10 Delicious winter cocktail recipes

Winter is here, which means it’s time to snuggle up in front of Netflix with a hearty beverage. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 delicious, warm drink recipes to make your winter months more cosy. Winter can be hard to bear for some people. It’s cold, the car is always frozen and you’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve slipped on ice. But winter is also a time for eggnog, pumpkin spiced lattes and hot chocolate! Indeed, there is so much to love about this, the most romantic of all seasons – and the drinks are the best part about it. Picture it: The snow outside has forced you indoors, where you get to cosy up with your intended in front of a roaring fire, while playing board games and making delightful drinks that taste of comfort, love and happiness! It might be cold outside, but it’s warm in your belly. Whether you’ll be spending winter with your partner, or whether you’re going to be hosting parties, check out these 10 delicious, winter cocktail recipes to make your winter months more cosy.

Spiced Irish Coffee

The Irish know a thing or two about making a good drink even better, and their spiced Irish coffee is even more special than plain and simple Irish coffee. The centrepiece of the whipped cream is pumpkin spice, which if you’ve never tried before is just DIVINE.

For the cream, you need to take half a cup of heavy cream, a single teaspoon of pumpkin spice and one and a half teaspoons of sugar. Whip them altogether until you’ve got your stiff peaks. For the coffee itself, divide one and a half cups of brewed hot coffee, four tablespoons of whiskey and a single tablespoon of sugar between two glasses. Pipe the whipped cream into both, before sprinkling with some more pumpkin spice.

Bourbon-Laced White Hot Chocolate

Wow, doesn’t this sound yummy?! Winter is tailor made for hot chocolate, and it would simply be rude not to drink it this year. However, why not try hot chocolate with a bourbon-tinged kick? For this heady winter cocktail recipe that will make you merry, melt half a cup of chocolate chips in a saucepan. Whisk often. Once the chips have melted, add two and a half cups of milk, a quarter cup of pumpkin puree, a quarter teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and stir. Then, pour a small portion of hot chocolate into two cups/glasses, before adding the bourbon.

Hot Pumpkin Battered Rum

Battered rum or buttered rum? We prefer the former and we love, love, LOVE this one. Take half a cup of softened butter, half a cup of brown sugar, half a tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice and half a cup of pumpkin puree before blending for a minute. Then, whisk together two tablespoons of this mixture with two ounces of four glasses. Pour close to a cup of boiling water in each, and then stir.

Mocha Cocoa Mix

For this cosy, winter cocktail recipe, all you need to do is take a three quarter cup of unsweetened cocoa and mix it with three tablespoons of instant espresso and a teaspoon of sugar in a medium bowl. Then, whisk two tablespoons of the mix along with a quarter cup of water in a saucepan over a low-to-medium heat. Once the cocoa has dissolved, add 10 cinnamon sticks and three quarters of a cup of milk before whisking until heated.

Eggnog Latte

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an eggnog latte. For this simple seasonal recipe, pour 2/3 cup of eggnog and 1/3 cup of milk into a steaming pitcher before heating to 155 degrees F. Then, brew a single shot of espresso before adding to your mug. Pour in the eggnog and milk and sprinkle with nutmeg for kick.

Cinnamon White Russian

This winter cocktail recipe is so simple and yet so divine. To celebrate the winter like the Russians, heat 2 cinnamon sticks, 3 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar over a medium heat. Stir. Once the sugar has dissolved, simmer. Meanwhile, place an ice cube in your glasses before adding 4 parts vodka, 3 parts coffee liquor, 3 parts cinnamon syrup and 2 parts cream in that order. Swirl.

Winter Chai Tea

The best time to drink chai tea is in the winter, and the best thing is that it’s really easy to make. All you need to do is put 8 cardamom seeds, 4 black peppercorns and 8 cloves into a plastic bag. Crush with a skillet. Then, place them all in a medium saucepan along with a piece of ginger (sliced), 2 cinnamon sticks and two cups of water. Boil, remove from heat, then add 4 tea bags. Cover, steep for ten minutes before straining.

Hot Toddy

This winter cocktail recipe is absolutely delicious and just perfect for Christmas! To make it, heat one cup of water before adding a tea bag and letting steep for up to 5 minutes. While this is brewing, fill your mug with warm water. Then, pour in the water and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Then, add one and a half ounces of your preferred liquor before adding a pinch of lemon juice. It’s gorgeous and comforting.

Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

To make this sweet and boozy festive drink, take 4 cups whole milk, 2 cups half and half, 2 cinnamon sticks and 1/2 cups dulce de leche and whisk them together in a large saucepan. Then, place over a medium heat and stir. Bring to a simmer, remove from heat and cover for ten minutes. Simmer once again over a medium heat and gradually whisk in 10 ounces of dark chocolate. Once it’s melted, remove from heat and pour in 1/2 cup bourbon, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, and a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt.

Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

To make this beauty, combine one and a half ounces of cranberry juice, one and a half ounces of vanilla flavoured vodka and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake hard, strain into a glass and fill with sparkling wine.


What are your favourite winter cocktail recipes?

Stay happy!

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