10 Best Tips On How To Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

A new year is approaching, which must mean that a new you is right around the corner. It’s one thing making a grand resolution…but how do you go about making it stick?

It makes a lot of sense to make a resolution on new years eve.

There’s also no point setting resolutions in September or October either because the new year is so close. We may as well carry on living in sin and wait until January.

A new year, a new year. Perfect! What better way to start off the new year than with some new goals?

If, however, you’re sick and fed up of seeing your resolutions turn into dust just a few days or weeks into the new year, you’ve either decided to give up making new years resolutions altogether, or you’ve decided to get help with making them stick.

Whether your resolution is to lose weight, get a new job or be more assertive, let’s take a look at 10 best tips on how to make your new years resolutions stick.

Think About Your Resolution NOW

Don’t wait until you’re on your fourth glass of one on new years eve before coming up with a resolution on the spot so that you’re not the odd one out. Spend some time planning it before December 31st. In this way, it’s likelier to actually be something you want to do.

Choose Just One Resolution

“The man who chases two rabbits catches none.”

     – Confucius 

The brain can’t deal with multitasking as well as we think it can.

In fact, it’s actually very woeful at doing more than one thing at the same time!!

It’s the same when it comes to setting new years resolutions. The more you set, the harder your brain will find it to cope.

It’s a lot easier to find the motivation and energy to doggedly stick to one resolution. This makes basic sense. So why do you many of us insist on making more than one resolution?

Direct all your energies to just one.

Take It Step By Step

You want to quit smoking. But do you have to quit altogether straight away? Or can you set small goals?

It’s a bad idea to go cold turkey on anything, just as it is to expect to able to accomplish your resolution almost instantly.

Take your time. Set small goals. If your resolution is to quit smoking, maybe do it gradually. Cut down by a certain amount each month.

Ask Yourself How Much You Want This

The problem with the new years resolution is that it seemingly can’t mean all that much to us. If it did, we’d have started it before the new year. If we’re prepare to wait a few weeks, it must mean we’re pretty relaxed about whether it’s a success or not.

Don’t embark on a new years resolution unless you know that you REALLY want this.

For a resolution to be successful, it has to be the top priority in your life.

Moving homes, losing weight or being more productive has to be the one thing that is going to change your life in a big BIG way this year.

Ask yourself what your life will look like this time next year if you fulfil your goal, and picture what it will look like if you don’t.

I’ve seen people cry because they can no longer continue the way they were doing. They ha a LOT to lose if they didn’t fulfil their resolution.

Reward Yourself

Sticking to a new years resolution is tough most of the time, but it’s even tougher when you feel like you’re not getting any joy out of it.

For example, if your resolution was to hit the gym three times a week, make sure you treat yourself at the end of each week.

Make Yourself Accountable To Someone

Screaming “I’m gonna open up my own business!” to someone at a New Years Eve party while you’re both drunk out of your minds isn’t called making yourself accountable. Especially if they reply with “I’m gonna became an astronaut IDGAF!” while downing their seventh tequila shot.

Making yourself accountable to someone means telling a friend or family member all about your goal. You could even tell more than a few by posting a status about it on Facebook.

It works because all of a sudden you really don’t want to back down from your words in case people call you out. You want to be consistent. You want to prove that your back your words up with actions.

Build Momentum

All the best sports teams and players become unstoppable once they’ve built momentum. They hurtle through games like a train, without pausing or taking a different turning.

You should be the same. If your resolution is going well, double down on it. Don’t slack. Don’t doubt. Keep going. Build on success with more success.

Be Specific 

One of the problems with new years resolutions is that they tend to be very vague. “I want to lose weight!” doesn’t really mean anything. How much weight? And by when?

Unless you are super specific, you will find it hard to make your resolutions stick. You won’t really have a target to aim for.

If your resolution is to lose weight, you could say something like “I want to lose 20 pounds by June.”

All of a sudden, you have something concrete to aim for. You can then start making short-term goals that will help you to meet that bullseye.

Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing This

Picture how awesome things will be if you keep going – and how rubbish they’ll be if you stop.

Work Out The Kinks

It isn’t easy to fulfil a new years resolution. If it was, the concept wouldn’t be such a laughing stock.

One of the reasons we fail to stick to our resolutions is that we just don’t know how to go about completing them. We want to lose weight, but going down to the gym for the last two weeks hasn’t worked at all. We’re exhausted and broken, and we’ve actually put weight ON!

Give yourself a four week period to tweak your resolution. Find out what works and what doesn’t about your method

You won’t get it right straight off the bat. Let yourself stumble, learn lessons and make improvements. Don’t admit defeat at the first obstacle.

Stay happy!

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