10 Cosy And Fun Holiday Drink Recipes

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what this means – celebrating grace, time with your family, gift giving, warm, cozy nights in front of the fire, snowball fights, laughter, romance…

Okay, it means drinking.

Yep, Christmas is a time for a lot of things, but one of my favourite things about the holiday season are the special festive drinks that we don’t get to drink at any other time of the year.

When I was a young girl, it was always eggnog that we looked forward to. My mom had her own recipe and, if you’d ever tried her eggnog, I’m quite sure that you’d agree it was the most divine ever.

Forget about the presents, I was all about the eggnog!

In recent times, people have got a lot more creative with their Christmas drinks, so that there are now a lot more to choose from. So whether you’re making drinks for friends, family or your partner during the holidays, let’s take a look at 10 cozy Christmas holiday drink recipes you could concoct to warm everyone’s spirits (and stomach) this year.

Eggnog and Baileys

Let’s start with a classic. Take eggnog and mix it with Baileys for the quintessential seasonal drink.

Chocolate Peppermint Stick

Doesn’t this one sound delightful!?

This cocktail tastes pretty much as you’d expect, given its name. Peppermint dominates the flavour, but the chocolate has plays a good supporting role.

Basically, if you’ve ever tried a peppermint stick which comes with a chocolate ribbon wrapped around it, that’s what this Christmas cocktail tastes like!

It’s actually quite strong, so just one (oh go on then, two!) will be enough, and you should also be mindful to sip it slowly, so that you enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed.

To make it, take half an ounce of white creme de cacao, an ounce of cream and an ounce of peppermint schnapps, before shaking well with ice. Then, strain them into chilled glasses (preferably martini glasses if you have them), before garnishing with a candy cane.

Christmas Cookie Cocktail

The Christmas Cookie cocktail sure has a festive name, and it sure is a cozy winter drink. But the truth is that this one can be enjoyed any time of the year (though I would suggest that you reserve it for special occasions).

Like the one above, the Christmas Cookie cocktail is quite strong, and packs a hefty alcoholic punch. As such, it’s best that you don’t drink too much of it if you actually want to remember your Christmas this time!

It has a peppermint kick to it, and reminds me of a peppermint latte. To treat yourself to one of these after a long day of Christmas shopping, take an ounce of peppermint schnapps and mix it in a cocktail saker with an ounce of kahlua, an ounce of Irish cream, and some ice. Then shake, before straining into a drinking receptacle of your choosing.

Pair it up with some cookies and you’re all sorted!

Warm Bourbon Cider

This one is guaranteed to warm you up on those ice cold evenings this Christmas. Warm up cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and apple cider in a stockpot before adding bourbon.

Then, get cosy in front of a roaring fire.

Mint White Chocolate

I simply couldn’t write this article without including a hot chocolate recipe!

This one is a bit more decadent that your usual hot chocolate (milk + chocolate) and is bursting with peppermint.

Top with marshmallows and you’re in heaven.


The Ginch sounds a bit like The Grinch who stole Christmas (IKR?!). And we reckon even the miserable Grinch would love the Ginch because, like most other holiday drinks, it has a rather drab and very un-showy name.

Thanks to lemon juice, midori and syrup, it has a decidedly tart melon taste to it. It’s sweet, and easy to drink. It’s perfect for those cold evenings during the holidays when you just want to relax in a hot bubble bath with a cocktail and the latest copy of Vogue magazine.

It can also work as the perfect early evening pick-me-up after a long commute home from work in the snow (eew).

To make a Ginch, all you need to do is take two ounces of midori and combine them in a cocktail shaker with half an ounce of lemon juice and single tsp of syrup. Add ice, shake, and then strain into your glass.

You could also top it off with a cherry. Lovely!

Spiked Coconut Vanilla Steamer

For this frothy cocktail, take spiced rum, vanilla bean, coconut extract and coconut milk before garnishing with toasted coconut.

OMG right?

Santa Shot

The Santa Shot drink looks like celebration in a glass, thanks to its red and green colours. It also tastes like celebration and smells like celebration, too.

It’s fantastic for Christmas parties, and can also work as a toast. To make, it you need to pour grenadine into a third of a shot glass, before filling up the second third with green creme de menthe. Then, top off with peppermint schnapps before toasting Santa Claus and downing.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave one out for the bearded old fellow, too …

Blood Orange Moscow Mule

Celebrate Christmas like the Russians by combining ginger beer with lime juice and blood orange syrup.


Chocolate Raspberry Martini 

If you love chocolates, raspberries and martinis, then this is the Christmas drink that will make you believe in Santa this year. You can customise this one how you like so that it’s either colourless or bursting with colour. This is really down to what mood you add to the drink.

For the version we’re looking at here, you need to add ice cubes to a cocktail shaker before adding in an ounce of raspberry juice, an once of dark creme de cacao, an ounce of cream, and an ounce of Tia Maria.

Then, shake before straining into a glass of your choosing.

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