10 Fun Christmas Party Games

I love Christmas, as I’m sure you do, too. It’s easily my favourite time of the year. You get time off work, and you get to spend some top quality time with your friends and family. It’s awesome.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? Mine include the Christmas cocktails my partner and I make, as well as the cute gifts my family all give each other in stockings. I always stuff people’s stockings with chocolates!

Oh, and I can’t forget the tree!

But also, one of things my friends and I look to are the fun Christmas party games. They let us cut loose and have a good laugh – with a few cocktails, of course!

So, get your closest friends and family together and try out these 10 funny Christmas party games!

The Christmas Tree Game

I’m gonna start with the Christmas Tree game, as it’s a bit of a classic. It’s also my personal fav.

For this game you need ornaments on hooks, green crepe paper, some tinsel, a bit of garland, as well as a timer.

Everyone then needs to get into a team.

Once you’ve designated the teams, give each one garland, tinsel, ornaments and the green crepe paper.

Then, set the clock to countdown from a minute, and let the mayhem begin!

(basically, you have to turn a member of your team into a Christmas tree)

Whoever wins is the one who is voted to be the most creative.

The Ornament Guess

If your friends aren’t up for making a lot of effort (spoil sports!), the ornament game is ideal.

Before they turn up, count how many ornaments there are on your tree. Then, as each guest to make a guess.

Whoever comes closest to the right answer wins a prize.

Pin The Nose On Rudolph

Good old Rudolph! He’s always game for having a nose pinned on his face!

Hey, it is Christmas after all.

For this game, you need to print out a pic of Rudolph (or draw one), before cutting out a circle from a red piece of paper.

Then, blindfold a participant, spin them around, and tell them to in the nose on Rudolph.

The winner is whoever gets as close as possible to Rudolph’s big red conker.

Candy Cane Game

The candy cane game is another cute favourite of my friends and mine. You need a bunch of candy canes (a lot), some chopsticks, a large bowl and a small stocking. All of this shouldn’t cost you all that much at all.

Then, you need to load the candy canes into the bowl, before placing it in the middle of the table, while placing your stocking on one end of the table. You need the stocking to stay open, so I suggest that you slip a cup inside it.

Then, give each participant a chopstick, and tell them to put it in their mouth.

On the start of go, all players need to put their hands behind their backs before hooking as many candy canes around their chopstick as poss before transferring them into the stocking!


Penguin Waddle Game

Penguins are just as fan as Santa at Christmas time. For this game, you need to separate your pals into groups of 4. Each team will be given cones which are set 15 get apart.

The first contestant sandwiches a balloon between their knees and waddles to the cone – like  a penguin! They then have to return to their team and pass the balloon over.

It’s essentially an xmas-themed relay game, and all teams start at the same time.

Marshmallow Mouth

This is a really easy game to make and play. You first need to make a marshmallow slinger, which you can do by tying the opening of a ballon before cutting off its end. Then, take a paper cup and cut its bottom out before replacing it with the balloon, which you wrap around the exposed base.

Take your friends and family and pair everyone off. Each team should then be given a bowl stuffed with mini marshmallows and a marshmallow slinger.

Player one from each team sits at one end of a table with the slinger and the bowl of marshmallows, while player two sits at the opposite end. The aim is to shoot 5 marshmallows into the mouths of their team mates. Whoever does it first, wins!

Christmas Carol Pictionary Game

This is like the popular party game Pictionary but with a twist – it’s all about Christmas carols!

Everyone is paired off, before each time is given a carol. One member of the team has to draw what comes into their head when they think of the carol in the (vain) hope that their team member will be able to name it based off their doodle.

But they can’t just name it – they have to sing it, too!

Red Nose Reindeer Game

For this game, each player needs to be given a red craft pom pom that comes with an attached ribbon, as well as a smidgen of vaseline rubbed onto their nose.

The players then need to hold the loose part of their ribbon inside their mouth. When you say Go, the aim of the game is to swing the red craft pom pom so that it sticks on their nose.

Anyone caught using their hands is a cheater who must be suspended!

Christmas Movie Game

If you know your Christmas movies, you could create your own Christmas movie trivia game!

Once it’s over, you can then all watch a movie together.

Stocking Bluffers

For this one, you start by hanging out assorted sticking on an s string. Some of the stockings should contain cash of varying amounts. You should include a few small cash prizes, a few bigger ones, as well as a final huge prize.

Meanwhile, some stockings should contain dares or challenges.

Then, participants are obliged to choose a stocking one by one. If they pull out a challenge or a dare, they have to complete it!

To give you some ideas, here are a few possible challenges:

  • Wear a santa outfit for the rest of the party
  • Sing jingle bells
  • Down a mug of eggnog!

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