10 Most Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents

Parents are remarkably hard to buy gifts for at this time of the year. But it’s okay because Beauty and Tips have got you covered with 10 of the most creative Christmas gift ideas for your parents.

Remember the days when parents used to shower us with gifts and all we had to do was open them and play with them all day long? Being a kid was awesome. Now that you’re older, however, it’s your turn to buy your parents gifts. And as you’re finding out, they’re hard to please. Indeed, one of the (many) punishments for getting older is that Christmas is no longer about us. Instead, it seems to be more about our parents! But look, we all love our parents (yay parents!), and we want to make them happy. And we do kinda owe them after they spent years spoiling us as kids. So let’s take a look at the top 10 most creative Christmas gift ideas for parents.

A Personalised Clock Frame

No, we don’t all still use clocks. Most of us have smartphones and use them to tell the time, while our best friend has an Apple Watch (so jealous lol). But parents are a bit old fashioned and still love to have clocks in their house. And hey, even if they don’t have clocks, clocks are awesome and Beauty and Tips believe they should be brought back. In fact, let’s start a hashtag: #bringbackclocks. A personalised clock frame is a lovely, thoughtful present for any parents. In one of the frames is an analogue clock, and in the other frame is a photo of mom and dad. Aww. They’ll love it!

Amusing Mugs

What is it about moms and dads and cups of tea/coffee? We like coffee. Our friends like coffee. We all do. But moms and dads take it beyond the realms of normal by drinking a quite frankly insane amount of tea and coffee each day. It’s not really acceptable but it’s kinda cute. Well, anyway, so Beauty and Tips got to thinking that one of delightful Christmas gift ideas for parents would be amusing mugs like these: Mr Right and Mrs Always Right! It’s hilarious and will go down well with your mom and dad. Plus, your mom will love you forever for that compliment (though she may use it later to win an argument. Be prepared for the “I’m always right, remember?” line!)

A Cheese Board

Provided your parents love cheese (and honestly, who doesn’t?), a cheese board would make a cool present. However, if you’re feeling extra creative, why not get them a personalised cheese board with a message and their name on it? For example, something like this: “Life is awesome, but cheese always makes it better. Emma and Steve.” The personal touch is what makes a lot of gifts so special. Don’t forget it!

An iPad

This is another one of cool Christmas gift ideas for parents. Does the idea of your parents adopting technology scare you? It should. But sometimes we have to give parents credit, because there are the (albeit rare) occasions when they surprise us by adopting to new technology amazingly well. An iPad could go either way, But if you set it up for them, create a password and hook them up to websites you know they’ll love (all parents love MailOnline, as it’s the perfect go-to place for news and gossip) and you should be onto a winner here.

A Magazine Subscription

Come on, who doesn’t like magazines? We’d all buy magazines more often if we could, but magazines are so very expensive as it is. Think of the hobbies your parents have and then consider getting them a yearly subscription to a related magazine you know they’ll love. Don’t worry because there’s literally a magazine for everything these days.

A Calendar

Moms love calendars. Not sure about dads but moms love them. It helps to keep them organised and plan ahead so that they don’t miss key dates or fall behind with the bills. Mom might have already bought herself one, but we doubt she’s bought one that has your face on it for each month! Okay, scratch that. It’s a rubbish idea. But do get your parents a calendar you know they’ll love. The theme could be cats, landscapes, gardens, America…anything you know they’ll love.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to be that daughter who says “I got you tickets for…!” We all have, but we haven’t always been able to afford it. So instead it’s always been socks. If you’ve got a bit more cash this Christmas, definitely consider getting your parents tickets for something great you know they’ll love, it’s one of amazing Christmas gift ideas for parents. This could be a musical, a concert, a theatre performance, a sporting event…anything that grabs your eye that you know would make mom faint if she saw the tickets.

A Weekend Break

If you’ve got even more money this Christmas and can afford to push the boat out further, why not book your parents a room in an all-inclusive hotel one weekend? This would be a super romantic gift that all parents will kill for. It’s just them in an idyllic hotel by the lake for two nights with everything paid for. That’s right, you’re gonna pay for the hotel, the food and the train. Why? Because it’s Christmas and you’re amazing!

Enhance An Old Photo

Another one of wonderful Christmas gift ideas for parents is to create something with your own hands. Wouldn’t it be totes amazing if you could enhance and frame a scrappy old photo of your parents wedding? Well, now you can. All you need to do is ask your mom if you can have a look at her old photos, steal a vintage wedding one where your parents look insanely in love, and take it to get remastered, framed and maybe paint some hearts and a personal message.

Matching Sweaters

Let’s end with a corny one. If your parents love being ridiculously cute, buy them matching sweaters. It’s their own faults for being cute all the time.

Do you have other Christmas gift ideas for parents?

Stay happy!

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