10 Best Places In The World To Spend New Year’s Eve

Where are you spending New Year’s eve this year? If you haven’t yet made your mind up, you might want to take a look at our 10 best places in the world to spend New Year’s eve.

There is something special and even magical about New Year’s eve. It’s a time when friends and family all get together to celebrate a year ending while ushering in a new one. It’s a time of death and rebirth, of resolutions, partying and good times. And if we’re lucky, there might even be some romance in the air, too.

Who you spend New Year’s eve with is important. But what also matters is where you spend it.

My favourite New Year’s eve memory is from 2009, when I spent it in Melbourne. I was on my gap year after graduating from university, and welcoming in the new year in Australia made sense for a number of reasons. It was the logistical option, because I’d been touring places like Vietnam and Indonesia. It would also be much warmer and sunnier than I was accustomed to. Plus, I had a cousin living there, who I knew was as much of a party animal as I was.

Celebrating the new year somewhere different gives you a fresh perspective on life, and it can also sway your resolutions. When I was in Melbourne, I resolved to take risks for the rest of my life.

And, as the burning sun finally set close to midnight, I toasted life, dreams and happiness. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

If you’re thinking of going somewhere different for New Year’s eve this year, here are the 10 best places to welcome in 2017.

New York City

New York is so good that they named it twice. And if you’re going to be spending your Christmas here, you may as well extend your stay until the new year.

New York City is just fun, fun, FUN at this time of the year. Everyone is in the mood to party, and the decorations are stunning. As midnight draws near, a massive 13’ glittering ball descends slowly from the top of Times Square.

This event is televised, but watching it on TV is not the same as being there to soak up the party atmosphere. There are few things like it on earth. Try it!

Hong Kong

Fancy going somewhere a bit more flamboyant for New Year’s eve? Then why not try the financial mecca that is Hong Kong.

Contemporary, chic and bold, Hong Kong is an amazing place 365 days a year. On New Year’s eve, it’s practically otherworldly.

Sydney, Australia

I did Melbourne in 2009 and Sydney in 2015, and I have to say that I prefer Melbourne for the personal memories.

But in terms of how people celebrate, I would go for Sydney.

Sydney’s New Year’s eve celebration are many. Here, you will find mini-light shows indigenous smoking rituals, a lighted boat parade, a glittering fireworks show – and much much more.

Sydney also has Bondi beach, where kids and adults can all go dancing together.

Sydney is family-friendly, but you can also go there and have a fab time without kids.

Las Vegas

Spending New Year’s eve in Sin City is something you’ll never forget.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scots love a New Year’s eve party just as much as anyone, and each year thousands of people flock around Edinburg for the traditional Hogmanay celebration.

It sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book, but Hogmanay is a celebration of the years end – the last day of the year.

In Edinburgh, you will be treated to live music, traditional Scottish dancing, fireworks, and course – bagpipes!!

The celebrations don’t end in the wee morning either, but continue throughout the next day when people jump into the River Forth and take part in a dogsledding competition.

Paris, France

Paris is a defiant city that is built on friendship and communion. There is a tremendous human spirit here, and it’s small wonder that it’s known as the City of Love. Come here at any time of the year and you’ll be smitten. Come for New Year’s eve, and you’ll be lovesick when it’s time to go home.

For New Year’s eve, you can take a relaxing boat along the Seine, enjoy wine and dancing in the streets, before watching the jaw-dropping light show around the Eiffel Tower unfold.

Paris – which was one the home of great artists such as Picasso and Degas – has always known how to party. Spending New Year’s eve here at least once in your life is a must.


London and Paris are the two European heavyweights when it comes to New Year’s eve. I’ve not yet spent New Year’s eve in Paris personally, but London is my home city – and I can tell you that us Brits know how to put on a party!

Watching the fireworks show from the Thames is just one of the amazing things to do in this historic capital city. But the best part is when Big Ben chimes at midnight. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine.


Berlin is Europe’s third best city to welcome in the new year. It’s not really any less spectacular than Paris or London, and is ideal if you want to dance your socks off in a night club after you’ve made your resolutions.

South Lake Tahoe, California

There is something wondrous about the state of California at any time of the year. Big Sur is here, as is San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Sierra mountains …

When it comes to New Year’s eve, though, South Lake Tahoe is the place to be. Here, you get to see lots of EDM artists, party and dance all night, and enjoy the stunning scenery.

And if you’re not too tired or hungover the next day, you can even go skiing.

Rio De Janeiro

If you want some soulful South American vibes, Latin beats and a carnival atmosphere, there is no where better than Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro, a unique city that dances to the rhythm of life on New Year’s eve.

Stay happy!

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