10 Most Romantic and Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Christmas is here again (at last!), but what do you buy for your partner? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the 10 most romantic and creative Christmas gift ideas for men.

We all know how difficult men are to buy for. They’re not happy with socks (“too boring”), and yet if we get them something extravagant they tell us we’ve spent too much money. And when we buy them a sports top, we get told it’s the wrong team. Hm! However, Beauty and Tips are here to save you from the conundrum of knowing what to buy this Christmas for your boyfriend or husband. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most romantic and creative Christmas gift ideas for men.

Iced Coffee Maker

The great thing about an iced coffee maker, such as this one from Amazon, is that it doesn’t just chill coffee. It also chills spirits, so that your man can enjoy his Scotch on the rocks at optimum temperature. This is an insanely cool gift that men will appreciate. It can chill pretty much any beverage to the ideal iced temperature, and it takes just 2 minutes. Moreover, it’s a super bargain at less than $30. Buy this for a sophisticated guy who wants to chill at the weekend but make sure to pair it up with his favourite drink. He’ll love you forever (or at least until the end of Christmas).

Protein Shake Mixer

If your man is all about them gains and spends more time at the gym than anywhere else, you should definitely consider getting him a protein shake mixer, it’s truly one of great and useful Christmas gift ideas for men. If he’s into gains and cares about his weight, there’s every chance he’s tried protein shakes in the past. The problem is that getting the smoothest blend can be tricky and it involves a lot of shaking. The beauty of a protein shake mixer is that all the shaking is taken care of for him. All he needs to do is press a button, and the ingredients are all shaken up until they’re nice and smooth. Awesome, and it means no more lumps. Double win! Pair this gift up with his usual ingredients but remind him that he will need to clean the shaker from time to time. Hopefully his face won’t drop too much at this news!

Amazon Echo Dot

Is your boyfriend in the 21st century yet? If you weren’t around, he’d probably still be stuck in the 17th century! However, it’s now time to bring him bang up-to-date with things with one of those devices guys won’t buy themselves, an Amazon Echo, it will let him play his music, get the latest sports results and more just by talking at the device. For the lazy boyfriend, this is one of those Christmas gift ideas for men that is heaven sent and it’s compatible with iTunes, Spotify and more.

12 Month Magazine Subscription

What interests does your man have? Whatever his main interest, there’ll be a magazine for it. Be it gardening, cars, soccer or music, there’s a magazine that literally covers every subject. Think about his biggest passion and get him a yearly subscription to a relevant magazine. Alternatively, if there’s something he said he wants to do more of next year, buy him a yearly subscription to a magazine that will help him grow his knowledge.

Sports Jersey

This is another one of great Christmas gift ideas for men. Wanna show that you truly love your man? Bite the bullet and buy him something that enhances his passion for sports. Get him a sports jersey of his favourite team and, if possible, get his favourite player’s name printed on the back. And then get out of his way when he pretends to be his favourite player in the house.

A Beer Making Kit

The real ale frenzy when our men grew beards and started going to real ale festivals seems SO 2015. But guys still love beer and they still have an appreciation of real ale. And, hey, if they get to brew their own beer, they save money, too. Hurrah! A beer making kit gives your man a chance to get creative and prove to the world that he’s the world’s best beer maker. Top tip: Let him taste it first!

A New Watch

Not all guys wear watches, so you’ll have to make sure yours appreciates a good timepiece first. If he happens to love watches, you can’t fail to impress him with this gift. There are lots of different types of watches you can choose, and picking the right one is the difficult part. As a woman, you know what you like wearing on your wrist and what you don’t, and your guy is the same. Remember, a watch is a fashion statement as much as anything. Don’t go cheap, but you don’t need to go too expensive either. An Apple Watch is a safe bet, especially if he’s into gadgets and gizmos.


You can’t go wrong with this Christmas gift idea for men. If your man is handsome, suave, smooth and sophisticated, buy him some gorgeous new cologne that matches his image. He can wear it for date nights, for important work meetings, and he can wear it when he goes out with the boys. He’ll love it and it’s one of those things that guys never get round to buying for themselves.

Fleece Bathrobe

Here is another one of cute Christmas gift ideas for men – a bathrobe. Again, this is another gift that guys rarely buy themselves. If your guy has been bumbling around the house in his tatty old bathrobe for the last twelve months, it’s time to update his wardrobe with a brand new fleece bathrobe that he can strut his stuff in. It’s cool, it’s comfortable, it looks great and it will boost his self esteem the next time he opens the door in it. Awesome!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones are an amazing gift to get any guy who is into his music. If your man has spent the year listening to his tunes threw $5 headphones, now’s the time to upgrade him. He’ll love you forever.

Do you have other Christmas gift ideas for men?

Stay happy!

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    Great ideas. I think Cologne is the hottest trends in men’s liking nowadays.


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