10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Christmas shopping is awesome. It’s all part of the festive atmosphere, and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the hustle and bustle of a mall, and queues that stretch for thousands of miles while Nat King Cole blares out of huge speakers.

But what do you do when you simply haven’t had the time to go Christmas shopping this year?

Worse still, you haven’t even had the time to write out a list of presents! Oh no!

With the Big Day fast approaching, it’d be awesome if you could rely on Santa Claus to deliver some awesome gifts for your friends. But let’s face it, he isn’t getting any younger and you can’t really rely on him anymore.

(he never delivered my little black Michael Kors handbag last year!)

So if time is running out and you still haven’t bought all your friends a present, here are 10 last minute Christmas gift ideas for your friends.

A Handmade Christmas Card

If you’re a creative person who is good at making things, why not get a bit crafty this year and make your friends a Christmas card?

A handmade Christmas card is both a card and a gift. It’s extra special because you made it, and you can customise it so that it’s related to them.

For example, if they like penguins, include a few cute penguins on the card.

Use your imagination, and don’t forget to write an awesome message inside the card!


If there is one kitchen appliance more people wish they had, it’s a blender.

If time is running out and you’ve got a friend who wants to make their own smoothies and soups, order a blender online before picking it up from the store.

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is the perfect last-minute gift. Indeed, it’s the quintessential last minute gift that many of us rely on.

A gift voucher is not the bland present people think it is. Okay, sure, you can’t wrap it up in a big box that has your friend shaking it on Christmas Eve and holding it close to their ear as they try to guess what it is.

But a gift voucher is ideal because your friends have free money to buy whatever they want within a certain price range.

And you know what means – they’re heading out on Boxing Day to take advantage of the sales.

A Collection Of Teas

If you’ve got a friend who absolutely LOVES tea, why not treat them to a collection of teas from around the world?

I think this is an excellent last-minute gift to get someone you know who enjoys tea, but who perhaps needs to get a bit more experimental.

Often included in these collections of teas are jasmine tea, green tea, ginger tea, fruity tea, cinnamon tea, chamomile tea, and much more.

Open your friends eyes to the wonderful world of tea.

(and remember to pop by for a cup yourself!)

A Christmas Jumper

Ah, the classic Christmas jumper!

When I was a child, the only person I knew who was wearing a Christmas jumper was my dad – and people just dismissed it as another of his odd quirks!

Nowadays, though, everyone seems to be getting into the festive spirit by adorning an xmas jumper, and if you’re really and truly stuck for a last minute Christmas gift idea, all you need to do is walk into your local store and pick up a snowman jumper. Your friend will LOVE it.

Subscription To A Service

What does your friend love? Whatever it is they love, be it magazines, Amazon, or coffee, buying them a twelve month subscription is an easy but awesome last minute xmas present that they’ll love.

I actually bought my friend a yearly subscription to a coffee company last year, and she said it’s the best present she’s ever received. It’s a fab gift because it literally doesn’t stop giving until the following xmas!

Browse Online

Not got the time or the energy to head into the hectic city and fight through the crowds to find something your friends might like? Then pop online!

I do a lot of my Christmas shopping online these days. You really can’t go wrong with stores like Amazon and eBay – there is literally something for everyone.

Browsing online can also be time consuming, but at least you don’t have to leave the house. You can browse indoors with a cup of hot chocolate!

Moreover, you also get to view recommendations based on your searches so that you’re never stuck for an idea. You can compare prices with other stores, too.

A Box Of Chocolates 

Can you really go wrong with a box of chocolates? You can – because everyones tastes are so different. If you buy a friend who loves milk chocolate a box of dark chocolates, they’re probably going to be able to tell that their Christmas gift was the result of a very late dash.

However, as long as you know your friend and what they like, a box of chocolates makes for an excellent Christmas gift that they’ll definitely appreciate.

Shop Late

If there is no way you can get out of work to do some last minute Christmas shopping, and if the idea of shopping online doesn’t really appeal to you, you could instead take advantage of late-night shopping that most cities and towns offer during the xmas period.

The big stores in particular stay open until late over Christmas – some as late as 10pm. While this totally sucks for the staff, it’s good news for you if you either can’t get out of work during the day, simply want to avoid all the rushes, the crushes and the manic shoppers!

Bottle of Wine

In a rush to get out of the shops before things get too busy? Why not pick up a bottle of wine for your friend to go along with your groceries?

An exquisite wine is an excellent last minute gift. If you’re lucky, they might even save you a glass.


What are your favorite Christmas gift ideas for friends?

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