy for them to share memories and remind them of all the funny stuff that happened.

Do you have other ideas for new year’s eve party at home?

Stay happy!

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