10 Fun Things You Can Do On New Year’s Eve

Tired of doing the same old thing on new years eve? Check out our top 10 suggestions of the most fun things you can do while welcoming in the new year.

New years eve is traditionally a time for getting together with our friends and family, partying, dancing, having a laugh, making zany resolutions – and, if we’re lucky, stealing a kiss.

During my twenties, I spent most of my new years eve’s either in bars or at house parties. I was in great company, and we all had a blast. We all danced the night away, making resolutions that we broke 10 hours later.

But you know what? Despite all the heaps of fun I had (and I had a LOT of fun), I eventually grew bored of doing the exact same thing for new years eve.

Perhaps you’re in a similar predicament. You want to have some fun and welcome in the new year in style, but you don’t to do the same old things you’v always done. Life is short, and you want to try something different this year. You want a memory that stands out by virtue of it being new and different.

We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 fun things you can do on new years eve.

Be Healthy

“What? You want me to be healthy on new year’s eve and call it FUN? Are you crazy??”

Five years ago, I personally would have asked these very reasonable questions if someone had advised me to try and go healthy for new year’s eve. But you know what? I wouldn’t ask them anymore.

See, new years eve doesn’t have to be all about wine, cocktails and impending hangovers. It doesn’t have to be about stumbling from bar to bar before falling into a taxi at 5am with your mascara smeared and your left shoe missing. It can be healthy instead.

Spend the day eating great food, doing yoga, working out, running, swimming, cycling … do something different but do it with a friend and make it fun!

Have A Movie Marathon

This one might seem boring to some of you, but for anyone who doesn’t get much time off work, doesn’t get to see their friends all that often and also doesn’t drink, a movie marathon with their besties sounds like an ace way of spending new years eve to me.

Get some snacks in, some hot chocolate and a movie quiz and you’re all sorted for a top night.

Be With Your Family

I don’t really have any regrets, and I wouldn’t turn the clock back and spend more time with my family on new year’s eve than I actually did. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But my twenties were very much for partying with my friends and seeing who would chicken out of Ring of Fire.

Now that I’m in my thirties, I realise that there is nothing wrong with spending new year’s eve with your family. In fact, it’s both important and fun.

Go for a meal, play board games, have a dance … the laughs you can have with your family are unique. There’s an aunty who drinks too much, a dad who unwittingly says the wrong things, and an uncle who falls over. It’s so much fun!

Dine Out

Get your friends together, tell them no one’s cooking this year – you’re all heading out instead.

I did this two years ago with my friends. We all went out for tapas – twenty-two (or so) of us.

It was amazing. The atmosphere was electric, and the restaurant had a live music act that kept us entertained past midnight.

For the countdown, everyone in the restaurant joined in.

After your meal, enjoy a few cocktails to keep the party going.

Good food, drink and good company. What more could you want?


Volunteering on new years eve is fun (seriously, you’ll have a great laugh). But it’s also rewarding and you’ll meet plenty of cool new people.

Go To A Different City

Don’t sit around thinking about this one any longer if it’s been on your wish list for a while – just gosh darn go and do it.

Either with your friend or partner, pick a town or city you’ve always wanted to celebrate new years eve in, book a hotel, buy a map and GO. You won’t regret it.

Be Glamorous

Fed up of spending new years eve dancing on sticky floors and being approached by drunken slobs? Then go glamorous this year. You deserve it!

I mean it. Ask your partner or friends to go with you. Slip into your most elegant and becoming dress, and head to the theatre, a gala or a fancy ball. Welcome the new year in with a glass of champagne while talking to exquisite company. It’s fun and will make you feel like a million dollars. Even better, it will set the tone for the rest of the year.

Spend It In A Log Cabin

Head out to the woods this year and get cosy with your partner in a log cabin. Don’t forget the snacks, the drinks, the board games and the scary movies (it’s okay – he will protect you!).

Go To A Gig

For some reason, whenever we think about things to do on new years eve, we always think about house parties, bars and clubs … but rarely do we think about going to a concert.

And why not? All the major cities in the world will have some kind of live music event going on. And who knows? Your favourite band might be playing!

Concerts on new years eve are always a bit more special than usual, and they’ll live longer in the memory. Afterwards, you could even head to a club.

Go For A Hike 

When people think about new years eve, they automatically think about the night. But what about the day?

A fun way to spend new years eve is to on a hiking trail during the day, before filling up on food at a country pub afterwards. Awesome.

Stay happy!

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